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Better Bladder is a new supplement solution for an overactive bladder. Are you worried that your co-workers are noticing how often you go the bathroom? Do you fear laughing too hard?  Would you say you have a small bladder? Let's not mince words here -- if you or .ahem. anyone you know suffers from incontinence this product could be for you. Competitor options are to take medications with side effects, surgery, or adult diapers. Better Bladder uses a cocktail of herbal remedies to combat the root cause of your poor bladder health. No side effects.

Better Bladder Better Bladder or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Better Bladder is $39.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $49.90.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Better Bladder being discontinued. Better Bladder may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Better Bladder being discontinued. Better Bladder may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


  • Critiva Nurvala

    Crateva Nurvala has been used for centuries to help support the bladder to correctly and efficiently fill and empty. It does this by acting to increase the tone of the bladder.

  • Horsetail

    Horsetail has been used for fluid retention since first century AD. It is also known to help improve the tone of the bladder wall.

  • Lindera

    Lindera has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for kidney and bladder health. It has been specifically used to help with frequent urination and loss of bladder control. More recent research has shown that Lindera has potent antioxidant effects to preserve the tissue function of the urinary system.

Save Money

> 30 day supply of Thera brand omega. Thera brand omega three is three times the dose as most standard omega supplements. Free Omega, sign me up. Not only does your body need these fatty acids to function, but also they deliver some big health benefits often those suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure can benefit from supplementing their omega3. Just be careful taking too much oil supplements. Overdoing these things can make of messy exits.

Does It Really Work?

Better Bladder's website for this supplement and commercial are very careful to cover their bases. Dr. Hyman, the MD behind the product, even makes an appearance to give his vote of confidence. His reassurance is welcome but it comes with a little natural septicemic. The product even got an overwhelming response on the research they did.
Almost everyone who was tested reported a reduction in leaks & accidents. Eighty-six percent reported a reduction in their urge to go ( their bossy bladder ). These patients felt more in control of the timing of their visits throughout the day. Nine of our ten patients reported a reduction in daytime bathroom visits. Of the Eighty four percent reported a reduction in nighttime bathroom visits on a weekly and daily basis.


  • Counter to the Argument

    Better Bladder, if you are going to cite research be upfront about who did it. It doesn't matter if the test was a double blind or single blind if we don't know who did it. As far as we know from reading the site, we should assume that there was no research that took place. Knowing that Dr. Hyman would knowingly endorse this kind of marketing tarnishes his good name a little.

    Such is the breaks with the supplement industry. This solution could work, this product's benefits might get hi-jinxed by another new fad in 5 years. Maybe -- maybe not.

    Personal preference is to stick with more basic supplements. What the companies don't tell you is that even if the capsule has amounts of this product or the other, the way the pill has been produced has something to do with its absorbency. When you are in the supplement department and you see several different vitamins with the same contents but different price tags this is one of the differences they are selling. Be sure to do your research when buying supplements.


  • Natural Supplement

    Better Bladder contains all natural ingredients, which is said to have no known harmful side effects. Talk to your doctor about interactions with other medications or health conditions. Even though it is natural, it does not mean it won't affect your health in other ways.

  • Capsule

    The Better Bladder supplement comes in what looks like an averagely sized capsule. The exact size is not shown on the bottle, but the pictures of the capsule make it look like it is easy enough to swallow. Online reviewers say it is about the size of a vitamin.

  • Clinical Study

    Better Bladder conducted an 8-week clinical research study to determine the effectiveness of the product and promotes the results of their research and the methods on their website. Other products do not boast about studies conducted for their product's effectiveness.

  • Reduces Frequency to go

    Better Bladder's clinical study reports that 90 percent of people using the product had experienced a reduced amount of trips to the bathroom during the daytime.

  • Reduces Urgency to go

    Better Bladder should reduce the urgency you feel to run to the bathroom. In their clinical study, 86 percent of study participants felt their urgency was lessened.

  • Fewer Leaks and Accidents

    The study revealed that Better Bladder users experienced fewer leaks and accidents by 94 percent.

  • Fewer Nighttime Bathroom Trips

    Eighty-four percent of people who used Better Bladder reported that there was a decrease in bathroom visits during the night.

Critical Advice

The official site offers a free 30-day trial with your only cost being shipping and handling. However, it will automatically sign you up for a 60-day subscription and will charge your credit card unless you cancel. This will continue until you cancel.


  • No Outside Research Completed

    While Better Bladder did perform its own research, no other sources have replicated the research. Most research should be replicated to verify the results of the initial research. There is no indication that a second study by an outside party was completed.

  • Mixed Reviews

    You can find many reviews on the internet; some claiming this is the most amazing product, others claiming it is a waste of money. Like any supplement, it is probably best to talk to your doctor first.

  • Take Two Capsules Daily

    The dosage is two capsules with meals. It would have been more cost-effective for the user to only have to take one stronger capsule, reducing the price of the overall product.

  • Interactions With Other Meds

    There is no information on the official site suggesting interactions with other medications or health conditions. To be safe, always talk to your doctor. Just because a product is all natural does not mean it won't interact with something else.

