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Aqua Comfort Aqua Comfort or Alternatives
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Aqua Comfort is a non-slip mat for the bath and shower that will enable you to stand securely while you wash, massage and even exfoliate your feet. The top surface of this mat feels like a comforting plush carpet, while the bottom contains 14 powerful suction cups that'll hold the mat in place against the bottom of your shower or tub. Each white mat can also be used in other places where there's water, mildew or dirt, such as beside your pool or your front door.

Aqua Comfort Aqua Comfort or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Aqua Comfort is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $25.98.

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How It Works

When you place your mat in your shower or tub (or in another place of your choosing), with the suction cups facing down, the 14 suction cups will cling to the surface they're resting on. They'll also hold the majority of the mat slightly above the surface of your tub or shower so that water can still circulate through its woven polyvinyl material. Due to each mat's position and the fact that water can flow through it, it won't block your drain or otherwise interfere with water drainage as you bathe or shower.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Mat

    First, you'll need to choose an ideal place for your Aqua Comfort bath mat. You might choose to place it near your showerhead if you like to stand directly underneath it while showering, or further away if that's your preference. You'll be able to quickly move the mat if you find that where you've placed it isn't working for you, so just choose a place you think is acceptable for the time being. Make sure that the suction cups are facing down instead of up, or else your mat might slide around.

  2. Step On

    When your mat is securely in place and isn't sliding, step on with both feet. If you're taking a bath, you might want to kneel or sit on the mat, and that's acceptable, but it's been designed so that virtually anyone can stand comfortably on it. You may notice that, because of the mat's cushiony material on top, it feels like you're getting a bit of a foot massage as you stand and move around.

  3. Bathe As Usual

    After you're standing on your mat and feel comfortable, you can begin your ordinary foot care routine, which may involve washing, massaging and exfoliating. If necessary, you should even be able to stand on one foot at a time, while working with the other one, without slipping. The mat will also stay put while you stand and wash, massage or exfoliate other parts of your body besides your feet.

  4. Leave or Remove Mat

    Since the Aqua Comfort mat is anti-bacterial and stain-resistant, you can leave it in your bathtub or shower after you're done washing without running the risk of coming back to find it dirty or moldy. However, there's nothing wrong with removing this mat from your tub or shower each time you're finished washing and hanging it on a towel rack or in some other safe place. Keep in mind that it may drip, so if you hang it up, you should hang it over a surface that can withstand a few dribbles of water.


  • White

    Each of these durable polyvinyl chloride mats is white, so each one will look good in nearly any bathtub or shower, or anywhere else in the home a user chooses to put it.

  • Thick and Cushionlike

    In comparison to some thin rubber bath and shower mats, this one will feel like a thick cushion, and it's actually four times thicker than some of those thin rubber mats.

  • Fits Almost Any Tub, Shower

    The Aqua Comfort mat will fit in almost any bathtub or shower, due to its measurements of 17 inches in width and 29 inches in length. Therefore, if you've got more than one tub or shower in your home, or want to take your mat to an alternative location, you'll probably have no trouble using it in several different places. It may make using a tub or shower that you're not used to at a hotel or a friend or relative's house much more comfortable.

  • Stain and Scratch Resistant

    These mats are both stain and scratch-resistant, which means that they won't pick up scratches over time and begin to look unattractive, nor will they pick up permanent stains from dirt or beauty products. Since toenails tend to be scratchy at times, they can scratch up other shower mats as they're used day after day, but you won't need to be concerned about that when using this one.

  • Anti-Bacterial

    Each Aqua Comfort mat is also infused with anti-bacterial agents that will fight against the development of molds, mildews and the corresponding odors that often show up on the surface of other bath mats. As a result, you'll never have to throw out one of these mats since it's smelly and moldy, even if you choose to leave it in your tub or shower every single day.

  • Machine Washable

    If your Aqua Comfort mat does happen to pick up some temporary dirt, you'll be able to safely run it through the washing machine if you have one. It's not safe to put it in the dryer, but if you hang it up, it'll dry rapidly.

Positive Points

  • Aids With Mobility Issues

    Often, people with mobility issues, such as seniors with arthritis and anyone suffering from a temporary or permanent physical disability, need help getting into a shower or tub. They may also have to sit down while in the shower since they can't keep their balance while standing. Fortunately, with an Aqua Comfort mat in their tub or shower, these people may not need as much (or any) assistance. Since one of these mats will help people remain standing without falling, even as they move, people with mobility issues will gain more freedom in regard to when and how they'll bathe.

  • Ideal For Outside Pool

    One of these mats is an ideal thing to place outside a pool or a hot tub, especially if you have (or take care of) children who tend to slip on their way out. Just make it a rule that everyone who exits the pool or hot tub has to immediately step on one of these mats and wipe their feet, and everyone will likely remain safe from injury.

  • Comes With Soap

    Every Aqua Comfort mat comes with a small bottle of soap that contains tea tree oil. If you let a few drops of this soap out onto your mat, they'll morph into a large amount of suds that you can use to clean your feet and soften your skin. If you get the deluxe version of this mat—which is like the standard one, but with even more suctioning power—you'll also receive a pumice stone for foot exfoliation with it.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aqua Comfort online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aqua Comfort online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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