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Aqua Care Aqua Care or Alternatives
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Aqua Care is a showerhead that's meant to be used as either a hand-held showerhead or a mounted one. Each showerhead is described as having eight different settings for you to choose from, a pause mode that'll allow you to save water, and bacteria-resistant nozzles. Furthermore, it's stated that each showerhead has a six-foot, leak-resistant hose and that each one comes with two wall brackets—one to hang up high and another that can be hung a little lower.

Aqua Care Aqua Care or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Aqua Care is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Mount Showerhead

    Once you've got an Aqua Care showerhead in your possession, you may be able to attach it to an existing wall bracket that you have in your shower. If so, you'll simply be able to twist it on after you're removed your old showerhead. Alternatively, if it doesn't fit your existing showerhead, you can mount the larger of the two included wall brackets in its place by using some silicone caulking or glue. Following that, you'll be able to twist the showerhead onto the bracket.

  2. Turn on Shower

    With your new showerhead securely attached, you'll then be able to turn on your shower as you normally would. You'll notice a dial on the top of the showerhead that you can use to cycle through the eight different available settings, ranging from a gentle mist to a pulsating massage. To access two of the six settings, including the targeted jet spray and the wide fan spray, you'll need to turn the showerhead over. With the other six settings, you'll be able to leave it resting in place above you, but for these two, you'll have to use its hose.

  3. Turn Shower Off

    Once you're done showering, turn your shower off in the usual way. If you've used the showerhead in a hand-held manner, you can leave it lying on the floor of your shower or tub, but it's best to rest it above in the bracket. That way, no one will trip on it when they enter the tub or shower, and it won't end up getting covered in soap scum.


  • Antimicrobial Nozzles

    Germ shield antimicrobial protection will work from the inside of your showerhead by aiming to eliminate bacteria, molds, and mildews at the molecular level so they don't get into its nozzle. When you turn on your shower, it's unlikely that you'll get blasted with germs and grime instead of clean water, which is something that can happen with showerheads that aren't antimicrobial. The nozzles of the Aqua Care showerhead have also been designed not to clog, so as you use the head, you should experience a high level of water pressure and a consistent flow.

  • Pause Mode Available

    If you don't want to waste water while you cover your hair in shampoo, shave your legs, or complete some other routine task in the shower, you'll be able to use your showerhead's pause mode. To do so, find the small silver switch located on one side and push it to the right. This will temporarily halt the water flow so that you don't waste it, and a flick of the switch to the left will get it going at its normal level again.

  • Long, Stainless Steel Hose

    The six-foot hose attached to each of these showerheads, which will enable you to use yours as a hand-held showerhead, is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a durable, rust-resistant material that'll likely stay strong, while looking attractive, for at least several years. Similarly, the connection between the hose and the corresponding showerhead will be made of brass, which is also a durable, damage-resistant material. Due to this connection between the stainless steel and the brass, it's unlikely that water will ever leak out of the connection and end up going to waste.

  • Three Finishes Available

    When you decide to obtain an Aqua Care showerhead, you'll be able to choose a bronze finish, a chrome finish, or a nickel finish. Both the high and low-hanging brackets will come with the same finish, so they'll match the showerhead nicely. The finish you select can be chosen aesthetically since all available finishes will offer the same quality.

Positive Points

  • Ideal for Bathing Kids, Pets

    If you need to bathe a small child or pet in your bathtub, this is a good showerhead to have. As the child or pet sits or stands in the tub, you'll have six feet of hose to work with, so you'll be able to quite freely move the showerhead around. This will come in especially handy if you're trying to wash a pet's thick coat or a child's long, wavy hair. Take note that a child might prefer a very gentle setting, while it might be better to use a more powerful setting to bathe an animal quickly.

  • May Aid With Mobility Issues

    Adults with mobility issues may find that having this showerhead with its lengthy, flexible hose allows for a more thorough bathing session. If you have mobility issues, you might have trouble reaching certain body parts when using a stationary showerhead and a washcloth, but you may suddenly be able to reach those parts with this hand-held showerhead. Even if you like to sit down or kneel in the shower, this showerhead may be flexible enough to reach nearly every square inch of your skin.

  • Can Be Used to Clean Shower

    When you find that the walls around your shower or bathtub have become covered with soap scum, shampoo residue, lime from the water, or any other unwanted substance, you can clean them with this showerhead. You won't even have to enter your shower to do so, although that's certainly an option. Whether you're inside or out, just use the targeted jet setting or the wide fan setting to give those walls an efficient power-wash.

Critical Advice

It's not absolutely necessary that you use the included low-hanging bracket, but if you or someone else in your household is short, or someone likes to sit in the shower, it's best to mount it. Ideally, you should use silicone glue or caulking to hang it at a level that's comfortable for most people to reach with one hand. That way, a shorter person or a person who's sitting down can reach out to take it down or hang it up without having to stretch or stand.

Save Time

Individuals who have a showerhead without clog-resistant nozzles might spend a couple of hours trying to clean gunk and grime out of the nozzle each week, only to have it fill up again with dirt. On the other hand, when you start using the Aqua Care showerhead instead, you'll probably be able to strike this chore off your weekly task list and move onto more important things. The nozzles of these devices are so resistant to clogging with dirt, bacteria, molds, or mildews that you may never find a buildup of any substance within them.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aqua Care online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aqua Care online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 06 Mar 2021 TONY E MORRIS - (Asheboro, NC)

OrdReed did not Receive

I ordered on February 3rd have not heard from company can't get ahold of them as there web site has no phone number or email.

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