Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum

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Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum or Alternatives
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The Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum is a small, lightweight portable vacuum that fits neatly in your vehicle door panel, ready to clean a variety of messes. While this vacuum was designed with easy vehicle storage and uses in mind, it is very versatile having a variety of diverse applications.

Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum is $29.99 with free shipping.


It is very difficult to clean inside of drawers and storage bins. If you were to use a large household vacuum, you’d need to remove all objects from the drawer (or bin) before even starting. Even then, a large vacuum has large attachments and likely wouldn’t be able to reach in the corners of the drawers. With the Brigii Y120 Pro, you don’t need to worry about removing items from the drawer first, as the suction is strong enough to pick up dust and small debris but won’t unintentionally pick up larger items due to its controlled suction.


Laptops & Keyboards

Brigii Y120 Pro is perfect to clean keyboards, especially those on laptops. The suction is capable of cleaning around each key with or without its brush attachment. If you regularly keep your keyboard clear of dust debris, you’ll be able to extend the keyboard or laptop’s life and will never be tempted to dangerously use a wet cloth to clean caked-on dust and debris (which is usually ineffective anyways).



Sticky Rollers are great for removing pet hair from clothing, but sometimes they just aren’t strong enough. A sticky roller also dries up over time, losing its ability to pull away dust and hair. It also constantly needs to have a layer of sticky tape ripped off and thrown in the garbage. This mini vacuum, while not capable of removing all pet hair types, maybe the little extra suction you need to remove fine pet hair.



Couches and chairs are another places that can accumulate dust, sand, and other forms of tiny debris, then go unnoticed for many months. It’s common for people to avoid cleaning in furniture cracks and crevasses simply because their household vacuum it too heavy, the suction is too strong, or the attachments are too bulky. The Brigii Y120 Pro vacuum is just the device to clean in, hard to reach areas.



When people first see the Brigii Y120 Pro, they typically have no idea what it is. It does not look like a typical vacuum. Its design is modern and sleek. The color scheme is sure to match, and even complement, any vehicle or household decor. There is no clear window which shows the vacuumed debris; this unit remains looking clean even while full.



The vacuum charges via a USB connection. It can then be used multiple times in various different applications before being charged again. Being USB chargeable, it can be charged using a USB wall mount, laptop, in your vehicle, even using a portable USB power bank.


Washable HEPA Filter

Within the device is a removable and washable HEPA filter. After emptying debris from the vacuum, you can easily remove the filter and rinse it under normal tap water. The filter must then be left to dry before being placed back into the Brigii Cordless Vacuum.


Blowing Function

Sometimes you won’t be able to reach tiny debris no matter how great the vacuum or attachment is. The Brigii Y120 Pro has taken this into consideration and implemented a “blowing” feature on the opposite end of the vacuum. Rather than sucking up dust, you also have the option to simply blow it away; for those impossible to reach areas.



The Brigii Y120 Pro is very compact, measuring in at 2.48 inches wide by 7.28 inches long. Even with it’s primary attachments it only measures 11.6 inches long.


If you buy this device thinking its suction will be as powerful as a large $200 shop vac, you will certainly be disappointed. The Brigii Y120 Pro, is not magic. Its suction is appropriate for its intended uses. The Brigii Y120 Pro is meant to pick up hair, crumbs, small pebbles, sand, and dust. If you’re needing to vacuum more than that, while this vacuum may be capable of picking it up, that was not its intended function.


Quick Charging

The Brigii Y120 Pro will charge extremely quickly. However, if you need it to charge from a completely dead state to being fully charged, expect it to take between two and three hours. Once the vacuum is fully charged it can last approximately 20 minutes, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it considerable considering you will almost never be vacuuming using a tiny vacuum for 20 minutes straight.



We thoroughly tested this vacuum and only had 2 complaints.


The Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum looks amazing, it looks powerful, it looks as if it is a new state of the art technology. Unfortunately, we expected too much. We expected this device to have as much suction as our full-size shop vac; looking back, this was an unreasonable expectation. The Brigii Y120 Pro has as much suction as is needed for its intended purposes; not an excessive amount of suction.



The instruction booklet included with the Brigii Y120 Pro was very poor. It appears to have been written by someone not fluent in the English Language as almost every sentence is grammatically incorrect. With that said, it is very easy to figure out how to use the device. To turn it on, you hold the power button down for 3 seconds, and to turn it off you quickly press and release the power button.


What’s Included

When purchasing the Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum, you’ll receive:

  • The Y120 Pro Vacuum
  • USB charging Cable
  • Storage Bag
  • Extended Reach Hose Attachment
  • Brush Attachment
  • Blower Attachment
  • Instruction Booklet


Brigii 120 Pro Mini Vacuum Discount Coupon

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The Brigii Y120 Cordless Vacuum is not intended to replace a household or shop vacuum, but rather it gives you more capabilities when traditional, full size, vacuums just don’t meet the application requirements. While the suction is not very strong when compared to a full size vacuum, it is strong enough to perform all tasks mentioned above. The optimal use for this vacuum is to clean hard to reach tiny crevasses, be it in your home or vehicle. No other household vacuum will be able to clean vehicle seats, air vents, keyboards, containers, or drawers much like the Brigii Y120 Vacuum can.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum Infomercial
Brigii Y120 Pro Cordless Vacuum Infomercial

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