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Bavarian Blade

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Bavarian Blade is a kitchen knife that professional chefs have designed, and each one is made from high-quality hardened steel that's manufactured in Germany. Even though it's been designed by chefs, it's meant to be used in an ordinary kitchen at home to slice up things like vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish into large, small or paper-thin pieces. While you're using it, you'll be able to hang onto its attractive black handle, which is sloped in a way that'll likely lead to more precision and control.

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The cost of Bavarian Blade is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Many knives are sharpened at angles between 20 and 30 degrees, but after the manufacturing process, each Bavarian Blade is sharpened at an angle of 15 degrees. This is done to make each one significantly stronger and sharper than the alternatives. Due to the high-quality steel that it's made from, each of these knives will also remain sharp for longer than many others, regardless of what they're used to cut—perhaps even through decades of use.


  • Professionally Designed

    If someone who just cooks in their kitchen for their family were to design a knife, they might not know how to make it the most efficient and effective knife out there. However, taking into account the fact that professional chefs have designed the Bavarian Blade, you can expect that it's been crafted in a way that will promote a maximum level of efficiency.

  • Sloped Handle

    Having a knife slip out of your hand can be both irritating and dangerous, as it may lead to a cut finger for you and ruined food to attempt to serve or throw out. Fortunately, the sloped handle of this particular kitchen knife has been given such a shape in order to help prevent it from slipping out of anyone's hand. Not only will you be safer once you get a strong grip on this knife, but once you do so, you'll also be able to make better-looking, precise cuts with its blade.

  • Slices Virtually Any Food Item

    Some knives are too dull to slice the hardest food items you may have in your kitchen, but this one will slice virtually anything, including food items that are still frozen. If you don't feel like taking your food out of its plastic packaging before slicing it, this knife will even slice right through the plastic. Yet, it's gentle enough that it won't cause you to make a mess while you're trying to turn a softer fruit or vegetable (like a banana) into multiple paper-thin slices.

Positive Points

  • Doesn't Need to Be Sharpened

    You should never have to sharpen this knife throughout its lifetime, even if you frequently use it to cut super-hard food items. Whenever you take it out to use it, it should be as sharp (or at least nearly as sharp) as it was for its first use. As a result, as long as you use this knife for all of your food-cutting tasks, you won't have to keep any sort of knife sharpening-device around or visit a professional for sharpening purposes.

  • Gloves Aren't Required

    Although you can wear gloves while you use this knife if you'd like, it appears that you won't need them in order to keep your hands comfortable and protected. Most users will be able to grip this knife's sloped blade with a bare hand without discomfort. Plus, unlike the edge of a duller knife, the razor-sharp edge of this one will be unlikely to slip and potentially cut you while you're working with it.

Negative Aspects

  • Larger Than Some Knives

    The Bavarian Blade is just a bit larger than some kitchen knives, so if you've got limited space on your countertop or in your cutlery drawer, you may wish it was a bit smaller. It would be helpful if a smaller, travel-sized version could be created, as it'd be extremely useful if one wanted to take their knife to another location and use it for food preparation tasks there.

  • Unsafe For Kids

    While kids may be able to use duller kitchen knives safely, this one should be kept out of their reach, as they may forget they aren't supposed to touch the sharp blade and slice themselves. With a duller kitchen knife, the result of this mistake might only be a tiny cut, but a cut from the Bavarian Blade could make a trip to the emergency room necessary. Therefore, unless you keep some duller knives around, your children will have to wait until their age is at least in the double digits to learn to use a kitchen knife.

Save Time

When you start using the Bavarian Blade instead of your old kitchen knives, you may be able to chop up a piece of food two times faster than you'd be able to otherwise. The reason for this is twofold: The handle of this knife will give you great control, but you also won't have to repeat cuts that didn't go as planned due to your knife's dullness. Consequently, you'll probably be able to have all your food prepared and on the table much more quickly than is typical for you.

Critical Advice

To give yourself the precise control that this knife has to offer, remember to hold the handle near the top (but without touching the blade), not the very end. Generally speaking, the further you move your hand down towards the base of the handle, the less control you'll have.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bavarian Blade online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bavarian Blade online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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