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The Blue Diamond kitchen set is composed of enhanced non-stick ceramic pots and pans for a multitude of cooking needs. Created from the As Seen On TV network this set is known as the "Total Upgrade Set" due to its diverse collection of kitchen wares. All of these wares can be used for a variety of recipes and projects within the comfort of one's own home. This set compiles seven different utensils in total. It is highly noted and recognized to not only be efficient in its variety, but these pans also are crafted to be safe and reliable. It's non-stick, ceramic outlining would be very useful in the cleaning process after the meal, which is very helpful for food safety. This kitchen set could become a major gamechanger for any cook. Now, one can cook from their own home, with professional-grade materials, and have easy cleanup afterwards. However, one should pay mind to the safety concerns of cooking before further pursuing this product.

Blue Diamond Set Blue Diamond Set or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Blue Diamond Set is $89.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Stockpot

    This is a large pot, likely used for pasta, stews, or something else one would need a large section of space for. The pot is measured to hold 5qt worth of product while cooking. It also comes with its own lid, ensuring that there is no spilling or mess while working on your meal!

  • Saute Pan

    Used for smaller-scale cooking, this saute pan can be very beneficial when trying to submerge a product while still monitoring it. It also can be helpful in cooking quickly because it is not as deep as the Stockpot. This piece holds 3qt worth of food, and has a lid included for further safety!

  • Saucepan

    Once again reducing in size, the saucepan can be used for cooking meat or something of a smaller scale in which one would want a more precise sear. It would be especially useful in monitoring things from getting too hot or experimenting by adding more products to the original mix. This product is the smallest of the submergible utensils, providing a cook on 2qt worth of food. A lid is included for this piece, which is another valuable asset while cooking!

  • Two Frypans (9.5")

    Also used for larger-scale cooking and searing, these frying pans work just as most would within one's home. However, the benefit is that there is two included in this package, so if one has multiple items to cook, it can be done without having to wash these dishes. There is no lid included for this specific product.

  • Frypan (7")

    Similar to the previously mentioned frypans, this product is used for searing or any other general cooking needs. This is a smaller pan and should be used for more precise cooking, and it is commonly noted to be used for smaller cooking activities.

  • 2 Nylon Utensils

    Included in this package are two utensils used for cooking. Both of these utensils can be used to stir, flip, and move food. The nylon making behind them can also be helpful to reduce safety concerns since there would be less conduction of heat.


  • Product Reliability

    The coating on each of the pans and products are noted to be diamond-infused. This is advertised to provide a harder coating on the products, allowing them to last longer than competing brands, and are noted to be more efficient in heat transfer.

  • Toxin Free

    This product has no PFAS, PFOA, Lead, or Calcium. All of these toxins can be seen as hazardous, especially in regards to food safety. One would not wish to have their food coated with a dangerous chemical, and this company proudly advertises that they avoid the use of these toxins as much as possible.

  • Warp Prevention

    The bases of each of the pans are forged and thick, which is designed to prevent any warping due to heat. This would be extremely beneficial to cooks who use them frequently, as there would be a reduced risk of damage to one's utensils, and also the stove used.

  • Nonstick Coating

    The use of nonstick coating is very beneficial, not only for cleanup but also in prevention against burning the food being cooked. When food sticks, it tends to burn, and this could be a fire hazard, along with damaging to all of the utensils being used to cook. This coating would protect one from many different hazards and would, therefore, be very helpful!

  • Temperature Safe

    This item can be used in up to 850 degrees F. Not only would this provide a diverse selection of cooking that can take place, but it also ensures that there is a reduced risk of fire or damage to the pieces if exposed to heat.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    The fact that these pieces can be put in the dishwasher reduces one's workload even further. Many cooking utensils that are high quality do not take the heat and water from the dishwasher well. The fact that these pieces are solid enough to be washed by a machine reduces the stress of cleanup completely!


  • Not Available in Stores

    While some may enjoy the exclusivity of the pieces, this can create difficulty in purchasing. One would be forced to rely on the postal system to purchase this item, which also requires an online transaction. Many individuals would not feel comfortable doing this process, and that should be noted before considering making a purchase.

  • Very Large Set

    This set is quite large in size and diversity. While for many this might be nice, it also would take a lot of space within a kitchen, especially if all items aren't beneficial to the user. This would be frustrating, as this many pieces, along with their exclusivity could be difficult to manage.

  • Difficult to Clean

    While it is mentioned to have nonstick technology, many of the pieces are quite large. If one does not have a dishwasher, or they do not fit within the machine, these pieces might be difficult to wash within a sink. Not only could this lead to inefficient use of time, but could also result in food safety issues due to dirty dishware.


  • Fire Hazards

    As should always be recognized while cooking, there is a fire risk while using these items and being exposed to heat. One could easily get burned while cooking or could risk combustion due to food falling out of the pans. This is one example of many other circumstances that could take place. The utmost care should be taken while cooking to ensure the safety of the cook, and all others involved. This would also emphasize that children should not be using these pieces at a hot burner, or they risk serious harm without adult supervision.

  • Food Safety

    While it is advertised that there are no toxins included, that does not mean that these pieces are entirely safe. There could be a different form of bacteria growing on them, or if not cleaned properly, different challenges could take place from dirty dishware. Caution should be taken to ensure that all of these pieces are clean and safe for cooking since food can be easily influenced by different bacterias and challenges, that could be very hazardous to health.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Blue Diamond Set online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Blue Diamond Set online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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