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Atomic Angel Light Atomic Angel Light or Alternatives
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Atomic Angel Light is a small, cordless LED light that you can hang up almost anywhere in seconds, due to its adhesive backing. Once it's hanging up, it'll detect any motion made by a person, animal or vehicle and automatically turn on for 30 seconds. Therefore, it's a good choice if you're looking for a bright light to hang on your porch or directly above any of your home's entrances. With one of these, you'll dramatically increase your chances of approaching your dwelling safely when you come home at night.

Atomic Angel Light Atomic Angel Light or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Atomic Angel Light is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Peel Off Adhesive Backing

    Before you hang up one of these lights, you'll need to peel off the adhesive backing, which takes just a couple of seconds.

  2. Mount Light

    Next, you'll be able to mount your light in a place of your choice. It'll stick to a wide variety of surfaces, such as wood, brick, and plastic siding, so you'll likely have multiple locations to choose from in and around your home. While many people may choose to mount their light outdoors, it'll also work just as effectively in an attic, basement, or garage.

  3. Adjust Position

    Once you've mounted your light, you can then adjust its position to suit your needs. More specifically, you'll be able to tilt it up or down and/or rotate it 360 degrees so it's able to shine light directly toward the place it's needed most, such as your steps. You'll also be able to change its position quickly in the future if you ever want it to send its beam in a slightly different direction.

  4. Activate Illumination

    To cause your newly mounted light to spring into action, all you'll need to do is closely approach it on foot or in a vehicle, and it'll immediately turn on and become bright.

Claudia's Atomic Angel Light Video Review


  • Compact and Cordless

    This light is compact, so no matter where you put it, it won't take up tons of space, and it's also cordless, so you won't need an electrical outlet to operate it.

  • Cob Led Panels

    Each Atomic Angel Light contains chips-on-board LED panels, an energy efficient type of lighting that will offer you more than 100, 000 hours of light. That means this cordless light may last you for years on end, even if you use it every day.

  • Fairly Bright

    Every one of these lights will provide you with more than 460 lumens of illumination, which means that each will shine a bit brighter than your average 40-watt incandescent bulb. That brightness level should be enough to satisfy most users—after all, you don't want to feel like you're being blinded when you open your shed or approach your front door at night.

  • 30 Second Timer

    After your Atomic Angel Light is activated by your motion or that of a vehicle or animal, it'll turn on for 30 seconds and then automatically turn off. This automatic shut-off will save the light's energy, which will make it last for more years without burning out. If you decide you want it to stay on for longer than 30 seconds at any given time, you'll simply need to make a movement of some sort in front of it.

  • Can Get One or Two

    You'll be able to obtain one of these lights on its own if you'd like, but you'll also have the option of getting a set of two. If you choose to get two, your set will come with a durable Atomic Beam flashlight that's compact but capable of lighting up a whole room.

Positive Points

  • Promotes Safety

    The Atomic Angel Light will make it safer for you to physically approach your residence or enter a dark area since with its illumination, you'll be less likely to trip and fall. Besides, it'll enable you to spot any intruders who could be dangerous, including animals that aren't supposed to be wandering on your property. In fact, any sort of intruder may be spooked by the light's sudden brightness and run away.

  • No Complex Installation

    When you're installing one of these lights indoors or outdoors, you won't need to work with any tools or wires. You can peel its backing off by using one or both hands, and then the adhesive on its backside will continuously hold your light in place, even if it's exposed to rain or snow outdoors.

  • Weather Resistant

    Not only will your Atomic Angel Light stay securely mounted outdoors on a rainy or snowy day, no adverse weather conditions will interfere with its powers of illumination, either. The only thing you may want to do is brush any snow off it before you leave the house, so no flakes get in the way of it shining at its full brightness.

Negative Points

  • Can't Turn on Manually

    The high-tech motion detector within this light is helpful, but it would be nice if there was also the option of turning it on manually and leaving it on without activating the sensor again. Unfortunately, if you want a light that you can leave on for a long time while you're not home, or while you're busy working in a dark area, this one probably won't fit your needs.

  • Only Comes in White

    The Atomic Angel Light only comes in white, and while a lot of users will like this shade, some people might prefer brown or black to go with the exterior or interior of their home. If you're not keen on its ivory shade, even considering its other characteristics, this light may not be the one for you.

  • Stickiness Could Wear Off

    This likely won't be an issue if you always keep your Atomic Angel Light in one place, but if you decide to move it regularly, the stickiness may wear off its back. Once that occurs, it may not stick to flat surfaces as effectively as it did previously, and you might end up finding it on the ground. There could also be a bit of sticky residue left behind in all the places that you've hung it in.

