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BoomBoom Inhalers are aromatherapy nasal inhalers made with pure essential oils and other natural plant-based ingredients. They're meant to help users breathe better through their noses and also to provide a boost in energy that may lead to increased productivity and an improved mood. These compact-sized inhalers come in five different flavors and you can obtain them on their own, in a pack of three or a pack of five. Each one will fit into virtually any purse or bag and in most pockets.

Boom Boom Inhaler Boom Boom Inhaler or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Boom Boom Inhaler is $7.95 plus $1.95 shipping, for a total price of $9.90.

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How It Works

As soon as you inhale the cooling vapors coming from your inhaler through one nostril, you'll notice a cooling and refreshing effect throughout that nostril. Within mere minutes or less, you should notice that you feel more focused and energetic, and your nostril seems at least a bit clearer. Once you use one of these inhalers on a second nostril, these positive effects should only increase. It's recommended that you use this type of inhaler two or three times a day to reap as many benefits from it as you can. However, if you don't notice much of a change in how you feel after doing so, it's safe to use it more than once per hour.


  • Five Flavors Available

    BoomBoom Inhalers come in five different flavors, each with different odors and tastes. The flavors available include Wintermint, Cinammint, Berry Breeze, Tropical Rush, and Melon Drop. You can get one flavor on its own, obtain all five of them together in a multi-pack, or customize your own three-pack by choosing three different flavors.

  • Contain Pure Essential Oils

    These inhalers contain pure essential oils, including eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. Eucalyptus oil is an antioxidant that aids the immune system and the respiratory system, while peppermint oil helps relieve stomach and head pain. It also contributes to an increased energy level and an enhanced level of mental focus.

  • 100 Percent Natural

    Aside from the pure essential oils, all the other ingredients each inhaler contains (such as menthol) are completely natural and plant-based. There are no synthetic chemicals present in any of these inhalers at all. If you'd like detailed information on the ingredients in each one, you'll find that they're all clearly listed on the outside of each inhaler's shell.

  • Made In United States

    All of these inhalers are made in the United States in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified location. Therefore, as you use them, you can do so with the knowledge that they've been made safely and that certain standards have been followed in regard to the treatment of employees.

  • Compact Size

    Each BoomBoom Inhaler is about the same size and shape as a tube of lip gloss, so you'll be able to carry one with you almost anywhere for relief during nearly any activity. If your energy happens to wane near the end of your workday, or you smell something that stuffs up your nose, your inhaler may be able to wake you up and unclog your sinuses again.

Positive Points

  • Pleasant Odors

    While some prescription inhalers for asthma come with an unpleasant medical smell, these aromatherapy inhalers come with odors that most people tend to like. Each one smells like mint or fruit, two scents that'll likely be pleasing when they zing through the inside of your nostrils. If you happen to dislike minty scents or fruit scents, just go with the alternative type of flavor!

  • Not Full Of Sugar, Calories

    Unlike most energy drinks that are available in stores, these inhalers will energize you and enhance your ability to focus without filling you with sugar or extra calories that could cause weight gain. They won't even fill you with aspartame, a common ingredient in low-calorie, sugar-free diet energy drinks.

  • Can Use Frequently

    Normally, when you use a prescription inhaler, the doctor will limit you to a certain number of uses per day (usually four or less). Fortunately, if you use your prescription inhaler the maximum amount of times but still don't feel quite right, you'll be able to use a BoomBoom Inhaler for more relief. Since these contain only natural ingredients instead of chemical-based medicine, they can be used up to a couple of times per hour to improve your respiration and energy levels.

  • Two-Year Shelf Life

    While you should use one of these inhalers within a month if you open it up, an inhaler that hasn't been opened has a shelf life of two years. If you decide to get one to relieve a sinus cold, and then feel better before starting to use it, you'll be able to keep it around until the next year's cold season.

Negative Points

  • May Be Too Weak For Some

    A BoomBoom Inhaler will help relieve mild sinus congestion, but if your sinus congestion is severe, due to asthma, allergies or infection, it may not work as your sole method of treatment. In those cases, you may need to use stronger over-the-counter or prescription medications that contain chemicals to supplement your plant-based inhaler's effects.

  • Can't Refill

    It appears that there's no way to refill one of these inhalers once it's gone, so if you're completely out of inhalers and want to keep using them, you'll need to obtain totally new ones. On a related note, the outer shell of each inhaler is black, which means it may be difficult for users to tell how much liquid is left in each one.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don't Share With Others

    It's best not to share one of these inhalers with anyone else, including a family member, due to the fact that each one comes to close to going up a person's nose. If you were to share one with a friend or family member and they had some sort of infection they didn't know about, it could be passed on to you. The opposite scenario could also occur if you were the infected one. In the event that you ever decide it's absolutely necessary to share yours with someone else, be sure to wash off the top with water first.

  2. Store At Room Temperature

    Be sure to store your BoomBoom Inhalers at room temperature when you're not using them, as each one's ingredients could become less effective if they were to get overheated or chilled. It's especially important, when it's cold outside, to carry one of these with you instead of leaving it in a potentially chilly car.


  • Don't Ingest Through Mouth

    This type of inhaler is meant to be ingested through the nose only, as opposed to the mouth or any other orifice found within the human body. Since each one's made with natural ingredients, it may not seriously harm you if you were to take it through the mouth, but it wouldn't work effectively and could make you feel a bit sick.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Boom Boom Inhaler online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Boom Boom Inhaler online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 09 Jun 2019 Shirley - (Sacramento, CA)


I thought this was a joke when I first saw it on Shark Tank, but after a while, I got curious and wanted to find out for myself. So glad I did! Now I understand the positive reviews! I can't add anything more that hasn't already been written except to say I agree 100%. I absolutely love these and have since ordered one of each aroma to see which I like the best. So far Cinna-mint is my favorite. Can't wait to try the others. All I can say is if you are skeptical like I was, try it before you Decide against it. I'm glad I did!

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Posted: 07 Jun 2019 Brooke - (Muskegon, MI)

3/5 Stars!

This product definitely clears my airways for a good 3-5 minutes if I am super congested from allergies or whatever it may be. I first used it about 5-10 times per day and the first 3 days it literally gave me the worst pimpled inside my nose. It may be from the essential oils found in the product but now I am like scared to use it anymore. Anyone else had this happen to them?

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Posted: 09 Jun 2019 Shirley

I don't know if you can contribute the problem to the BoomBoom. BUT it sounds to me that your way overused it. It's my understanding it should be used only 3x a day so if you used it up to 10 that's way too often. Did you gently inhale or did you inhale like a vacuum cleaner? If you are super congested from allergies keep in mind that this product isn't intended to heal allergy problems. I have allergy problems, too, and finally started getting allergy shots. I love this product! I still get my allergy shots, too. Once your nose heals, Don't be afraid to use the BoomBoom - just make sure you use it as directed.


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Boom Boom Inhaler Infomercial

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