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Blind Magic is a device that claims to be able to make any household blinds entirely automatic. Instead of getting up to open or close the blinds, this device is meant to be used to operate blinds from a distance. Paired with a remote control, it can be attached to several different kinds of blinds and shades. Blind Magic can be used to lift blinds or shades up and down, along with open and closing the blinds.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Blind Magic is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.

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  • Remote Controlled

    The Blind Magic device comes with a remote control. Using the simple up and down buttons on the control, one can open, close or adjust the blinds for the optimal amount of lighting.

  • Works With Many Blind Styles

    Whether you have horizontal, verticle, roman shades or solar shades, it doesn't matter. This device can be used with a variety of different styles of blinds to adjust the lighting in whatever room you choose.

  • Automatic Light Sensor

    The Blind Magic comes with an automatic light sensor that allows you to set or adjust your lighting choices. When a certain amount of light comes in, the device will automatically adjust the shades to continue to keep the lighting choice that you set for that room.

  • One Remote, Multiple Devices

    If you intend to use the Blind Magic device for multiple windows or rooms, you won't need a separate remote for each one. One single remote can operate up to three different windows, so you may only need one remote per room.

How It Works

Rather than replace the blinds entirely, Blind Magic is something that can be added to your blinds to adjust them automatically. Using the device, you attached any string or beaded-chain chord to the "autoslide" technology. Once the string or chord has been hooked in, the remote can be used to cause the "autoslide" to turn the mechanism so the string is pulled as one might pull them by hand.

Basically, the Blind Magic works by a mechanism that can be hooked to the wall and the string of the blinds' inserted. The device then mimics the by-hand motions that open or close your blinds.


  • Only String Blinds

    If you have blinds that are adjusted by a rod, the Blind Magic device isn't the right automatic adjuster for you. Since the device works by a mechanism that moves and pulls on a string or beaded blind adjuster, blinds with rods will not fit this device.

  • Not Bluetooth Enabled

    The appeal for many people when it comes to automatic devices and "smart homes" is that they can control aspects of their house entirely through their smartphones and Bluetooth. While this device does allow for some control via the remote, there is no Bluetooth capability that would allow you to pair these blinds with the rest of your smart home.


  • Works for Elderly or Disabled

    For those who are on the older side, getting up and down to open and close the blinds may be a bit of a challenge. For people who are bedbound, in wheelchairs, or just otherwise have a hard time moving, getting up can also be a chore. Blind Magic is set up perfectly for people who would like a bit more independence back in their lives.

  • Reduce Heating and Cooling

    Due to the automatic light sensor, when you set up the amount of light you'd like to come in, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs. In the summer, keep the light out and in the winter, let the light in by using the light-sensitive technology that opens and closes your blinds for you.

  • Two for One

    The ordering website offers you a two for one deal, where you can order one device and receive a second one free. However, you will have to pay a small fee that is about half the price of one device, so keep that in mind.


  • My Smart Blinds

    MySmartBlinds is an automatic blind kit that uses Bluetooth technology in addition to its devices to make your blinds automatic and hands-free. Rather than a remote, this device connects to your smartphone. However, it's a tad more expensive and requires a more in-depth installation than Blind Magic.

  • Lutron Serena

    Rather than outfit your existing blinds with a device that automates them, Lutron Serena is a replacement for your blinds entirely. It's entirely DIY, however, you order the blinds, the automated technology, and the remotes entirely from their website. It is a complete replacement, but it does make your blinds automated. Lutron Serena can also be used with your smartphone.

  • Wazombi Labs

    Wazombi Labs is another automatic blind and shade device that can only be used with strings and beaded string adjusters. It is the closest to the Blind Magic device in terms of alternatives. However, rather than using a remote, Wazombi Labs utilizes both touch technology and Bluetooth capabilities. To raise or lower the shades, you touch the box that the string is threaded through, or use your smartphone device.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Blind Magic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Blind Magic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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