Save Money

If you install a light with an incandescent lightbulb near an entrance or in a dark area of your home, you'll probably have to replace that bulb at least once a year. By choosing the Atomic Angel Light instead, you'll significantly cut down on the number of bulb replacements you'll need, as the LED panels within this light may last for decades without burning out.

Julia's Atomic Angel Light Video Review

Save Time

Choosing to use the Atomic Angel Light will also enable you to have a new light affixed to the inside or outside of your home in a couple of minutes or so. If you were to go with a more complicated light fixture, it might take you up to hours to install, and if you couldn't do it yourself, you'd need to spend time supervising a professional.

How It Works

The Atomic Angel Light is a small light fixture which has an adhesive pad to stick onto any surface. This LED light is designed with a motion sensor and so it will detect movement from people, pets, vehicles etc and it will automatically turn on. The light continues to stay on while movement is occurring Then, it will stay on for 30 seconds after the movement has stopped. This light also has a rotating spin and pivots so that it can be placed in one spot but shine a light on a large zone.

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How it's Different from Competitors

The Atomic Angel Light is different from its competitors because of all its combining features. While there are many motion sensor lights on the market, there are few that are with LED technology and even less with the ease of the adhesive pad for placement. The Atomic Angel Light is very easy to install onto any surface. It is also energy efficient it uses LED lights and the motion sensor will turn off the light if there is no movement felt.


  • Adhesive Pads

    The Atomic Angel Light comes with adhesive pads which can stick onto any surface. These pads are designed to be heavy duty sticky because the product is meant to be used on outdoor surfaces. A concern is when the user would like to move or remove the product to either come off the wall or change locations. The adhesive pad may peel off paint and leave a mark where the light was originally placed.

  • Batteries Not Included

    This product uses four AA batteries which can be either regular or rechargeable. The purchase of the product does not include the batteries necessary to begin to use, therefore it cannot be used right out of the box. The light comes with a screwdriver necessary to disassemble the back of the unit to insert the batteries.

  • Little Pieces

    The light has very little screws and a little screwdriver for the battery components. It can be a nuisance if the screwdriver or any of the screws are lost because they are key components of the light and the company does not include extras should they become lost.

  • Adhesive Wears Off

    There is an adhesive sticker on the back of the unit which ables it to adhere to a wall. It will stick permanently after 48 hours, to ensure that the unit is in the desired place prior. Unfortunately, the sticker has been found to wear off and lose the ability to stick onto walls. Also, the unit cannot be moved once originally placed without the purchase of a new sticky adhesive pad. The pad will stop sticking after the first stick so ensure that the position is correct prior to stick.

  • Long Shipping Times

    This product is getting shipped from China and so it may take a long time for the product to reach its destination. The company states that the unit may take approximately 3-6 weeks in order to receive the package, however, they do try to ship as soon as possible.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Atomic Angel Light online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Atomic Angel Light online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 22 Dec 2018 James Lanni - (Johnston, RI)

Not Water Tight

I purchased two atomic light angels two months ago and both fill up with water inside the light lense which made them inoperable. So, they are not waterproof nor water tight and I lost $45. Poor product.

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Posted: 19 Dec 2018 lynn - (Paradise, CA)

Interference With Electronics!

Does this light interfere with TV and/or phone signal? After I installed it, my phone and TV was interrupted.

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Posted: 22 Dec 2018 Carroll Burks

No Atomic Angel Light does not interfere with other electronics.


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Posted: 17 Oct 2018 Ermy Mantovani - (Charlotte, NC)

Does NOT Turn off Automatically

Turns on fine in the dark. But never turns off. No 30 second timer to turn off? WTF.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2018 william jennings - (Burnet, TX)

Works Great Until

It Rains and then the light face fills with water and yes the battery backing was tight. This thing is junk unless you only use it inside your home.

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Posted: 16 Jul 2018 Sybil Frederick - (George Town, KY)

How to Place Order

Tried to order the atomic angel light as seen on TV with the promotion of getting a second one for another price (not clear on the advert) and I don't see where I can place my order.

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Posted: 29 Jun 2018 None - (Rumford, ME)


At what distance from the motion sensor does the light go on. Neither above reviews nor official site gives the distance. 6 feet from sensor? 12 feet? 15 feet? 20 feet? If less than 12 feet from the sensor it would not be much good for security. 6 feet would be way too near to discourage burglars---they could prowl around property more than 6 feet from lights and 'case the joint' to their hearts content.

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Posted: 18 May 2018 Keith - (Vancouver, WA)


It took over 15 days to arrive easy set up used screws had to pay S&H wasn't suppose to the light is brite but sensor didn't work so I have a light if you switch it by hand every 30 sec also they never ask for e mail tell now overall it sucks if it doesn't work .

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Posted: 06 May 2018 Donna Merriell - (Gladstone, MI)

I ordered my atomic angel tv deal said I would get two and a flash light , I only received one light . It was false advertisement . Beware.

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