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Boppin Bugz

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Boppin Bugz are faux plastic bugs for kids that will zing around on almost any flat surface, and may even bump into each other like bumper cars. Each bug contains a built-in sensor that enables it to sense and resist any hand that reaches out to grab it as it moves. You can get three different bugs with different names that come in different colors, and these bugs will even talk and play music while they move around on your floor or elsewhere.

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The cost of Boppin Bugz is $10.00 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Three Modes to Choose From

    When it comes to playing with your Boppin Bugz, there are three different modes to choose from. With the first mode, you can flick a switch on the bottom of your bug and it'll simply whiz off. The second mode will enable you to make two or more bugs race, and the third'll allow you to create a train with multiple bugs. If you're using the second mode, you'll need to boost your bug first by gently hitting the top of it multiple times. With the third mode, you'll have to squeeze your bug until you hear music.

  • Three Characters Available

    There are three different Boppin Bugz available, including Cedric the Centipede, Connie the Cockroach and Guy the Fly. All of these come in different colors and have different facial features. Of course, it's your choice if you want to keep the original names or change them to something you prefer.

  • Make Noise

    Not only will these toys move around on almost any flat surface such as a wood or tile floor, they'll also become noisemakers that talk, shout and play music as you play with them.

Positive Points

  • For Boys and Girls

    These toys are appropriate for both boys and girls of elementary school age. While Cedric and Guy are meant to be male and Connie ( who's pink ) was designed to be female, the bugs can become any gender you want them to be.

  • Keep Kids Active

    Some kids have a tendency to sprawl out on the couch and watch television or play video games, but toys like the Boppin Bugz will likely capture their interest enough to keep them active. In order to maximize the fun they can have with these toys, they'll have to get up and chase them.

  • Good Gift Idea

    One or more of these bugs will make a great gift for almost any child on a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas. If a child's having a birthday party and some of the guests already have Boppin Bugz, they may want to bring them along to make things even more fun.

  • Small

    Each bug is fairly small—just a bit bigger than a golf ball—so even if you obtain all three, they won't take up much space in a toy box or drawer. A child might choose to stuff one in their pocket before going on a long car ride in order to relieve some boredom, as their bug will likely move smoothly across a vehicle's backseat.

Negative Points

  • No Set of Three

    It's not difficult to obtain all three bugs, but there's no official set of three, so you won't be able to get them all in the same package. Instead, you'll have to order them separately, which'll add to the amount of packaging lying around your house.

  • Could Annoy Adults, Pets

    Most kids will probably enjoy the sounds that these toys bugs make, but they could annoy any pets, adults or older teens who have to spend time near the noisy bugs. If they're brought to school, they could also get on a teacher's nerves and end up being confiscated.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Boppin Bugz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Boppin Bugz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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