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Aquapaw is a pet bathing tool that makes it incredibly easy for pet owners to bath their loved animals. The tool features a sprayer and a scrubber to make it easier for you to wash your pet and scrub unwanted substances from their fur. It also has on and off buttons conveniently located at the palm. Apart from grooming, this tool can keep your pet occupied while you prepare it for bathing thanks to its slow feeder function.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Aquapaw is $24.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $34.90.

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  • Efficient

    Aquapaw makes it extremely easy and fun for you to groom your pet. It features a textured surface that helps to loosen and collect stray pet hair. Your dog will love the sensation of the tool’s textured surface on its coat. This is the ideal grooming tool for pets that are not keen on being combed. Instead of using harsh brushes to groom your pet, consider using products that pets love.

  • Versatile

    This product is great for bathing and scrubbing. It removes the long surface hair and the short hairs underneath. Therefore, Aquapaw is a reliable tool for minimizing your pet’s shedding.

  • Gentle

    The grooming tool is gentle on the skin and features rubberized teeth that collect hair instead of sweeping them onto your floor. Being wearable means that the tool can reach hard to reach places for a more thorough bath.


  • Removes Dirt and Odor

    Although this may seem a bit obvious, you know that your pet needs a bath when it starts to become a bit smelly. Giving your dog a bath is one of the best ways to keep it healthy. Be sure to avoid the nose, ears, and eyes when washing your dog with shampoo.

  • Bonding

    Bathing strengthens the bond between pets and their owners. Aquapaw helps your pet to enjoy bath time, which strengthens the bond between the two of you even more. Repetitive strokes associated with bathing can be quite relaxing for your pet. The more you combine washing with treats, the more likely your dog will warm up to bathing more often.

  • Softer Coat

    Bathing your pet with a good brush and moisturizing pet shampoo helps to soften the coat of your pet. Some pet owners use natural conditioners after washing their pets with shampoo to retain moisture in fur.

  • Minimize Shedding

    Regular bathing of your dog helps to minimize shedding. This is a significant benefit especially for pet owners who are tired of vacuuming and picking up clumps of hair from their pets. Frequent baths followed by brushing will collect loose hairs that may otherwise end up on your floor.

  • Allergies

    One of the most common allergens is dog fur. The fur often traps bacteria, dirt, and other allergens. If you or your dog suffers from various forms of allergies, bathing your dog more often may help minimize the allergies.

  • Health Monitor

    Bathing time gives you the opportunity to check your dog for signs of ill health. Be sure to check your dog during bathing especially around their ears, neck, skin, and nails. In addition, check for signs of fleas, mites, and lice.

Shampoo Options

  1. Chemical Based

    As the name suggests, chemical-based shampoos usually contain chemicals as one of their major ingredients. Some of the ingredients of chemical-based shampoos include artificial colors, preservatives, artificial fragrances, detergents, petroleum, and alcohol among others. While these ingredients may not be fatal to pets and humans, they may cause skin inflammation, cracking and irritation. Generally, pet experts recommend organic shampoos even if your pet is not affected by the chemical-based products.

  2. Natural Shampoo

    As the name suggests, natural shampoos contain fewer artificial ingredients and more natural ingredients including cleansers and fragrant oils. However, some products are touted as natural and yet contain artificial compounds such as potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.

    Natural shampoos do not necessarily lack chemicals and artificial by-products. Legally, they are not required to be completely devoid of artificial compounds. Therefore, read the labels of the product you want to buy carefully to understand what it contains.

  3. Certified Organic

    The term “certified organic” is a legal designation accorded by the USDA. Products with this label meet strict guidelines and contain all natural ingredients. In addition, they do not contain any artificial chemicals including synthetic colors and fragrances. While certified organic products are not tested on animals, they are used on dogs to prove their safety and efficiency.


  • Read Labels

    When shopping for organic shampoos for your pet, consider buying that are packaged in plastic containers that contain PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Avoid shampoos packed in containers that are made of BPA (bisphenol A) because of its potential harm to humans and pets. Consider using organic shampoos because they are eco-friendly, affordable, and gentler to the skin.

Does It Really Work?

Bathing your pet regularly, translates to fewer allergies and respiratory problems. Most pets have hairy coats that trap dirt, bacteria, fungi, and other allergens. Pet coats trap the allergens until you wash them away. The less often you wash your pet, the longer the allergens remain on its coat.

Critical Advice

Small pets can easily be washed in a sink or laundry tub. However, you may need to use your bathtub to wash larger pets. You may even get in the shower with your pet and wash it with a bathing tool like the Aquapaw.

Alternatively, wash your dog in a portable dog tub. These tubs are usually collapsible and can be used outside or in your laundry room. Contact your local pet store to find out if they rent out dog tubs.

If you have to use your garden hose, use it sparingly and occasionally. Like humans, dogs do not like being exposed to the cold. In addition, they do not like being shot by water from a hose.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Brush

    Brush your pet thoroughly before a bath. This helps to minimize matted hairs that hold water, which irritates the skin. Consider hiring a professional groomer if you cannot cut the mats or brush the pet yourself. To prevent ear infections, put cotton balls in each ear to prevent water from getting in. Cotton balls also prevent ear irritation.

  2. Water Quality

    Consider using lukewarm water to bathe your pet. Like humans, dogs’ skin can be adversely affected by hot water. Make sure the bath water you use for your pet is not hotter than what you would generally use for a human baby. Use cooler water for large-breed dogs to prevent overheating.

  3. Tone

    Use a calm and reassuring voice when beckoning your pet to go for a bath. This will help them understand that you do not want to harm them.

  4. Pet Shampoo

    Use a pet shampoo that is specifically designed for your pet species. Work the shampoo until it lathers thoroughly before massaging it all over your pet’s body. Be careful not to get the shampoo inside your pet’s eyes, ears, and nose.

  5. Rinse Thoroughly

    Dry soap on the skin of your pet can be irritating. Therefore, rinse your pet thoroughly.

  6. Air Dry

    Avoid using human blow dryers to dry your pet because hot air from the device may be excessively hot for your dog. Instead, air dry or use blow dryers designed for dogs.


Each grooming session with Aquapaw should be followed up with lots of praise, play, and petting. Some dogs may even play with their bath towels after a bath. Let them do their thing.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aquapaw online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aquapaw online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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