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Beyond Bright X3 Beyond Bright X3 or Alternatives
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Beyond Bright X3 is a three-paneled, solar-powered light that's meant to be hung outside your residence. This light has a sensor that will detect movement up to 25 feet away, and one of its main purposes is to alert you to whether there's an intruder (animal or human) outside your home. Each light contains multiple LED bulbs that will offer you a life of up to 50,000 hours each, and one entire light will give off 1,000 lumens of illumination.

Beyond Bright X3 Beyond Bright X3 or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Beyond Bright X3 is $29.95 plus $9.95 shipping for a total price of $39.90.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose Location and Mount

    It's best to mount this light during the daytime when your visibility will be as good as possible. First, you'll need to choose a location, such as above your door, above your pool deck, or even up in a tree. The light contains no wires, so you'll be able to hang it almost anywhere, as long as the location's fairly sunny. Once you make your choice, follow the instructions in your manual to mount the light securely.

  2. Adjust Panels (optional)

    After your light is mounted, you'll be able to rotate all three panels up and down and from side to side to change their angles. The panels won't rotate in a full circle, but they'll rotate in a half-circle of 180 degrees. Don't be concerned if you don't know what the best angle for each panel is, as you'll be able to adjust them again after you've seen the light when it's on.

  3. Let Light Charge

    Regardless of whether you've adjusted the angles of its panels or not, leave the light alone for a while and let it soak up the sun's rays. These rays will charge it up so it'll turn on when it gets dark.

  4. Test Light

    At nighttime, once the darkness has fully set in, go outside and test your light by approaching it on foot. If you're within a distance of 25 feet from the light, all three panels should turn on and shine brightly. The only reason they wouldn't turn on is if the light didn't get enough sun during the day. By remaining near your light after approaching it, you can make it stay on, but if you want it to turn off, wander more than 25 feet away and watch it do so in seconds.


  • LED Bulbs

    Each Beyond Bright X3 three-paneled light contains multiple small LED bulbs. Since these bulbs each have a life of up to 50,000 hours, and a year has between 4,000 and 5,000 hours of darkness (assuming it's dark for 12 hours a day), they'll last for years. They may even last for decades if you consider the fact that you probably won't keep your light on all night, every night. That means you won't have to frequently climb up on a ladder to take your light down and change the bulbs, or try to change them while standing on the ladder.

  • Offers 1,000 Lumens

    Just 100 lumens of illumination are considered adequate for lighting an outdoor path, but this light will offer you the much larger value of 1,000 lumens. Therefore, when you look at the white light that its panels give off, you'll likely find it super-bright in comparison to that of outdoor lights you've used in the past. With a brightness of 1,000 lumens, depending on where you've positioned your light and the angle of its panels, you may be able to see things that are up to 650 feet away.

  • Weather Resistant

    The Beyond Bright X3 light is resistant to damage, even throughout harsh weather conditions, so you won't have to worry about bringing it inside when it's snowing or raining heavily. While the light and warmth from the sun will charge it, it'll also tolerate cold or cool temperatures without ceasing its operation.

  • No Wiring Required

    If you aren't confident about wiring an electricity-powered light, and you don't want to seek out an electrician, you'll be happy to find out that you'll need no wires to install this one. As it's powered fully by the sun, you won't even have to add batteries regularly or be concerned about recharging a built-in inner battery. Furthermore, since sunlight is basically free, using this type of light frequently won't increase your electricity bill.

Positive Points

  • Lets You Know of Intruders

    Once you've got a Beyond Bright X3 light mounted somewhere high up outside your home, the light will immediately turn on once a burglar or any other potential intruder comes close to it. If you're in the house and you see the light turn on, you'll be able to go peek out your window and call the cops if you see anything suspicious going on. Chances are, the bright flash of light will scare away the intruder and you won't have to deal with them any longer.

  • Scares Away Animals

    Likewise, if raccoons are prowling around your garbage cans or other unwanted wild animals are roaming your property, seeing this light turn on when they get close may scare those animals away. They may be so freaked out that they'll stay far away from your home in the future.

  • Ideal for Nighttime Parties

    Aside from its ability to help keep you safe from various intruders, one of these three-paneled lights will also help you preserve your safety if you're having an outdoor party at night. As long as at least one person stays within 25 feet of the light, it'll remain on and will light up a large area (perhaps your entire yard, depending on its size). The bright illumination it gives off will aid with ensuring that no one falls in your pool or twists their ankle during your basketball or soccer game.

Negative Points

  • Could Scare Your Pets

    While it's good that the Beyond Bright X3 light can scare wild animals that you don't want in your yard, it could also scare your own dogs and cats if they go outside. When seeing this light turn on for the first time, your dog or cat that's returning from its neighborhood travels could get spooked and run away. To help remedy this issue, you could show your pet how the light works while remaining close by, so they know that there's no real danger.

Save Time

Having a Beyond Bright X3 light mounted outside your home will allow you to enter your house more quickly than usual after you arrive in your vehicle. The light will detect the motion of the vehicle before you get out, and you'll be able to clearly see all the items you need to bring in, so you won't have to fumble around. Plus, with this light's illumination, you'll be able to identify the correct key and slide it into your lock in a couple of seconds, without needing to grab your phone and turn on the flashlight.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Beyond Bright X3 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Beyond Bright X3 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 02 Oct 2022 Adrian - (Del Rio, TX)

Not Worth It!

I bought this product and I really enjoyed it the first, second, and third night until the fourth night has up. It only worked for 4 days/ nights. After that, it never came back on. I checked everything to see if needed to be moved somewhere else, but it never worked again. I do not recommend this product.

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Posted: 04 Jul 2022 Debbie Chapman - (Tucson, AZ)

Dangerous Product

I bought the Beyond Bright X3 and put it up outside in a week it exploded and caught fire. Do not buy this.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2022 Katherine l meacham - (Hemet, CA)

Nice Keeping my Family Safe

People started coming around at night trying to break in I got this from trying it and it really does work scares off burglars as soon as they start walking up to your home in the wee morning hours could not have come at a better time here! I think all my neighbors should get one.

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