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BASEIN Air Cooler BASEIN Air Cooler or Alternatives
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BASEIN Air Cooler BASEIN Air Cooler or Alternatives
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How the BASEIN Air Cooler Works

Water is typically cooler than the air around you. Heat usually causes the air to be dry. The air cooler takes cool water, uses it to soak a curtain, then blows a fan behind that soaked curtain. The result is that warm dry air enters the back of the machine and cool moist air is blown out the front of the machine.

The concept is well proven and works! Of course, there are factors that affect how well an air cooler will work such as: how dry the air is, how hot the air is, how cold the water is, how far away from the fan you are sitting, being used indoors or outdoors, and how large of a room/area you are trying to cool.


  • Fan Speed

    The front of the device offers the capability of changing the fan speed. There are 4-speed levels that you can choose from with the simple tap of a button. While some devices offer fan speeds the usual selection only has a two-speed variation while the BASEIN has four. There is a significant difference between the lowest and highest fan speed setting. By changing the fan speed you can dictate how far the cool air will cast, how fast the water will evaporate into the air, as well as the noise level of the device.

  • Time Setting

    While air conditioners and portable air coolers are great during day and night, typically you wouldn’t have a need to keep it running while you’re asleep. The BASEIN Air Cooler has a button selector on the front of the unit which allows you to set a run timer. Using this setting you will be able to choose to have the unit automatically turn off after 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours of use. This setting will decrease the waste of water, electricity, and wear on the device as it won’t be running the entire time you sleep or while you’re away.

  • 2 Modes

    While the BASEIN Air Cooler was designed specifically to cool the air using water, a button on the front of the unit allows you to turn off the cooling function and simply use the device as a traditional fan (with 4 variable speeds, an auto-shutoff timer, and an optional color-changing light).

  • Modern Design

    Most Air Coolers have a ‘boxy’ look and appear as a gimmicky ‘As Seen on TV’ item. The BASEIN Air cooler has a sleek design, neutral colors, flat tap-sensitive buttons, a leather handle, auto color-changing light, and a multitude of controls.

  • Removable Filter

    The filter also referred to as a curtain, can be removed and cleaned if necessary. Over time, similar to fans, the filter will accumulate dust that it has pulled out of the air.

How it's Different from Competitors

Air Coolers function by soaking a filter with water and using a fan behind that filter to push the coldness from that water into the air. The problem with this method is the filter infront of the fan often blocks the amount of air that can be blown out the front of the unit. BASEIN has solved this issue by creating their water-absorbing filter in a ‘grate’ like fashion so that the maximum amount of air generated by the fan, passes out the front of the unit. As the air passes through the grate-like filter it is cooled by the water-soaked filter and in turn, their air you feel coming out the front of the machine is cooler than if you were only using a fan. Traditionally, fans are stronger than air coolers at pushing air because an air cooler has its air blocked, slowed down, or decreased by the wet filter; with the BASEIN Air Cooler you achieve cool air without sacrificing airflow.

Powered by a USB Cable

With the BASEIN Air Cooler being powered by a USB cable you will be able to take it anywhere you go and not have to worry about needing a traditional wall outlet or long cord. Note that the USB is Type-C and requires a 5V 1.4A power source. If the power supply is lower than 1.5A, the device may still work; however, it could operate abnormally due to insufficient power. Some mobile devices also protect themselves from excessive current. Wherever possible, a wall outlet is optimal; however, most high-end power banks will be able to power this unit.


  • Holds: 700ml of water
  • Height: 24.2 cm
  • Depth (length): 14.3 cm
  • Width: 16.6 cm
  • Power: 7 Watts
  • Noise: 55 db
  • Wind: Approx 108 m3/h (Q=3600VA)
  • Rated Evaporation: 130ml/h Plus or Minus 20%

Tips & Tricks

  • Cold Water

    The colder the water you use, the better cooling effect you will achieve. Water that is just above freezing point will produce the best result; however, room temperature water will also work, just not as well.

  • Dry Environment

    The air cooler will work in any environment; however, the dryer the environment is, the greater the effect the air cooler will have. This device adds cool moisture to the air. If the air is already humid, the cool moisture will quickly be engulfed by the warm moisture already in the air and cause condensation. If the air has a low humidity level, then the cool moisture that the air cooler produces and pushes into the air will remain in the air and evoke a cooling effect.

  • Hot Environment

    The hotter the environment in which you use this device, the greater the cooling effect will be.


The BASEIN Air Cooler works! It actually works better than other As Seen on TV Air Coolers that we’ve tried. It is advertised as an ‘Air Condition’; however, while it does "condition" the air, if you are expecting an Air Conditioner, you will be disappointed. Portable air conditioners are hundreds of dollars, heavy, and even when called ‘portable’ are bulky and come with a large tube you need to stick out your window. An Air cooler is truly the only real ‘portable’ way to cool the air around you as a traditional fan will only move the hot air around. In closing, understand how an Air Cooler works, its limitations and benefits to decide if it is right for you based on your environment. If you want an Air Cooler, the BASEIN Air Cooler is a good choice!

Wise Advice

Do not buy BASEIN Air Cooler online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy BASEIN Air Cooler online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 13 Aug 2021 Anonymous - (Vancouver, BC)

Garbage, our broke as well. Buttons no longer function. Cheap Junk.

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Posted: 28 Jun 2021 Donna Fulmore - (Calgary, AB)

Basein Mini air Cooler

Junk! Ran for 5 mins and quit! Very cheaply made. Would not recommend!

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