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Bruno MD 6 Bruno MD 6 or Alternatives
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Bruno MD6 is a versatile glucose meter for diabetics, which uses medical professional level technology to provide a blood sugar reading in five seconds. The machine only requires a small sample of blood, as tiny as a speck to obtain a reading. The screen is large, easy to read and gives pertinent cues to alert you when the reading is complete. It is equipped with a large starter pack and an app full of management tools. Technology is FDA Approved and Clinically Tested. Purchasing this product does not require any insurance coverage or prescriptions.

Bruno MD 6 Bruno MD 6 or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bruno MD 6 is $97.98 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Bruno MD6 utilizes five electrode technologies, the same technology used in blood labs, to provide instant plasma readings. More specifically two enzymes are present on the strip to obtain the hematocrit (HCT) and glucose value. The HCT value will vary depending on the different states of the patient’s diabetes and this is taken into account while determining an accurate glucose reading. The HCT reading is the feature that enables this product to collect accurate data. Bruno MD6 immediately uploads the results to your phone and then it compiles the data from previous readings to track your glucose levels over more extended time periods.

Positive Aspects

  • Lab Comparable Readings

    The technology at work in these at home blood sugar measurement devices was initially manufactured for medical professionals. The same technology used in a lab is installed in this device which ensures the most accurate readings possible.

  • Free Starter Kit

    The monitor is equipped with ten complementary blood glucose test strips, ten sterile lancets, two AAA batteries, a hand carrying case, and a free download of the Bruno MD6 app.

  • 5 Year Warranty

    You can replace your Bruno MD6 at any point if you keep the warranty card.

  • Smart Phone App

    The meter is wirelessly linked to the app on your smartphone, downloading all of the readings throughout the day into a calendar log. This app can be downloaded onto your smartphone, any tablet device or computer. It provides statistics in the form of graphs, and pie charts to show target numbers and actual daily numbers. You can monitor your progress in 7-14-30 day segments and then seek advice from your doctor accordingly. The FAQ section provides you with information about your medication, nutritional advice, exercise routines, and other lifestyle habits to help you manage your health.

  • Sharing Information

    This information is quickly sent your physician, giving them an overview of trends regarding your blood sugar. This sharing of information enables you to be accountable to as many people in your life as you want to include in your journey with diabetes. You can assign alerts to be sent out to as many emails as necessary whenever there is an alarming or high reading detected.

  • 24/7 Health View

    Any person involved in managing a patient’s diabetes can sign up for a Bruno Telehealth account, which makes it easy to transfer records from any electronic device. Caregivers and doctors will be given straightforward professional results, which will highlight alarming numbers and readings. Doctors can have detailed records of the medication administered and can consult the patient about any changes the patient will need to make.


  • Does Not Replace Physician

    Make sure that you do not neglect your doctor’s visits because the Bruno MD6 should not replace the medical attention you receive from your doctor. It is still valuable to visit the lab periodically and consult with your doctor about the results your device is monitoring. If your healthcare practitioners are connected to the Bruno MD6 technology you should communicate your use of this product this to them. Only use this device to monitor. Not recommended using this to prevent, diagnose or treat diabetes in any way.

Critical Advice

Transferring the information to your doctors may prove difficult if they are not set up to receive your data through this app. Make sure you contact your doctors before purchasing to ensure that it will be compatible with their system.

How it's Different from Competitors

The standard at home testing glucose meters does not necessarily provide a result that is the same across the board. Different models can differ up to as much as thirty percent in the final reading. Other models may need larger quantities of blood and it may take several pricks to engage the machine for a reading. Bruno only needs a small quantity, barely perceptible, amount of blood to conduct a testing.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prep The Finger

    Prime your lancet. Engage the needle and then expose the needle. Choose the length of your needle, consult your doctor about what is best for you. Remember to rotate the finger you prick, and massage the blood flow to your fingertip.

  2. Prick

    Go in the side of the fingertip and push firmly. Squeeze and dab the blood on the strip attached to your Bruno MD6 meter.

  3. Generating Reading

    The Bruno MD6 will take five seconds to formulate your results and then will show it on the screen while simultaneously uploading it to your app.

Save Time

You will not need to carry around a notebook to write down your reading or plug the numbers manually into your smartphone, but instead, it just drops into the app. The reading is quick and easy and will not need to be an extended interruption to your day to day activities. You do not need to visit a blood lab or doctor to make sure you are getting the most accurate reading because you can do that from wherever you are.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Log Additional Information

    You can also record the activity you were engaging in at the time of your reading on the app. You can monitor when you ate, exercised and took an insulin shot.

  2. Interactive App

    The app is interactive, which means that you can connect the dots of four various measurements to see the change throughout the day.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bruno MD 6 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bruno MD 6 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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