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BluFit is a compact elliptical machine for men and women that's been made for use virtually anywhere, at any time. The idea is that while you're sitting on any seat, as long as your feet can reach the machine's pedals, you'll be able to complete a lower-body workout—even while doing other things with your hands. Each of these fitness machines appears to be no larger than a folding chair, and each one also has an attached handle that'll help you carry it around.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of BluFit is $119.96 plus $9.99 shipping for a total price of $129.95.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Set up on Flat Surface

    After making sure that the appropriate batteries are present within your machine, you'll need to place its base on a flat surface in order to prepare it for use. This flat surface could be made of wood, cement, tile, carpet, or even grass, but it must not be curved or bumpy. If you're worried about your machine scratching your flooring, you can always place a yoga mat or some other type of rubber mat underneath it.

  2. Place Feet on Pedals

    Once your machine has been set up, place one foot on each of its pedals and begin pedaling. The pedals have been engineered to reduce slippage, so it's unlikely that your feet will ever slip off. As you start pedaling, you'll notice that the machine's digital display will start to track the number of minutes you've been exercising, the number of calories you've burned, and the distance that you've covered.

  3. Adjust Resistance Level

    If you find the pedaling that you're doing to be easy, you can turn up your machine's resistance level by twisting the built-in dial to the right. In the event that you need to turn the level of resistance down again, just twist it back to the left. Some users may even choose to alternate between high levels of resistance and lower levels, in the spirit of interval training.

  4. Remove Feet and Store

    After you've exercised for a time period you're comfortable with, you'll need to remove your feet from your machine's pedals in order to stop your workout. The digital display will stop tracking your movement at this point, too. You can either leave your machine where it is, slide it under a piece of furniture for storage, or use its handle to carry it to another storage space.


  • Portable

    Most users will find this fitness machine highly portable, and they'll be able to use the built-in handle to move it around any home or office. Similarly, if you want to transport yours by vehicle to another location, you can rest assured that it'll take up no more than a few feet of space in the car.

  • Black and Blue

    True to its name, each BluFit device is black and blue, which gives each one quite a striking, bold look. If you're not motivated to work out one day, the electric blue parts of your machine might just give you the little kick of motivation you need.

  • Large Pedals

    Aside from working against slippage, the pedals of each BluFit machine have been designed to accommodate feet of nearly any size. As long as you wear a men's or women's shoe size that's available in stores, you should be able to fit your feet comfortably onto this elliptical machine's pedals.

  • Low Impact

    Some people shy away from workouts that involve high-impact exercises, such as jumping or pounding one's feet against a hard floor, due to the strain these exercises can put on a person's joints. Fortunately, the motion that you'll do while using your BluFit machine is considered a low-impact one, so even if you've dealt with injuries in the past, it'll likely be comfortable for you.

  • Quiet

    Due to the internal magnetic resistance system inside each of these fitness machines, each machine will run smoothly and quietly, even if it's making you work exceptionally hard. As a result, you won't have to worry about disturbing others around you in your home or workplace with a bunch of loud noise. Along the same lines, if you're trying to watch television or listen to music while exercising, no noise from this machine will drown out the sound of the audio.

Positive Points

  • Works Various Muscles

    You might think that a machine like this one will only work the legs and thighs. However, the elliptical motion that each user will partake in will also work the muscles in the glutes, the abdominals, and the lower back. Therefore, this machine will tone your entire lower body while helping you burn calories, and to work your upper body along with it, you might choose to lift small dumbbells as you pedal.

  • Keeps Hands Free

    This machine, when used on its own, will keep your hands free the entire time. If you aren't interested in lifting dumbbells, you'll be able to read, type, or text others as you pedal, which will help keep you from getting bored if you aren't a total fitness enthusiast. Over time, you might even develop the coordination level you need to knit or draw as you exercise your lower body.

  • May Aid With Weight Loss

    The BluFit hasn't been designed specifically to help users lose weight, but any workout that burns calories will automatically help you do that (if you don't eat more calories than you burn). Even if the pounds don't melt off of you once you start using the machine regularly, you may find that the muscle toning you get from it will make your clothes fit more loosely anyway.

  • No Electricity Required

    This particular fitness machine is battery operated, which means that you won't be restricted to using it in places where there's an available electrical outlet. If you prefer to exercise outdoors instead of inside your home, and you have a porch or yard, you can carry the machine out there and complete your workout in the open air.


  • Wear Appropriate Footwear

    To use this type of machine safely, you must be wearing athletic shoes of some sort, such as cross-trainers, joggers, or tennis shoes. Under no circumstances should you ever wear heels, boots, sandals, or just socks on their own while using this machine. Bare feet are a better alternative to unsuitable footwear, but sticking to athletic footwear will always be the best choice. By choosing appropriate shoes, you'll dramatically limit your risk of injury.

Save Time

If you've got a gym membership, but you find that you barely have time to travel there, let alone work out, getting a BluFit may be a better option. Instead of getting dressed in gym clothes, traveling to the gym, exercising, and then perhaps changing your clothes again, you'll be able to take this machine out whenever you have a few minutes to spare. To cut down on your changing time, you can even use the machine in your pajamas, as long as you're inside your home.

Wise Advice

Do not buy BluFit online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy BluFit online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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