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Tap Bracket Tap Bracket or Alternatives
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Tap Bracket has been designed as an alternative to hanging curtains the traditional way. With a set of these brackets, it appears that you'll be able to hang a set of curtains without using a screwdriver, a level, a measuring tape or any other tool besides a hammer. Each set of these black brackets is expected to fit on any square or rectangular window frame and hold up any set of curtains that weighs 10 pounds or less.

Tap Bracket Tap Bracket or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tap Bracket is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Against Window Frame

    To get started with your first bracket, place it against the top of the window frame of your choice. The bracket's three pins should be facing downward and the U-shaped piece that'll hold the curtain rod should be facing towards you. The U-shaped piece should look like a standard U as opposed to being upside-down.

  2. Tap Pins Into Place

    Next, grab any hammer and use it to tap the piece of the bracket that's directly above the pins into place. This will enable the pins to enter your window frame like nails enter a wall, which will result in your bracket being securely attached. To test this out, give the bracket a little wiggle with your hands to make sure it doesn't move. If it does, it may need a few more taps with the hammer.

  3. Repeat On Other Side

    Since curtains need to be hanging from two sides of a window, you'll need to repeat the first and second steps on the opposite side of your window frame. It almost goes without saying that you'll need the second bracket in your set in order to do this—do not move the first one.

  4. Hang Curtains

    Once you've got two brackets attached to your window frame, with one on each side, attach your curtains to an appropriate curtain rod as you normally would. Then slide one end of the curtain rod into each U-shaped piece that's attached to each one of the brackets. When you're done doing that, the U-shaped pieces should be cradling the curtain rod as if they're palms of the hand holding onto objects. At this point, the installation will be done, and you'll be able to use the curtains in the way you'd use any other set.

How It Works

Each Tap Bracket has been created with durability and the ability to withstand a fair amount of weight in mind. Every one of these brackets is made of reinforced steel, which is commonly recognized as a durable material. Furthermore, the pins attached to each one are the type that'll literally lock each bracket into place after it's been tapped with a hammer. Once your curtains are hanging from two brackets, the brackets' shape (more specifically, the way the different-shaped pieces have been arranged) will also contribute to their ability to bear a weight of 10 pounds.


  • Black

    All of the Tap Brackets are black, which means that they won't clash with any shade of curtains that you'd choose to use in your home (or another building). Many curtain rods are also black, so there's a good chance that your brackets will match the rods you already have on hand, too.

  • Work On Any Window

    These brackets will work on any window, as long as the window is square or rectangular-shaped, like virtually all of the windows in the majority of buildings are. Unless your home or workplace happens to be full of heart-shaped or diamond-shaped windows, you may be able to install a set of these brackets on the frame of every single one.

  • Hold Any Standard Curtain Rod

    Tap Brackets are also compatible with all curtain rods of a standard width (the width that's most commonly found in American stores these days) and work with rods of any length. Therefore, if you change the rod you're using to hold up a particular set of curtains, it's highly unlikely that you'll need to change your brackets.

  • Four Sets Per Package

    Within each package of Tap Brackets that you choose to obtain, you'll receive four sets of two brackets each, which will give you enough brackets to add to four windows. If you have lots of windows in your home or workplace and need more than eight brackets, you can always obtain more packages!

Positive Points

  • Few Tools Required

    To hang a set of curtains with these brackets, the only tool you'll need besides your own two hands is a hammer. You won't need a specific type of hammer, either, so any hammer that you have sitting around your home or can find at a store or online will do. Due to the fact that you won't need many tools, it's been purported that you'll be able to hang a set of brackets and the corresponding curtains in 30 seconds or less. Clean-up will also be quick since you won't have many supplies to put away.

  • Won't Damage Walls

    Unlike some other brackets that you'd need tools and screws to hang, the Tap Brackets will never damage your walls, since they won't actually be touching them at all. If you ever do remove a set of brackets from the window frame it's attached to, the pinholes left behind will be far less conspicuous than the holes left behind by screws on a wall.

Negative Points

  • Might Still Need Ladder

    Although your Tap Brackets will likely speed up the curtain-hanging process for you, they still won't relieve you of having to climb a ladder if the window you're working on is very high. Even if you don't need a ladder for a window that's just somewhat high, you may need to stand on a step-stool or chair in order to hang your brackets and curtains.

  • Brackets Don't Come With Rod

    It would be nice if a set of these brackets could come with a curtain rod that looks the same as they do, in order to guarantee an exact aesthetic match, but they do not. Whenever you want to use these brackets to hang a set of curtains, you'll always have to supply your own curtain rod of a standard width and an appropriate length for your window.

Save Money

If you're not confident in your ability to hang curtains, or you simply don't have the time to do the job, you might choose to hire professionals to do it for you. However, unless you have a physical problem that might stop you from climbing onto a ladder, chair or stool, you may make a different decision once you have some Tap Brackets. You may, in fact, find the curtain-hanging process to be a much quicker and less complicated one, and decide to hang your own curtains yourself without involving hired help at all.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tap Bracket online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tap Bracket online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 13 Apr 2019 Bob - (Mankato, MN)

Don’t Order

Don’t order anything from this company. They don’t respond to emails and don’t ship on a timely manner.

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Posted: 25 Oct 2018 Chelsea Burr - (Clayton, NJ)

It’s a Knock Off. Don’t buy it!

It’s a knock off of a better product called Kwik-Hang that was on Shark Tank and actually works and has 4 patents. Beware Better Bracket.

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