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Boxy Babies Boxy Babies or Alternatives
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Boxy Babies are tiny plastic dolls for children that have colorful clothing and hairstyles and big bright eyes. Each doll appears to measure about an inch and a half tall and comes with two boxes of surprise accessories, which may include things like a baby bottle or a set of headphones. This line of dolls consists of five different characters with their own names, and with each set of two, you'll receive a Boxy pet (such as a cat or dog) along with the dolls.

Boxy Babies Boxy Babies or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Boxy Babies is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total price of $26.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Identify Characters

    Once you've obtained your first Boxy Babies set, you'll need to open it up to find out which two of the five dolls you've received, and which pet you've received along with them. You can keep using the names that have been assigned to your dolls, such as Addison or Charlie, or give them new names if you choose.

  2. Open Surprise Boxes

    Next, open up the four surprise boxes from your set to see which accessories you've been given for your dolls. There may also be some small pieces of clothing in some or all of your boxes. Some accessories may be suitable for use with either of the dolls in your set, while others, such as a distinctive headpiece, may only fit one of your dolls.

  3. Set Up Dolls and Play

    After you've added any clothing or headpieces to your dolls that you want to add, you can play pretend with the dolls, along with the help of your accessories. Keep in mind that items such as the plastic headphones won't work like a human's headphones do, but you can pretend that they're able to. When playing with your Boxy Babies, whether you're alone or in a group, the fact that you can make them stand or walk will give you lots of options for action.


  • Small

    Since the Boxy Babies are all quite small, they won't take up as much room in a toy box or a drawer as standard baby dolls, stuffed animals and Barbie dolls do. If you need to keep a child entertained during a long drive, you'll be able to pack two or more of these dolls into a small bag for the child to carry. A bag of these dolls may also come in handy if a child under your care will have to sit for a fairly long period of time in a waiting room.

  • Distinctive Appearances

    You won't need to worry about all your Boxy Babies looking the same, as they all have distinct appearances that include various hair, eye, and skin colors. Due to the tone of Addison's skin, children with darker skin won't have to feel left out because all of the dolls look more Caucasian. Similarly, male children will likely be happy that Charlie is part of the line.

  • Come Fully Dressed

    Although you may receive extra clothes for one or more of your babies in a surprise box, none of these dolls will show up with nothing on. They'll all be ready for the day in a basic outfit (which can be embellished if you receive more clothing) and a pair of colorful shoes. Therefore, if you're one of the people who doesn't receive clothing in a surprise box, none of your babies will be stuck in their birthday suit!

Positive Points

  • Won't Break Easily

    Some children might enjoy playing with miniature glass figurines or dolls that have been sewn together, but these toys are more likely to break than Boxy Babies are. Even though fabric dolls can't shatter, their outer shell could rip, causing their stuffing to pop out. Due to the fact that they're made of plastic, however, your new babies will likely stay firmly intact for a number of years, even if you frequently pull on their arms and legs.

  • For Group or Solo Play

    A child will be able to amuse themselves on their own with two or more Boxy Babies by putting accessories on both of them and assuming the role of both dolls during a dialogue. They'll also be able to let one or more friends each assume the role of a different baby (or Boxy pet) in order to play a group game. If you don't have all five of these babies yourself, it's a great idea to seek out friends who do so all five of the characters can interact together.

  • Make A Good Gift

    These dolls will likely appeal to almost all kids between the ages of four and 10. If you're not sure what to give a school-aged child on a birthday or another special occasion, a set of these may be a great choice. While they may appeal a bit more to girls than boys, there's no reason that boys can't have fun with them, too. If you present a set of these dolls to a child at a birthday party, there's a good chance that the guests will want to open up the surprise boxes and start playing right away.

Negative Points

  • Can't Choose Own Characters

    When you decide to obtain a set of these dolls, the two that you get and the pet that you get with them will be a surprise. You won't be able to decide to get Addison and Charlie together, or Tini and Paisley together, if those are the characters you think are the most attractive. It may be difficult for you to obtain all five characters in a short time, as you'll need to keep ordering different sets to see what you get. You could actually end up with copies of the same doll instead of one of each.

  • Sets Contain Small Parts

    The accessories in each Boxy Babies set are very tiny, so they're probably unsafe for toddlers to play with, as a toddler might plop one into their mouth and swallow it by mistake. If your child isn't old enough to go to elementary school, they probably aren't old enough to play with the accessories in one of these sets safely. That means you'll have to keep each set's surprise boxes away from them and give them the dolls only, which means they may not have as much fun as they otherwise would.


  • Do Not Throw

    You may be able to throw stuffed animals or fabric dolls around without anyone getting hurt, but any children under your care must be told not to throw Boxy Babies around. Any of the dolls will likely be able to survive the impact without getting damaged, but a child who's beaned on the head with a flying plastic doll will likely end up hurt and upset.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Boxy Babies online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Boxy Babies online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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