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Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical or Alternatives
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Blu Tiger is a new product that helps one workout from their own home while sitting down! Their perspective is that with the extra time one is spending at home, they could easily be working out while watching television.

This product is an elliptical that works by giving a bike pedaling sensation that is used sitting and moving one's feet on the machine. It can work at a variety of paces and has an endless amount of time one can spend using it. The Blu Tiger is very useful for anyone who wants to get in shape and strengthen their muscles, but doesn't want to attend a gym!

Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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The cost of Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical is $119.96 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Low Profile Design

    The Blu Tiger is a product built to be small and condensed, for easy portability. It's minimal in size, however still very efficient and the size does not seem to impact how useful the item can be. This is very useful because it means this appliance can be taken on trips and travelled with, and can be relatively low profile. Many people are self-conscious about working out and being active in front of others, but this product is especially helpful in working out without drawing attention.

  • Adjustable Resistance Levels

    Very similar to riding a bike, this elliptical can have different settings in regards to resistance levels. This would allow for different levels of exercise based on what each person would find suitable. Not only could this be interesting to diversify a workout based on skill level, but also gives room to grow. One could gradually increase their resistance levels so that by the end of their workout term, they could have developed major core and leg strength!

  • Built-In Handle

    While this is just a simple feature, an extra handle also helps with the portability of this product. A handle allows for extra support too, so if one feels that the machine is vibrating too much or moving underneath them, it can be held and secured for easier use. Overall, this extra addition could be a major gamechanger for anyone trying to work out in a variety of locations, and provides extra support along the way!

  • Low Impact

    This machine works to help you work out but also ensures that you are not overly exerted. That can be a very useful feature since many people find overexertion to be a real deterrent from exercising, and the Blu Tiger takes that issue away. Now, people from any age can partake in exercising, and will not feel overwhelmed in the process.


  • Workout While Sitting!

    This product is very useful because one can sit while doing it. It's very helpful in allowing one to work out with any other task going on. It could be used while working, watching television, or any other activity that requires sitting! For people who like to multitask, this is clearly a device that achieves multiple goals at the same time, and is very useful in that sense!

  • Unique Pedals

    The pedals for this machine are both non-slip, and universal in size. This would mean that it does not hinder anyone from using the product, including having multiple members in a household work out using it! It would also allow one to use a variety of different shoes to work out in, depending on what they felt like. A universal pedal such as this can be very helpful in ensuring diversity in a workout and is a great feature.

  • Quiet Activity

    This product is advertised to be quiet when in use! Keeping that in mind, an individual would then be able to work out at any time of day in their household. There would not be the concern of waking or disturbing someone at any point in the day, which is greatly beneficial as a product. This also is helpful when travelling, since one would not have to worry about disturbing anyone in their hotel.

  • Monitor Your Stats

    The Blu Tiger is also very advanced since it helps track calories, monitor your time, and distance biked. This can be nice for anyone who wants to track their workouts in hopes to improve their skills, and they can still do so from the safety of their own home!


  • Awkward Usage

    While it is advertised to be comfortable, it could be assumed to be a slightly uncomfortable product to use. When one is breaking a sweat and having their heart rate increased, they likely would not enjoy doing so from their couch. It also might be extremely distracting when working or watching television, and that should be taken into consideration before purchase.

  • Breakability

    This product and the plastic used seems as though it has a possibility of breaking after too much usage. The plastic seems that it could be chipped, snapped, or cracked if under too much activity or pressure. Care should be taken to monitor the device and ensure that it is not at any risk of causing injury or damage prior to use.

  • Questionable Safety

    It seems as though there is no straps or settings to properly attach your feet to the machine. This would raise concerns to the fact that one could easily slip their feet off of the elliptical and get hurt, or damage their shoes. A situation such as this could cause a major problem for those who are trying to exercise at a higher speed or style since they are at more risk for injury. Care should be taken since there does not seem to be a major focus put on the safety and stability of the device.


  • Watch Your Speed

    While there is a wide variety of settings for the device to use while exercising, one should only work out within their limits. Personal limits should be researched and taken into consideration before intending on working out since there is a major risk to injury if one is to overexert themselves. This elliptical should not be underestimated, since every exercise machine can be strenuous on the body, and that should be watched.

  • Clean the Machine!

    Make sure that the elliptical is cleaned between uses since if there is grime or debris on it from past workouts, it could lessen the lifespan of the machine. It could also damage the integrity of it as a whole since the machine could get things caught in it, or it could have hazardous bacteria develop on it. However, all of these problems could be easily solved by someone simply cleaning it between uses!

  • Wear Proper Footwear

    While this might seem obvious, this is still a work out machine, and one should be wise about how they dress when using it. Using bare feet or sandals could risk the rolling of a foot or skin damage. Proper running shoes should be worn when using the machine, just to ensure that no unnecessary injuries take place.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 15 Jan 2023 steven sobel - (Lancaster, CA)

Total Garbage

O! At a piece of garbage. Shame< shame on you for selling this crap!

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Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical Infomercial
Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical Infomercial
Blu Tiger Seated Elliptical Infomercial

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