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Bamboo Magic Bamboo Magic or Alternatives
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Bamboo Magic pillows are three-layer pillows that will help you remain cool and at ease while you get a good night's sleep. The soft outside of each pillow is made of bamboo fibers, while the inside of each contains a memory foam layer, plus memory foam chips that'll support your head and neck. These pillows come in white, are machine washable, and won't lose their shape regardless of how many times they are washed. They're soft enough for comfort, yet firm enough to provide you proper support all night long, including support for your spine so you don't end up with a sore back in the morning.

Bamboo Magic Bamboo Magic or Alternatives
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The Claim

If you use a Bamboo Magic pillow, you won't wake up extremely tired after tossing and turning throughout the night. You won't need to go out and get a new mattress in order to improve your sleep, either, as this pillow will increase the comfort level of back, stomach, and side sleepers. Unlike many standard pillows that trap in heat, the design of the Bamboo Magic pillow enables it to draw heat away from the body, keeping anyone who uses it fairly cool during sleep. This pillow is also hypoallergenic, resisting the accumulation of common allergens such as dust mites more effectively than many other pillows.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bamboo Magic is $29.99 plus $5.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Bamboo Magic by paying an extra fee of $5.99 for a total price of $41.97.

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  • Soft Outer Shell

    The outer shell of each Bamboo Magic pillow is made of a combination of natural and viscose bamboo fibers, which, in tandem, are able to create a soft fabric. Due to this fabric, any of these pillows will feel soft against your head when you use them for sleep or rest.

  • Memory Foam Interior

    Each of these pillows also has an interior filled with memory foam. Underneath each one's soft outer shell, there's a layer of high-density blended foam. Plus, there is a pocket of smaller memory foam chips inside that will help provide support to your neck and head while you use your pillow.

  • Machine Washable

    Every Bamboo Magic pillow is machine washable, so you won't need to dry clean or hand wash yours.

  • White

    Each pillow comes in white, a shade that won't clash with nearly any bedroom set. If you want to give your pillow some color, just slip on a pillowcase.

Positive Points

  • For Virtually Anyone

    Virtually anyone can experience positive results when using a Bamboo Magic pillow, as the pillow is suitable for individuals who sleep on their back, stomach, or side( s ). If you sleep with a partner, both of you can comfortably use one of these pillows side by side on a double bed.

  • Offers Spinal Support

    Some foam and feather pillows lose their shape as they age, and sleeping on an ill-shaped pillow may put your spine in a less-than-ideal position, causing stress. Fortunately, the Bamboo Magic pillow can withstand a multitude of trips through the washing machine without losing its shape. Therefore, keeping your spine positioned on it properly will always be possible.

  • Hypoallergenic

    This pillow resists allergens like dust mites and mold, which tend to accumulate on standard pillows, so if you suffer from allergies, you will likely find that it's an ideal choice for you. Furthermore, its fabric is unlikely to irritate sensitive skin.

  • Helps You Wake up Rested

    Once you start using one of these pillows, you'll probably have a better sleep every night than you have been, making you rested and ready to be productive and energetic throughout the next day.

Negative Points

  • May Show Dirt

    If you choose to use your Bamboo Magic pillow without a pillowcase, you may be able to see dirt accumulating on it, because of its white shade. While users won't sweat as much while using this pillow in comparison to a standard one, due to its cooling design, food and makeup smears could end up on its surface.


  • Foam and Feather Pillows

    Regardless of how soft they are, foam and feather pillows can quickly become misshapen, even during the duration of one night. Therefore, they're unable to support your back, head, and other parts of your body as effectively as the Bamboo Magic pillow. Moreover, they're often heat trappers, so they may make you feel overly warm and restless during your rest and relation period.

  • Block-shaped Foam Pillows

    You can get block-shaped pillows made from memory foam to sleep on, which tend not to lose their shape over time, either. However, some users may find them too hard against their heads. On the other hand, the Bamboo Magic pillow can hold its shape while feeling soft to the touch at the same time.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bamboo Magic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bamboo Magic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 31 Aug 2017 Victoria Pacheco - (Independence, OR)

Was Great until I TRIED to Wash It

Do not wash this pillow. I repeat. Do not wash.

The pillow absorbs water. Enough that your washing machine won't spin out the water as it weighs over 30 lbs! You will be stuck trying to wring it out by hand. And don't even TRY to use the drier. Don't. Not even on cold. My pillow? I washed it on a Saturday. 5 days later? Still wet. Even with 8+ hours in the drier and the rest just sitting out to air dry. Pillow ruined.

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Posted: 04 Sep 2015 Valerie - (Sherbrooke, QC)

Awesome Pillows!

We really love it! Super comfy best pillows ever I don't know why peoples don't like them because they are awesome!

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Bamboo Magic Infomercial

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