  • Research Flaws

    The research was only for an 8-week trial, which does not give indications of long-term effectiveness. It also does not indicate if there are long-term use side effects. The official website's presentation of the research can be confusing if you do not regularly read medical research. The font is small, the text is single-spaced, which makes the results difficult to read.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Read Instructions Thoroughly

    Before taking any supplement, make sure you read all the instructions thoroughly. Look at all the ingredients and make sure you do not have any allergies to them. If you have questions or something is not clear, call your doctor or the manufacturer before taking it.

  2. Take With Food

    Take Better Bladder with your breakfast or dinner. A meal of a few hundred calories or more should do the trick. Often with supplements, it's good to drink a full glass of water with it.

  3. Take Two Capsules

    Follow the dosage on the bottle, which is two capsules at meal time.

  4. Repeat Daily

    To see the effectiveness of this product, make sure to use it as directed, which is daily with meals.

Save Time

You won't be going to the bathroom as often, so you'll be able to get more work done at your desk or finish running errands without making extra trips to the bathroom.

It's easy to take with meals and will take less than a minute to use.

You won't have to wait in the pharmacy line to get your supplement if you order online.

How it's Different from Competitors

At least two other products on the market contain the same ingredients as Better Bladder. One of those products is about the same price, while you can find the other for almost half the price. The ingredient label on all three products shows the exact same ingredients and doses. They are also available at different stores, both online and in your local pharmacy. However, this product from TheraBotanics is available primarily online and the site does not indicate what stores it is available in.

Many similar products promise the same results but use different ingredients, dosages, and indications. Some of these products only address frequency, urgency, or leakage, but not all three. These range in prices from very low to rather high. These similar products are often easy to find in pharmacies and online, whereas Better Bladder is found primarily on their website.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Take for 8 Weeks

    The clinical research results showed the most improvement after 8 weeks of usage. This product does not sound like it will work overnight, so be ready for the long haul and be patient.

  2. Talk to Your Doctor

    If you find that this is not working as you'd like it to, reach out to your doctor for some medical knowledge. Your problem may be more serious or something that this pill cannot address and you may need more support to fix your problem.

  3. Foods on the go

    Many people skip breakfast or have breakfast on the go, making it hard to take a pill with a meal. If that's the case, grab something like a quick yogurt, banana, granola bar, or toast with some peanut butter. The official site does not indicate if taking this without food will cause an upset stomach, but it is always best to follow instructions to avoid any problems.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Better Bladder online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Better Bladder online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 08 Jun 2019 William Dawson - (Casselberry, FL)

Capacity of Bladder

I sleep thru the night and void 10-12 oz. In the morning. However, during the day I void frequently and it is only 5-8 oz. Why no problem 2 night but during the day I have urges and sometimes accidents. Will Better Bladder help?

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Posted: 10 Jun 2019 Better Bladder

Hi William,
Better Bladder has been expertly designed to improve bladder muscle tone as well as strengthen the bladder wall, floor, sphincter, and connective tissue. The synergy and interplay of the mechanisms of action of each ingredient are key to the efficacy of the product. Although Better Bladder has been clinically shown to improve bladder symptoms in as little as 2 weeks, the process of bladder rejuvenation can take up to several weeks, depending on the health of one's bladder tissue, lifestyle, diet, and other factors.

In the clinical study, many participants started seeing improvement in as little as 2 weeks, but you should continue taking Better Bladder for at least one month before Deciding if it's working for you (which is why we offer our 30-day risk-free trial).

Everyone reacts at a different rate, but a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study showed that participants saw improvement in the major symptoms of a weak and unpredictable bladder, including urinary frequency, urgency, and leaks and accidents.


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Posted: 10 Jul 2018 Bill Lewis - (Santa Monica, CA)

It Worked for me

I've been taking this for about 4 months and my nighttime bathroom visits dropped from 4x to 1x per night within the first 30 days. It has been a life-changer. I also go less during the day, as well. BTW: Tried Rx product from urologist initially with horrible side effects. Love that there is a natural solution to this problem.

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Posted: 29 May 2018 Barbara Baass - (Leander, TX)


Do you really have to take two per meal or two a day is even too much.

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Posted: 30 May 2018 Better Bladder

For best results, take 2 capsules daily. One bottle of Better Bladder™ contains 60 capsules, or a 1-month supply for one person.


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Posted: 03 Jan 2018 Rienna Young - (Antigo, WI)

No Results with Better Bladder Supplement

I tried Better Bladder for urinary frequency. I quit after 1 1 / 2 months due to no improvement on the product. I have concerns regarding some of the ingredients as well since my bladder appears to be sensitive to lots of things. Is it really necessary to include fd&c Green #3, yellow #6, and titanium dioxide?

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Posted: 11 May 2018 Better Bladder

These are in the capsule and not the product. You can remove the product from the capsule and mix it with water if these ingredients concern you.


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Posted: 22 Mar 2019 Howard Capps

Regarding your answer to one writer. What's the difference between "the product" and "the capsule"?

Posted: 25 Mar 2019 Better Bladder

To: Howard Capps: The capsule is the container from the product. The product is the Better Bladder powder.

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