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Bright Light Pillow

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Bright Light Pillow is a real pillow that lights up. It’s comfortable to sleep with and comforting to kids who are afraid of the dark. Kids will enjoy it and adults will like it as well.

The Claim

Bright Light Pillow is fun and comfortable to use. It’s perfect for naptime, sleepovers and travels. If your child is afraid to sleep in the dark, the Bright Light Pillow will comfort him the way night lights can’t. The Bright Light Pillow is smart. A light tap turns it on. The 24 LED lights provide soothing lights for 15 minutes and they automatically shut off. Its smart design provides hundreds of hours of beautiful soft light on just 3 AA batteries. The LED lights will not burn out and they are safe; they give off no heat. Bright Light Pillow changes colors automatically from red, blue, white, green and yellow; it’s a light show in a pillow. It’s not just for kids; teenagers and adults appreciate it for the decorative element they add to any room. Bright Light Pillow is available in 2 fun shapes, the pink beating heart that pulses in red and the starlight square.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bright Light Pillow is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98. This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Bright Light Pillow being discontinued. Bright Light Pillow may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

What is it?

Bright Light Pillow is the psychedelic pillow that pulses colored lights when activated. Its LED lights broadcast beautifully light colors that change to red, blue, white, green, and yellow. Bright Light Pillow is the perfect bedtime gift for small children because it has the power to alleviate their natural fear of the dark. Any kid of any age will never grow tired of their revolutionary Bright Light Pillow. It’s soft, cuddly, and snuggly as well.

How does it work?


Thanks to the innovative LED lights integrated into each Bright Light Pillow, they are guaranteed to work for hundreds of hours without burning out. They’re also safe because they don’t emit any heat. The 24 LED lights change colors automatically and they turn on with a sample tap of the pillow surface. The pillow even shuts itself off automatically after 15 minutes so that children can fall asleep to the bright and comforting lights without the worry of them burning out. Bright Light Pillows use 3 AA batteries.

Why buy it?

Bright Light Pillow is the perfect cuddly comfort for children to have at bedtime because not only is it extremely soft, but it emits beautiful psychedelic colors that can ease their fear of the dark. It’s the perfect aide in helping kids fall asleep and the best part is that it automatically turns off after 15 minutes. That timing is just right because people take an average of 7 minutes to fall asleep. Bright Light Pillows are also great for sleepovers and campouts. Everybody can enjoy the fun of watching the pretty colors automatically change without any effort on their part. Bright Light Pillows are an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmases, and rewards for good behavior as well.


  • It works on its own without any special requirements. The Bright Light Pillow just needs a simple tap and it will start broadcasting 5 different colors
  • It’s the perfect gift for any occasion, including holidays or just because
  • It will greatly assist in alleviating the natural fear of the dark that several kids have
  • Both kids and adults can enjoy the Bright Light Pillow
  • It’s lightweight and portable. Bright Light Pillow is a wonderful accessory to have along for long car trips or plane trips and even stays in hotel rooms
  • It automatically turns off after 15 minutes, so parents don’t have to worry about the batteries running out


The Bright Light Pillow is the most revolutionary and beneficial pillow for any child to have. It’s soft and can be used to sleep on as well as a makeshift stuffed animal because of its softness and comfort. The colors are incredibly bright and will keep kids mesmerized; yet they’re safe and won’t burn at all because they are LED lights. Bright Light Pillow will make any child happy for any occasion. Adults will even love their new bright and original pillow when they go to sleep. It’s lightweight, durable, soft, and cuddly. There is no reason not to start enjoying the Bright Light Pillow today!

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bright Light Pillow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bright Light Pillow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Hayley - (Compton, CA)
Posted: 06 Dec 2015
I Regret Buying it!

It Won't Work

I just got it for my birthday and when I got the batteries in and tapped it it only popped up for not even 1 second. And that happens every time.

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Danielle - (Crystal Lake, IL)
Posted: 08 Dec 2014
I have a Question

Stuck On Red

It was changing colors for a week but then it would change a couple times then be stuck on red; how do I fix this?

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Posted: 20 Mar 2016

Mine did that too, but I discovered that it means the batteries are low! The red lights are the ones that take the least amount of battery power, so that's why those are the only ones to show up. I know the pillow uses up batteries pretty fast, but that's what's going on! Hope this helps : ).

Danielle - (Crystal Lake, IL)
Posted: 08 Dec 2014
I Regret Buying it!

Good But Broke

It worked awesome until one time it got stuck on red. Does any one know how to fix that.

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Posted: 29 Jan 2017

Try changing the batteries. Because whenever it stays on red it means that they're running low. If it still doesn't work, then there might be something wrong with the lights.

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