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Better Comfort Pillow Better Comfort Pillow or Alternatives
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The Better Comfort Pillow is a white, rectangular, standard-sized pillow that's been designed so that users can customize it to suit their own body and unique comfort preferences. Each soft memory foam pillow contains a hand pump that's meant to enable users to either add or remove air to elevate or lower their head before they go to sleep. It's specified that this type of pillow is suitable for people who sleep on their stomach, on either side or on their back.

Better Comfort Pillow Better Comfort Pillow or Alternatives
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How It Works

Each Better Comfort Pillow is mainly made up of soft, high-quality memory foam that will cradle the head and neck. This memory foam will keep both of those body parts in proper alignment as you sleep, which means you'll be far less likely to wake up in pain than you would be otherwise. However, the benefits of using this type of pillow don't end there. In the center of each is an air chamber that will give users the ability to add more air (thereby raising their head) or remove it (thereby lowering their head) in accordance with their preferences. The inner chamber can be controlled by each pillow's attached hand pump, so with a few pumps to add air or a gentle press to release it, any user can provide themselves with enhanced comfort.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place on Bed

    To get started with your Better Comfort Pillow, place it on your bed or on another sleeping surface of your choice. Make sure that the attached hand pump will be accessible to you while you're lying down, in case you need to adjust the amount of air in the inner chamber. If you'll be sleeping next to a partner in a double, king, or queen-sized bed, and both of you want to use this type of pillow, two should fit comfortably beside each other.

  2. Change Elevation (optional)

    Next, lie down on your pillow and see how you like the current level of elevation. If you'd like your head to be higher, pump your hand pump a few times in order to firm up the pillow and raise your head at the same time. To lower your head, simply press on the pump gently to allow some air to be released from the inner chamber. This will soften the pillow a bit.

  3. Enjoy Your Sleep

    After you're happy with the level of head elevation that your pillow is offering, you can then lie down and enjoy some restful sleep. Aside from a small indent that will be made by your head as the pillow cradles it, it should remain in a consistent shape all through the night.


  • White

    Each of these pillows is white, so if you decide to use yours without a case, it'll look good with most bedding. Since each one comes in a rectangular shape and a standard size, though, you'll likely be able to fit it into the standard pillowcases you already own.

  • Premium Memory Foam

    Besides the inner air chamber, each of these pillows is made of premium memory foam. The foam's high quality means that it'll be unlikely to flatten out or bunch up in random places, even after the pillow is several years old.

  • For Various Sleep Positions

    The Better Comfort Pillow and the benefits it has to offer are compatible with all common sleeping positions. Regardless of whether you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach—or even if you're an active sleeper who moves between the three—it'll support your head and neck. Therefore, any user who's resting on this pillow won't drift into poor postural positions, no matter how much they move around.

  • Pocket for Pump

    To keep the attached hand pump safe and secure while you're sleeping, each pillow has a pocket on one side that's been specifically designed to hold it. If you ensure that your pump is in the pocket, you won't end up accidentally rolling on top of it (and possibly damaging it in the process) during sleep. Plus, you'll never have to look around for it when you need to adjust your pillow's air level.

Positive Points

  • Promotes Steady Sleep

    If you normally use a standard pillow that's filled with soft materials like feathers or synthetic fibers, you may find that you often wake up during the night after the pillow has lost its shape. On the other hand, when you start using your Better Comfort Pillow, you probably won't have to fuss with fluffing or folding your pillow during these wake-up times. Instead, your pillow will be more than likely to keep the shape it started with for the entire night, and you may remain so comfortable that you don't wake up at all.

  • Helps Reduce Pain

    People who sleep with their head and neck out of alignment for most (or all) of the night may wake up with pain in those areas, which can make starting one's day a struggle. Fortunately, your Better Comfort Pillow will help you stay in a sleeping position that will cause your head and neck to remain in a straight line. That way, you'll wake up with no pain, or at least less pain than usual, and you might be more motivated to rise and get started with various activities more quickly.

  • For People of All Ages

    While this memory foam pillow has been designed with adult men and women in mind, there's no reason that people of all ages, including children, can't use it. If a child under your care is having trouble getting up in the morning for school, due to some restless nights, using one of these pillows may help them out a lot.

Negative Points

  • Hole Could Form Inside

    Since the air chamber is on the very inside of each Better Comfort Pillow, it's not highly likely that a hole could form within it, but it is certainly possible. If you aren't careful about keeping your pillow away from sharp objects, and the chamber does get punctured, the pillow could become far less effective. You'd no longer be able to control its firmness level with the attached hand pump, as the chamber would remain permanently deflated to its lowest level.

  • May Not be Machine Washable

    It appears as if each pillow has a white outer cover that can be separated from the rest, but whether that cover is machine washable is not specified. You can safely assume that you won't be able to wash what's underneath, due to the presence of the air chamber. If no parts of this pillow are machine washable, you'll need to deal with hand-washing the outer shell (or taking it to the dry cleaner's) when it gets too dirty for your liking.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Better Comfort Pillow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Better Comfort Pillow online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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