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The Blaster Brush is a tool which combines a brush and pressure washers. Unlike other products on the market, this one gives users the ability to clean cars or other items from a distance without getting dirty themselves or wet from the water spray. The design is meant to give users powerful bursts of water combined with the scourging abilities of a hard cleaning brush. Meant to clean cars, it can also be used on a variety of surfaces including decks, windows, and more.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Brush Blaster is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Brush Blaster by paying an extra fee of $7.99 for a total price of $35.97.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Easy to Use

    Easy to use. Once connections are put on, users stay drier, not getting soaked with water as they try and clean their cars or homes.

  • Good Cost

    Good quality and is inexpensive for what is included. The design is meant to give users powerful bursts of water combined with the scourging abilities of a hard cleaning brush. Meant to clean cars, it can also be used on a variety of surfaces including decks, windows, and more.

  • Positive Reviews

    This particular car washing brush has received positive reviews around the world. Customer reviews are extremely positive. There is not a negative review in sight. Those which come close are ones where the issue was a user error and they meant to share their story as a warning to others to avoid said error. Having two products in one with so much versatility has meant that users are almost not limited in the uses they can find. Some users clean their cars, others spray off salt from the car during the water, while others use it to clean second story home windows without a ladder. All positive comments from customers have stated that it makes hard jobs easier, and makes them cleaner too.

  • Wide and Soft Brush

    The brush has a wide, soft brush on it designed to cover all areas of the car without leaving any patches missed.

  • Bristles in All Directions

    The brush is built with bristles going in all directions so as to prevent the aluminum or hard plastic surfaces from coming into contact with the car at any point. This prevents scratches on the car.

  • Long Handle

    The brush comes with a long handle designed to allow users to reach the top of their car without having to grab a step ladder and risk a fall.

  • Company Claims

    The company producing the Blaster Brush claims that the best thing about their product is the fact that you do not have to do any stretching or bending when you try and clean things. Instead, you can remain roughly three feet from the area being cleaned and rely upon the brush to keep everything sparkling. This alleviates the risk of getting wet while you work. It alleviates any wet cloth needs too.

    Said company claims that the bristles on this brush are safe for all cars and windows. They will not scratch any surface.

    The claims are that professional level car washes can be completed in your home in less than ten minutes.


  • Cost Efficient

    The total cost is around thirty dollars if you take into consideration the cost for shipping and handling. This is quite a steal if you add up the cost of a single professional car wash ( which could reach this amount ). It is a long term investment too, one that continues to save you money each time you use it in lieu of taking your car to a professional.

  • Good Value

    It is really easy to see the value in this product. For those who want something extra to help them clean their home, yard, and cars, this is it. This item is suitable for use on campers, vehicles, boats, TV’s, lawnmowers, outdoor furniture, 4 x 4’s, and even outdoor furniture. You can use it to clean deeply your household bikes, your barbecue grills, trash cans that are in desperate need of a rinse, and even your deck or driveway. This item really is a great thing to have around the house for all your cleaning needs.

  • Accurate Sprayer

    The sprayer itself is quite accurate, so it can be used to precisely remove dirt and grime, or even suds, from any areas of your choosing.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Using this tool is environmentally friendly because it alleviates a great deal of the water otherwise used to clean things like cars. The reason? The water is so pressurized that it doesn’t need as much.


  • You do the Work

    You have to do the heavy lifting, so to speak. With this tool, while cleaning things like your car or boat is certainly faster and easier you are still the one who has to do it. You have to take it out, hook it up, and use it. So, for those people who rely on the ease of having professionals, this is not the product for them.

Save Money

At the most basic level, this device saves money by getting rid of the need to take your car to a professional car wash and get it cleaned.
This brush uses less water which saves users money in the long term by cutting down on water costs. Additionally, the device alleviates the need to bend or use different parts, so the cost of buying more parts or connections has been done away with. The cost of buying a step ladder or something similar to reach otherwise hard-to-reach areas is also alleviated.

Save Time

The design for this particular brush actually saves users time. Whereas alternative methods of car washing might take a while to get the entire car, this device makes it simple to wash an average sized four door car in just fifteen minutes.

What’s more, it isn’t restricted to car use. In fact, users are able to use it to clean things like fences, sidings, windows, patios, pool sides, and even garden furniture.


  • Not as Perfect as Pros

    This pressure washer will do well to help you keep your car clean and other things around your home. However, it is important for potential buyers to remember that it will not equal a professional pressure sprayer or the abilities of professionals who come out and clean your home. It is still quite decent, that said, and will do well as a do it yourself tool for anyone who does not have one, is looking to add one to their home or yard collection.

How it's Different from Competitors

This item is really quite similar to other products, except that it offers a bit more. Generally speaking, most items are either scrub brushes like the one here, or pressure washers like the one here. This is the only product out there which combines the two to give you a single cleaning unit with both.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Water on and Off

    If the water alone is insufficient in cleaning whatever it is you are trying to clean, you can turn the water off. Then scrub that problem area with the brush section, then turn the pressure washer and water back on.

  2. Check Connections

    Make sure that the hose and connectors are good otherwise your brush won’t work as efficiently as it could.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Brush Blaster online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Brush Blaster online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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