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Bionic Gym Bionic Gym or Alternatives
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BionicGym is an electronic wrap that sends impulses to your legs which stimulate your muscles. The app-controlled wrap simulates walking and running using a variety of intensity settings. When on the low-intensity setting, the workout is meant to double calorie burning that would be experienced in a rest position. On medium intensity, the simulated workout is similar to jogging. High-intensity mode simulates a workout comparable to marathon running. If you are interested in simulating high-intensity interval training, the "HIIT mode" allows you to do so. HIIT mode and intense settings are only available for the BionicGym Pro, a variant of the original product.

Bionic Gym Bionic Gym or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on


  • Bionic Wraps

    The "Bionic Wraps" wrap around the user's legs. They can fit up to a 330lb person comfortably.

  • Control Unit

    The control unit activates the electronic impulses sent to the legs. It has a battery life of four hours.

  • Charger

    The charger charges the control unit after battery life is depleted.

  • Gel Pads

    Electronic pulses are sent to leg muscles with via the gel pads. Gel pads typical last for 30 sessions.

  • Bionic App

    Available on both iOS and Android, the Bionic App allows you to control the intensity of your workout.

  • Standard Workouts

    Intended for overweight or normal users, the standard workouts are available with all models.

  • Intense Workouts (Pro Only)

    Intended for athletes who want to break previous records or are currently injured with shin splints.

  • HIIT Mode (Pro Only)

    The High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) mode should only be used by fit and athletic users.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, the BionicGym has been scientifically proven by eight peer-reviewed publications to increase heart rate and improve aerobic fitness. Effectiveness of the BionicGym were tested by measuring VO2max levels. VO2 levels are calculated by measuring the maximum amount of oxygen an athlete uses, and even the slightest increase can cause significant increases in health. Studies of pre and post training with the BionicGym have shown a VO2max increase of up to four levels.

The BionicGym works by mimicking the shivering that occurs while running. Using a shivering frequency of seven to eight hertz, the BionicGym causes muscle contractions in the legs. These contractions deprive muscles of oxygen, which causes muscles to work harder and build over time.


  • Convient

    The most obvious advantage of the BionicGym is the convenience it offers. Workouts can be performed while sitting at your office desk. Or, you can burn calories while lying on the sofa. This allows users to multi-task and burn calories while doing more preferred activities.

  • Improves Health

    BionicGym has the capability to burn up to 500 calories per hour. This supports fat loss by increasing the calories out compared to calories in. The BionicGym also boost your cardio levels by improving your heart rate.

  • Joint Friendly

    The BionicGym eliminates the wear and tear your joints experience while running. This makes it possible to get workouts without putting strain on weak or injured joints. For athletes who use the BionicGym, it allows you to get a workout during recovery days.

  • User Control

    Complete user control is another advantage that the BionicGym offers. Users can control the intensity of the training by switching modes on the app. The duration of the workout is also completely up to users.


  • Not Widely Available

    The BionicGym is new technology and currently is only available in limited amounts through Indiegogo. Official release date is November of 2017.

  • Not a Sole Weight Loss Option

    While the BionicGym has been scientifically proven to effect weight loss, it alone is not enough to reach peak fitness. If your intention is to reach your maximum physical potential, you will need to couple the BionicGym with diet and exercise.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach Control Unit

    Slip the control unit into the pocket located on the Bionic Wraps. Activate the Bluetooth and connect with your smartphone.

  2. Position Wraps

    Attach gel pads to the inside of the Bionic Wraps. Then, place wraps securely around your thighs.

  3. Set Intensity

    Using the Bionic App, set your workout intensity by choosing one of the preset modes.

  4. Preoccupy Yourself

    Find a comfortable position to sit down, maybe in front of the TV or at your desk. Watch a movie or do work while the workout is conducted.

  5. Track Results

    Track your heart rate and calories burned using the Bionic App. The app displays a graph of calories burned and heart rate zones entered. Strive to reach the highest heart rate zone you can withstand.


  • Nmes Machines

    The BionicGym utilizes Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation( NMES ) technology to achieve muscular contractions. Other, more affordable NMES machines can be found on Amazon and other outlets. However, most NMES machines currently on the market are not backed by peer-reviewed journals like the BionicGym is.

    Additionally, few NMES machines offer the convenience of use that the BionicGym does. Most machines include a module and contraction pads that are attached to the stomach.

Save Time

The time saving capabilities are a major benefit of the BionicGym. Set-up can be done in mere minutes, and that is the only time that must be solely dedicated to the BionicGym workout. After set-up, you can get work done on the computer or watch TV while the workout is being conducted. This can save you hours that you would otherwise have to dedicate solely to working out.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bionic Gym online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bionic Gym online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 07 Sep 2022 Melissa C Barker - (Marble, NC)

Pulley System

This is the second, and last time I purchase this product. The pulleys will not fasten, and the L shape pivot in all four places are defective AGAIN. This product is a great concept, however, I will NOT recommend this product due to it being consistently defective.

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