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Bionic Floodlight Bionic Floodlight or Alternatives
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The Bionic Floodlight is an outdoor light that consists of three light-up panels and a solar panel that's been designed to power them. It's specified that this light can be inserted in a patch of grass via the included stake, or mounted from a post or pole with the help of screws. The idea is that the solar panel will draw in the sun's energy during the day and then use it to power your floodlight each night.

Bionic Floodlight Bionic Floodlight or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bionic Floodlight is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Insert in Ground or Mount

    To get started with your Bionic Floodlight, you can either choose a place for it in the ground or choose a pole or post to mount it upon. Keep in mind that if you want to insert it in the ground, the included stake will need to be attached to the floodlight and driven into the grass. If you go with the mounting option, the mount is included, but you'll need to provide your own screws and screwdriver. No matter which option you choose, you should have the light positioned fairly close to your home.

  2. Adjust Panels (optional)

    You'll notice that one light-up panel of your floodlight is at the bottom, while another is on the left side and yet another is on the right (the solar panel will be at the top). You can leave the panels as they are, or adjust their angles to best suit your lighting needs, as the panels will tip upward or downward and to either side. If you don't adjust your panels at this time, you'll be able to do so later, once you've seen what your floodlight looks like when it's on.

  3. Leave Light for a Day

    To allow your floodlight's solar panel to draw in energy from the sun, you'll need to leave the light alone for approximately one day. A few hours may be adequate if your property is highly sunny. The energy that the solar panel is able to draw in will be used to power your light later.

  4. Turn on Light at Night

    Once it's dark out and you think your light has been powered up enough, you'll be able to turn it on. This can be done with the wireless remote control, even from inside your home, but you can also cause it to turn on by simply walking up to it. The light will turn off after a certain number of seconds if it no longer detects motion.


  • More Than 100 Led Bulbs

    When all three illuminated panels are considered together, each one of these floodlights contains 144 high-intensity white LED bulbs. Aside from being super-bright, you can expect these bulbs to last for up to 100, 000 hours before they burn out, as this is typical of LED bulbs.

  • Lights up 1,000 Square Feet

    Once they've been turned on, the bulbs of this floodlight will light up an area of at least 1, 000 square feet, if not more. This is about an eighth of the size of a standard backyard. To maximize the area that you'll be able to light up with your floodlight, you can experiment with tipping all three panels in various directions.

  • Weatherproof

    You'll never need to bring your Bionic Floodlight indoors, as it'll be able to tolerate harsh weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and snow, without getting damaged. For optimum lighting results, though, you should wipe any water and snow off the LED panels and the solar panel after the bad weather has passed.

  • Strobe Light Option

    With your wireless remote control, if you feel the need to do so, you'll be able to turn your solid floodlight into a flashing strobe light. This option may come in handy if an intruding person or animal shows up in your yard or on your deck and you want to scare them away. Like the solid light, the strobe light will turn off shortly after movement is no longer occurring in front of it.

Positive Points

  • No Wiring Involved

    To install one of these floodlights on your property, you won't have to deal with any potentially unsafe wiring tasks or find someone else to wire the light for you. Instead, after the light is installed and it gets about a day of sun, it'll begin to work immediately. The only tools you may have to deal with during the installation process are screws and a screwdriver. Due to its solar-powered nature, your floodlight will continue to work if your electricity is out, too.

  • Detects Motion of Vehicles

    Aside from the feet of people or animals, the Bionic Floodlight will also detect the motion of cars or other vehicles, including bicycles. Therefore, if you install one near your driveway, you won't need to walk through darkness to get to your house, after you get out of your car. You may find this a relief if you're exhausted from the gym or you're carrying tons of heavy shopping bags.

  • Good Camping Light

    If you're going on a camping trip, and your campsite won't have electricity, you may be able to eliminate the need for flashlights if you bring along this floodlight. You can just stick the solar-powered light in the ground once you arrive, and let it light up the majority of your campsite as you hang out in the evening and beyond. If you're preparing food at night, you'll be able to do it hands-free, without worrying about aiming a flashlight in the direction of the preparation area.

  • Makes Pools Safer

    It can be unsafe to have an electric light very close to your pool, but it's also unsafe to leave your pool in darkness if you have kids running around near it at night. Fortunately, the Bionic Floodlight may be a good solution to this conundrum. You'll be able to position it next to your pool so that the deck and the water surface are illuminated, but without the risk of electrocution that a similar-sized electric light can be associated with.

Negative Points

  • No Dimming Switch

    With the Bionic Floodlight, you get two lighting choices: high-intensity white light, or no light at all. The wireless remote control doesn't offer a dimming feature, so if you're looking for a bit of soft white illumination, you'll be out of luck.

Critical Advice

If you choose to add this floodlight to your yard with the included stake, make sure that at least two inches of the stake are in the ground. In the event that the stake hasn't been inserted far enough, the light could unintentionally blow over when exposed to rain or wind. While this wouldn't permanently damage it, it might temporarily make it stop doing its lighting job.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bionic Floodlight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bionic Floodlight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 30 Mar 2021 jay o brewer - (Mount Pleasant, MI)


Good luck I have been waiting since Nov of 2020 to get mine didn't have any trouble getting my money but I have recieved nothing.

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Posted: 27 Dec 2020 David R Yonke - (New York, NY)

Waiting for my Light's

It's been 6 weeks and still no lights you take my money and I get this crappy service your phone number don't work totally a scam if you ask me stay away from this company.

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Bionic Floodlight Infomercial
Bionic Floodlight Infomercial

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