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The BackLounge is a unique device that works to better one's back, improving both alignment and core strength. Both of these issues can take place for a variety of reasons including stress, illness, posture, and many more. All of these challenges can be helped through the use of this item, as it works to improve the strength of one's back. Through the use of two different concepts, inversion therapy and core strengthening, the BackLounge works with your body to move it and stretch it. This helps lighten the strain on certain parts of the spine and provide long term benefits through a stronger core. This piece is revolutionary in its design and is quite unique. Through its diverse abilities, this product can help anyone who might have challenges with their back. However, this is still a medical piece, and care should be taken to ensure that those who are using it are safe and able to use the piece without bodily harm.

BackLounge BackLounge or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of BackLounge is $199.96 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Inversion Therapy

    BackLounge notes that the weight of gravity on one's body strains the spine. This inversion therapy allows one to lay upside down, aimed towards the floor, which would simply relieve the strain on the body after a long day. It does so by stretching and decompressing all of the weight carried on the spine and allows relief to the locations on the body which are in pain.

  • Core Strengthening

    The core of one's body is around the lower torso. BackLounge works to help an individual stretch their core through a variety of exercises, with the end result being a stronger muscle structure to support the back. This reaps a large array of long term benefits since back pain can be an avoidable issue, especially if the muscles that are being impacted become stronger and hardier against the strain of the day.

  • Massage Rollers

    Along with the two positions available, there is also a massage feature for this product. It works by having little rollers that rest on the lower back. This would roll and soothe some of the most common locations that a back would suffer from. Not only does this relieve tension, but it adds an extra level of comfort!

Positive Points

  • Sturdy Design

    The BackLounge can hold up to 250 pounds. This is very useful because that covers a large group of people, and would allow for most individuals to get the help they want. It also would give the opportunity for multiple members of a household to be able to use this product, including adults and children.

  • Easy to Store

    When looking at the images of this item, one might believe it to take up a lot of space in a living area. However, the BackLounge is collapsable and can be easily folded into a closet or another location out of the way. It also seems to be easy to re-open for use, which could be very helpful given the fact that if one needs the product, they are in pain and want immediate assistance.

  • Hand Rails/supports

    This item helps support individuals by having a variety of handrails that are adjustable for usage. Not only would this be helpful with core strengthening, but it also can provide support for people who might not feel comfortable shifting in strange positions without help. Along with this, the rails will lock in place, to ensure that there is no movement from the piece until one desires it to take place.

  • Exercise Program Included

    BackLounge works to provide individuals with the opportunity to get the help they need, and not have extra work to do. They do this by providing a program to follow in order to get the maximum aid out of the item, without the risk of straining yourself.

  • Available to Everyone

    It is highlighted by BackLounge that this piece works for any gender and any age. There is no limit on who can use or not use the item, and this would allow for help to anyone who needs it. This is greatly beneficial for those who want to support themselves and their family through back pain, and not be concerned about any limitations!

Negative Aspects

  • Difficult to Use

    The piece, while seemingly helpful, does not seem to be easy to use. Due to the inverted nature of the therapy, it can be assumed that this piece might be challenging to figure out. Especially if the individual who purchases these lives alone, in which there is no-one to help them out of a bad situation getting caught in the chair. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that this piece is used safely.

  • Weight Limit

    While it can be assumed that everything has it's limits, this piece does hold back a large group of people from using it. A large percentage of those with back problems weight over 250 pounds and this limitation from using the machine halts the ability to work with the product. Along with this, it is disappointing for those who wish to get back help, since they are at risk of breaking the device in use.

  • Fragile Build

    While it is noted to be sturdy, the piece has been reviewed to have a somewhat weaker fabric used to hold up users. This could cause a major risk in injury, or even just be a waste of money if it breaks under the pressure of one's body. It would be wise to keep this in mind when purchasing and being too close to the weight limit, as there is the possibility of the object breaking under pressure.


  • Muscle Strain

    It is common for an individual to pull a muscle, but it should definitely not take place on a machine that is supposed to help them! However, if one does not adequately prepare before getting on, or stretches beyond their physical limit, an injury could occur. This is especially dangerous if they are inverted, as the only way to relieve themselves from pain might be to fall off of the piece itself. A problem such as this should be acknowledged, and this product should only be used with another person in the house to assist if needed.

  • Further Back Pain

    While the piece is meant to support and assist back pain, there is the risk of it causing more. If used improperly, or if a part of one's back is strained too deeply, it could result in a major injury which could result in a visit to the doctor. Utmost care should be taken to protect oneself from further pain, and it would be beneficial to read the manual before continuing.

  • Cleanliness

    The piece relies on fabric to support those who are using it. However, this is still a product for exercise, in which people will be sweating. This could result in the product becoming dirty and might be difficult to clean. Care should be taken to ensure that it remains in good working condition before the next use.

Concluding Advice

This product could be very helpful to restore back strength and provide long term benefits. However, remember to prepare adequately with stretches before engaging in any form of exercise.

Along with this, ensure that your space is clean and clear of any object that you could fall into if a problem arises. It is also recommended that you put a cushion or something protective around the BackLounge so that if you do fall, it won't be onto a hard floor. Ensure to clean the product if there seems to be excess sweat or debris on it from the exercise to ensure cleanliness for future use.

Finally, only use this item if another individual is present in the area to help if needed It would be best to protect onself from further injury with the aid of another if possible!

Wise Advice

Do not buy BackLounge online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy BackLounge online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 17 Aug 2021 Trina Thompson - (Roseburg, OR)

Hurts my Lumbar Area

This product has rollers in the lumbar area that push into my kidneys. My back hurts after one-time use. Very uncomfortable. Will be returning. I am very disappointed.

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