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BBQ Bake Bags BBQ Bake Bags or Alternatives
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Copper Chef BBQ and Bake Bags are mesh bags which you can keep any food in for cooking on the barbeque or in the oven. The manufacturer claims that the food does not fall out and that the bags can withstand intense heat. This allows you to cook small foods like shrimps and vegetables on the BBQ that were difficult to do in the past. With these mesh bags, you also won't lose food when it falls through the grate. It's a useful kitchen tool that may help some people expand their cooking repertoire.

BBQ Bake Bags BBQ Bake Bags or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of BBQ Bake Bags is $14.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Can Withstand Intense Heat

    The bags can handle any level of heat, so you can use them on the barbeque or in the oven at any temperature. That means you can fill the bags with all the foods you never thought you could barbeque before and put them on the hot grill.

  • Bags Are Sealed Shut

    Any food you put in the bags will be there when you are finished cooking. Nothing falls out of the bag, so nothing can fall through the grate.

  • BBQ Bake Bags Make Grill Marks

    Your food will come out with grill marks that look as if they were done right on the BBQ.

  • Comes in Two Sizes

    You can use it to cook small foods that are difficult to grill, or larger items like burgers or steaks. You can also use it as a crisper in the oven, for foods like French fries and fish sticks.

  • Put them in the Dishwasher

    BBQ Bake Bags are really easy to clean. Just put them in your dishwasher and they'll come out sparkling. The bags don't tarnish.


  • Expand Your Cooking Repertoire

    Now you can cook anything you want without worrying that it will fall between the grate. You can cook items you never tried to make in the past because you thought it would be too much trouble.

  • Heat and Flavor Permeate Bag

    No flavor or cooking power is lost if you cook your food in BBQ Bake Bags. The food comes out just as if you cooked it straight on the grill itself.

  • Bags Do Not Stick to the Grill

    Unlike sometimes when you cook food on the grill, these bags can be flipped very easily with no sticking to the grill. This makes cooking easier, and it also assures that your food is going to come out better.

  • Has More Than One Use

    The BBQ Bake Bags are great as a tool to use when you are barbequing, and they can also be used in the oven. You can even use them as a crisper for French fries, fish, etc.

  • Double Offer; Free Shipping

    If you order this product now, you can take advantage of a special offer from the manufacturer. For a double set of mesh bags including 2 large and 2 small bags, you pay half price.

  • No Burning

    Your days of burning food may be over. When you cook your food in these mesh bags, they do not burn.

  • Eliminates Heavy Cleanup

    With this product, half of your cleanup job is taken care of. You won't have to wash pots and pans at the sink for hours.


  • Hard to Add Sauces and Spices

    Handy as these cooking bags are, they do make it difficult when it comes to adding sauces and spices. This is something you would have to do ahead of time. It would be difficult to then control the distribution while you were cooking.

  • Could Be Difficult to Clean

    The bags could be difficult to get truly clean. Bits of food may get caught in the mesh and could be hard to get out. The mesh may possibly retain the smell of whatever has been cooked in it.

  • Limited Cooking Options

    The product is versatile in some ways, but your cooking style is somewhat limited when you use it. You can grill, and you can crisp. All of the food probably comes out tasting quite similar in many ways.

  • Limited Size of BBQ Bake Bags

    Even the large bag is not big enough to cook a roast or a chicken. You'd need several of these bags to cook a meal for a really big family or a large group.

How It Works

The BBQ Bake Bags are very easy to use. Decide what you are going to cook in them, prepare the food for cooking and add it to the mesh bags. You can add meat, fish or vegetables. Add sauces and spices first. Seal the bags at the top. To barbeque, just add the bags to the top of the grill. Flip them easily when they require it. When they are finished cooking, remove them from the grill using oven mitts and open the bag. Slide the food right out and onto a plate. To turn the bags into a crisper, add an item like French fries, seal the bag and place it in the oven on broil.

How it's Different from Competitors

Many of the products that had a similar idea in mind use bags with other types of material, like aluminum foil or heat-resistant bags. None of these products allowed for some kind of mesh so the food and the heat could meet directly. However, in many cases, they did allow for much bigger items of food to be cooked, like a roast. There is at least one product very similar to this one, with very little difference visible except for the color of the bags and the name of the manufacturer.

Save Money

BBQ Bake Bags can save you a tremendous amount of money. Normally most people end up throwing some food out at the end of the week, especially vegetable and meat which can go bad. With this product, you never really have to throw food out again. Just see what you have left and throw it all into the bag.

Save Time

This product saves you cooking and cleaning time. It makes cooking much easier because you don't lose food, and you don't burn food then have to recook it. After the meal, you won't have to clean all those pots and pans.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Cook Multiple Items in Bag

    Use the bag to cook all of the hamburgers, hot dogs, or any other multiple of items you need cooked.

  2. Use Up Leftover Food

    Have a look at your vegetables. If there are any that you have to use now or they will go bad, throw them all into the bag and have them for dinner. The same ideas goes for meat, or any leftovers you want to cook up again.

  3. Use Them For Baking

    This product is not just for grilling and crisping - you can use it for your baking. Bake a cake or pie, slide it into one of the bags and put it in the oven.

Wise Advice

Do not buy BBQ Bake Bags online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy BBQ Bake Bags online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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