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Backward Brella

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Backward Brella is an umbrella that closes in a different way from a standard umbrella: with the dry side out, and the wet side in. It's the ideal umbrella to use if you're tired of your regular umbrella dripping water on the floors of your home or your workplace. Instead of doing this, Backward Brella will trap rain, snow, and sleet inside as it closes, so you can drain it out into a sink or toilet when you reach your destination.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Backward Brella is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Backward Brella by paying an extra fee of $9.99 for a total price of $37.97.

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How It Works

Since the Backward Brella closes by virtually turning itself inside out, any excess water, sleet or snow that was on the outside of the umbrella ends up trapped inside when it's closed. It'll remain inside, without dripping, until you want to drain it. Due to the unique way this umbrella folds, it'll also fit through an opening as small as two inches wide. Therefore, you'll be able to get in or out of your car or pass through any door without having it fully closed, which means you won't get soaked.


  • Royal Blue and Black

    Each Backward Brella is royal blue with a black handle, a color combination that many people tend to find attractive. It's also a very businesslike combination of shades, which you'll likely appreciate if you're taking yours to work.

  • C-hook Handle

    Each of these umbrellas has a C-Hook handle. Hence, if you want to keep both of your hands free in order to text, carry children or possessions, or do something else entirely, you'll simply need to slide the handle up one arm.

  • Withstands Wind

    Some umbrellas will collapse when exposed to heavy winds, but the Backward Brella is able to withstand gusts of wind traveling up to 60 miles per hour without doing so.

Positive Points

  • Works in Almost Any Weather

    Since this umbrella will trap snow and ice, along with rain, you'll be able to use it effectively under almost any weather conditions, including in heavy snowstorms. If you don't like winter hats, this may eliminate your need for one!

  • Keeps Home, Workplace Clean

    Backward Brella won't allow drips to fall on the floor ( or your counter ) like other umbrellas do, so you won't need to wipe water drops up at home on every rainy day. You also won't litter your workplace's floor with drips of water and risk annoying your boss or coworkers.

  • Users Remain Dry

    Using this umbrella means that you'll be able to remain dry at all times. If you're getting out of your car, you can open the door a crack and slide the umbrella out first, as it'll fit through a two-inch opening, then get out yourself. When you're entering a car, just reverse the process by making the umbrella the last thing to pass through the opening. This stay-dry technique will also work when you're entering and / or exiting through any door.

  • Makes Good Gift

    Most people have to walk in the rain or snow at some point, and many have to do so very frequently, so the Backward Brella is an ideal gift for almost anyone. College students who don't have a car and must constantly trek through campus may find it especially helpful.

Negative Points

  • No Additional Shades

    While the royal blue shade that each umbrella comes in is attractive, it would be nice if the umbrella also came in other popular colors, such as red, green, yellow, pink, and orange.


  • Standard Umbrella

    As mentioned, standard umbrellas tend to drip water, and many aren't as strong as the Backward Brella when exposed to wind or storms. Plus, when you use a standard umbrella, you must step out of your car or home and get wet for a few seconds to open it fully, which isn't the case with the Backward Brella.

  • Hood or Hat

    Many people choose to use waterproof hoods or hats to protect themselves from rain or snow, but if you're trying to look professional for work, this may not be the best option. Even if no one sees you with the head covering on, your professional hairstyle may end up being ruined by it.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Backward Brella online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Backward Brella online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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