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The Better Threader is a personal at-home hair removal device. Using a thin piece of thread, the Better Threader catches the unwanted hair and removes it directly from the root leaving a clean hairless finish. It can be used on virtually anywhere on the face, including eyebrows and upper lip. There is no need to use any chemicals or creams on the skin, the piece of thread is fast and efficient at pulling out the unwanted hair.

Better Threader Better Threader or Alternatives
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  • Easy to Use

    The Better Threader is very easy to use in comparison to other hair removal systems on the market. It requires only the Threader and a piece of thread from start to finish.

  • Quick Hair Removal

    The Better Threader removes hair within minutes of setting up the thread. Unlike other ways to remove hair, there is no need to wait for wax to warm up to use or need to pluck each individual hair as required with plucking with tweezers. Once the thread.

  • Many Areas to Use

    The Better Threader can be used on multiple small areas of the body. On the face, it can be used to remove hair from the eyes rows, upper lip, lower chin area and on the hairline. It can also be used on other small areas like removing hair on toes and fingers.

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  • No Mess

    One major benefit to using threading to remove hair is that there is no mess to clean up with this threading device. This product does not use any harsh chemical waxes, strips of fabric or creams in order to remove hair so there is no setup or clean up afterwards.

  • Hair Removal at Home

    Typically, one would have to go to a salon or spa in order to get threading hair removal. Now, with the Better Threader device, it is easy to do in the comfort of being at home. This device becomes both a time and money saver since there are no spa bills to pay or appointments to make.

  • Gentle

    The Better Threader is safe for everyday use and is the most gentle form of hair removal. Doing hair removal with waxing or tweezing it can become irritated and red when going over one area once. This threading device is gentle enough that it shouldn’t cause redness when going over an area multiple times.


  • Hair Breakage

    Sometimes, hair can break instead of being pulled out directly at the root. This could happen if the hair was not properly caught by the Better Threader or because it was a thin piece of hair. Unfortunately, this could cause ingrown hairs if the skin has a chance to grow over it.

Save Time

Threading is the quickest way to remove hair. Unlike waxing, where there are many steps to using, applying and clean up which takes a lot of time. Using tweezers to individually remove hair also takes a lot of time. However, with the Better Threader, the set up is within seconds and hair removal can be done within minutes.

Save Money

No more needing to book expensive spa and salon appointments for hair removal, which can cost hundreds of dollars per year. With the one time investment of the Better Threader, there is no need to ever spend money at the spa again.

There is also a promotional deal where the company is currently offering two Better Threaders for the price of one. So one can be shared with a family or friend in order to capture the savings.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Better Threader online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Better Threader online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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