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Bionic Force Hose Bionic Force Hose or Alternatives
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The Bionic Force Hose is a 25-foot garden hose that's made from commercial-grade polyester that's purported to be resistant to kinking, leaking and various types of weather damage. This black hose also has solid aluminum connectors that have been designed to withstand bangs and bumps without breaking or disconnecting from the hose they're attached to. The Bionic Force Hose is lightweight enough that even school-aged kids may be able to carry it, and when you're not using it, it'll roll up in a circle.

Bionic Force Hose Bionic Force Hose or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bionic Force Hose is $19.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Aside from being durable, the reinforced polyester material used to create each of these hoses is also drag-resistant. This helps water flow quickly and evenly throughout each hose, instead of slowly sputtering through. As a result, no matter what you're doing with your hose—from hosing off your patio stones to watering shrubs—your Bionic Force Horse will provide a steady and powerful flow of fresh water to you.


  • Twenty-Five Feet Long

    Each of these hoses measures 25 feet long, which is almost five times the height of an average person, and is long enough to meet the needs of most homeowners who have average-sized lawns.

  • Black

    Most garden hoses are green, so when they pick up dark brown dirt from your lawn and garden, that dirt shows up on each of them very clearly. This can make what originally was an attractive bright green hose look incredibly unattractive. Fortunately, the Bionic Force Hose is black, so this type of brown dirt won't be as obvious if your hose happens to get dirty. The hose's black shade also happens to look attractive when paired with each one's silver-colored connectors.

  • Lightweight

    Often, dragging a standard green garden hose around behind you as you do yard work can be a very fatiguing chore. The Bionic Force Hose is lighter than a standard garden hose, though, so using it won't tire you out as much. Plus, if you've got a child who still finds standard garden hoses to be too heavy, they may be perfectly comfortable using this one, which may enable them to help you out with yard work.

  • Weatherproof

    With a standard garden hose, you'll run the risk that it'll burst if you leave it out and the temperature drops below freezing. There's also the risk that it'll crack due to heat and the sun's UV rays on extremely hot and humid days. However, if you decide to obtain a Bionic Force Hose instead, you won't have to worry about either of these issues, as each one is virtually immune to damage from any sort of weather.

  • Kink and Leak Resistant

    Besides being weatherproof, this particular type of hose is also resistant to kinking and leaking. Consequently, you likely won't need to stop in the middle of a watering job and roll out a kink or try to find out where the leak that's interfering with your water flow is. Even if you drag your hose over rough, rocky terrain, it's unlikely that it'll rip.

Positive Points

  • Rolls Up For Storage

    The Bionic Force Hose will roll up quite tightly in a circle for storage, so you can choose to hang yours from a hook or place it on a floor or shelf. If you go with the floor or shelf, it'll only take up about a foot of space when rolled up. You'll also be able to comfortably fit your rolled-up hose in the trunk of your vehicle if you need to transport the hose somewhere.

  • Will Withstand Weight

    Both the connectors and the main body of each of these hoses will be able to withstand a lot of weight without breaking. Therefore, if you happen to step on any part of yours with a heavy boot, or even run over the hose with a vehicle tire, it'll likely survive the impact unscathed.

  • Can Use In Winter

    Most garden hoses have to be brought in during the winter unless you live in an area that gets summery weather all year round. If water freezes inside an ordinary hose, it may cause the hose to burst. On the other hand, there's no risk of that happening with the Bionic Force Horse, so if you need to keep yours outdoors in cold weather to complete some chore, that's an acceptable choice.

Negative Points

  • Only One Type of Spray

    The Bionic Force Hose will give you continuous water flow, but at only one speed and at one level of power. With some hoses, you can choose between a powerful surge, a finer mist and a few different levels of power in between, but it doesn't appear that you can do so with just this hose. You might be able to obtain an attachment on your own that will allow you to do this, but it's unclear whether outside attachments can be hooked up to this garden hose.

  • No Extensions Available

    This 25-foot hose should be long enough to fulfill the needs of most homeowners, but some users with large properties might prefer a hose measuring 50, 75 or even 100 feet. The Bionic Force Hose doesn't come in these lengths yet, nor are extensions offered, so if you really need a long hose, you may have to go with one of another type. There's also the option of hooking up two or three Bionic hoses throughout your property, but if you don't have two or three taps to hook them up to, you'll be out of luck.

Save Money

If you stick to using standard rubber garden hoses, you might find yourself replacing yours every few years, or even more often than that, due to a hole forming in the rubber. By obtaining a Bionic Force Hose, however, you may give yourself a hose that lasts for decades without picking up so much as a hole the size of a pinprick. As a result, you won't feel as if you're constantly heading to the hardware store or the seasonal section of your favorite department store for a replacement. Your water bills may be lower, too, due to the efficient water flow that this hose has to offer (the water won't need to go around kinks, so it'll shoot straight out the nozzle!).

Save Time

Your spring and summer yard work may take you several hours per weekend if you use an ordinary garden hose to complete your watering chores. You may be able to shave a lot of time off that routine by using a Bionic Force Hose, though. Since the hose won't feel as bulky and heavy as an ordinary one, you'll be zipping from chore to chore in comparison to your usual speed. Furthermore, if you normally take a rest between watering chores, you may find that you're not tired enough to need one.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bionic Force Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bionic Force Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 01 Jun 2020 cj smith - (Fountain Valley, CA)

I wanted to like this, but a seam sprung a leak after using only several times. Did not drag over any rough surface, drained water after using. Don't recommend it.

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Posted: 10 May 2020 Rolf Monika - (Osoyoos, BC)

Tried it the First Time and it Broke in 2 Places

This was a piece of crap. The first time I used it sprang 2 leaks right away. It was only on the grass.

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Posted: 08 May 2020 GaryGullett - (Hot Springs, AR)

Hoses Nice!

Nice hoses,100',I like this one!

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Posted: 25 Jun 2019 Findlay Hartman - (Calgary, AB)

Not Worth the Money

I got 2 of these for a total of 50 ft. They got it to me fast, that was the only good thing about this hose, it tangled, it twisted, in short, it acted like a normal hose, I was replacing the hose I have due to my hose has a large bulge in it and it was just a matter of time before it went, but I am not impressed with this hose at all save your money or find a better one, if you have a lot of sharp edges around than this might be worth it or if you leave it laying out and run over it a lot than this might be worth it, as I did run over it with my lawn tractor and farm tractor it did stand up, it does not act as you see on TV, it does not drain and is not easy to roll up as water stays in the hose. I am going to try to return it for a full refund.

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