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Audion Micro is a micro sized hearing amplifier, one which you place inside of your ear canals in order to achieve better hearing. Providing improved hearing up to thirty times what your regular ear can hear, this is a great device. Specifically for someone who just wants to increase their hearing in certain situations but do not suffer from any medical condition or documented hearing loss. Discrete, comfortable, and smaller than any other amplifier on the market.

Audion Micro Audion Micro or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Audion Micro is $99.00 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Small

    This unit is allegedly the most discrete hearing amplifier in the world.

  • Up to Thirty Times Better

    With these hearing amplifiers you can increase your hearing up to thirty times.

  • Lightweight and Small

    What’s more, using nanowave technology these hearing amplifiers are comfortable, ultra small, and light weight.


  • Full Kit

    With your order you get the 2 Audion Micro ear pieces for each ear in addition to the charging station and USB charger. You receive eight silicone tips, alongside two cleaning brushes so that you can find the tip that best fits your ear sizes then keep it clean. There are two volume adjustors so that you can change the volume in your ear, and a carrying case to transport it around anywhere you are going.

  • Powerful and Discrete

    Allegedly, this system is so powerful that you can hear a pin drop from across the room. Behind this ability is the special Nano Wave technology which amplifies all sound up to thirty times, in an even smaller unit than before.


  • Not for Impairment

    The company makes clear that the Audion Micro sound amplifier is not a substitute for a hearing aid nor is it meant for people who have impaired hearing. According to the company website the FDA advises anyone who thinks they suffer from hearing loss to get a medical professional evaluation.

  • Nano Wave Technology

    The company boasts a great deal about the special nano wave technology used behind the amplifier but there is nothing available about what this technology really is or how it works. In fact, there are no scientific journal articles about a technology with this name which likely means it is colloquially called something else. Which means the company most likely gave it a special name to make the product more unique.

How It Works

You find the ear cover that fits best in your ear and place it over the unit. Then you program the volume you want and place it in your ear. After that, you get amplified sounds using what the company calls "nano wave technology" which is most likely a simple way of talking about sound waves and regular amplification processes.


  • Not a Hearing Aid

    Hearing aids are sound amplifying devices that you wear in order to compensate for your naturally impaired hearing. Conversely, hearing amplifiers are wearable devices meant to amplify sounds around you, regardless of whether you are hearing impaired. Said devices help you to hear things which are far away or low volume. These are not, however, hearing aids nor are they approved by the FDA as a medical device.

  • Not for Hearing Impaired

    Such an auditory tool is meant for people who have normal hearing and just want to amplify sounds in otherwise normal situations. Hunters, for example, might wear one of these devices in order to hear subtle sounds of movement when they are hunting.

How it's Different from Competitors

All hearing aid devices, including official medical hearing aids and amplifiers are meant to amplify all sounds. Hearing aids, however, differentiate between sounds and amplify sounds based on their characteristics. Users, for example, might adjust their hearing aid in order to hear conversation against a loud background noise. Wearers of an amplifier lack this type of control. They would, instead, hear all of the background noise and conversation in a louder volume. While hearing aids are more easily customized, hearing amplifiers lack that option. However, hearing amplifiers are much less expensive. Being one size fits all though, they might not be as comfortable to wear as a medical grade hearing aid. Reason being, hearing aids can be custom fitted to your ear so that they remain completely comfortable.

Getting Evaluated

If you think that your hearing is starting to go, you want to visit an audiologist to get your hearing checked. Personal amplifiers might be a perfectly sound solution to less than serious cases of hearing loss, though you need to speak with the audiologist to find out which solution is right. Should you avoid seeking such a medical evaluation and use the hearing amplifier instead, it might cause you to overlook a serious hearing loss issue by avoiding diagnosis. Many factors can contribute to hearing loss or difficulty including ear blockage from wax build up or medications. Getting evaluated can reveal to you if your only problem is having a lot of ear wax or a more serious condition.

Save Money

These hearing amplifiers offer you two ways to save money. The first way of saving money is by comparison to the cost of a hearing aid. Hearing aids run very high in terms of cost because they have to be customized by a medical professional and fit to your ear. By comparison, these are a cheaper way of just hearing things around you in a clearer, louder fashion.

Secondly, you save money because of the charging mechanism. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars per year on batteries for a regular hearing aid, you can just charge this hearing amplifier. All you need to do is charge it with a regular USB port and it will be ready to use when you need it. This unit relies upon a rechargeable lithium battery so you literally never have to buy more batteries. You need only recharge them. What’s more, you can use the AC adaptor to plug it in anywhere.


  • Iic

    IIC stands for invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids which are inserted deeply into the ear canal, farther back than most other styles. Theoretically, this makes it “invisible” to the naked eye. Custom fitted in their style, such hearing aids are designed to be worn and removed daily to promote better ear health.

    Meant for mild to moderate cases of hearing loss, the level of invisibility is not guaranteed but rather, contingent upon the anatomy of your ear. Similarly, ITC, or in-the-canal hearing aids are custom designed to fit in your ear canal with only a small part of the hearing aid visible to the naked eye.

  • Ric

    RIC, or receiver-in-canal are barely visible hearing aids when they are worn, often a style wherein the instrument has a speaker or receiver inside of the ear canal. From that a thin electrical wire is used instead of the plastic acoustical tubing in order to reduce distortion. A comfortable, open fit, this is intended for mild to moderate cases of hearing loss.

  • Bte

    Behind-the-ear technology are those which rest behind the ear. Hearing technology housed inside of a casing rests behind your ear while a clear plastic acoustical tube places the amplified sound into your earbud.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Audion Micro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Audion Micro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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