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Aqua Bubble Aqua Bubble or Alternatives
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Aqua Bubble is a non-slip water fountain that's been designed to keep up to three quarts of drinking water fresh for cats. Each fountain consists of a fillable water dome that's meant to hold up to three quarts of liquid, and a base with non-slip feet to help prevent it from sliding as your cat drinks. The base of each fountain also contains a tray for your cat to drink from, which should gradually refill itself with water from the dome above as your cat sips.

Aqua Bubble Aqua Bubble or Alternatives
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill Water Dome

    To get started with your Aqua Bubble, fill the three-quart transparent water dome at least half full. If you'd like, you can fill it up all the way. Each dome has a special lid that will allow you to fill it but will also prevent the water you filled it with from leaking out when you turn it upside-down.

  2. Attach Dome to Base

    Next, after making sure the base of your Aqua Bubble fountain is resting on a flat surface (such as your kitchen floor), with its non-slip feet facing down, attach the dome to the base. To do so, simply turn the dome upside down and screw its uppermost opening into the white part of the base. After you do that, some water should seep out of the dome and into the base's gray tray.

  3. Invite Cats to Drink

    With your fountain's transparent dome attached to its base, invite your cat(s) to drink from the base's tray. As they do so and thereby use up some of the water in the tray, the fountain will transfer more water from the dome into the tray to replace what has been consumed. That way, as long as there's water in the dome, your cat(s) should have a steady supply of water for drinking.

  4. Leave for up to Three Days

    If your cat or cats drink up all the water from the dome in less than three days, you'll need to refill the dome sooner, but if not, you can leave it for three days. At that point, the water may no longer be fresh and clean enough, so you should dump it down your sink and refill it in the same way you did in the first step. Once you've done that, just reattach it to the base in the same way you did previously. Following that, any felines in your home can readily drink from this fountain again.


  • Generous Size

    Each Aqua Bubble's dome is fairly large, and as alluded to above, will hold up to three quarts of water. Due to its size, you may not have to refill it for three days' time, while you might end up filling a smaller water bowl for a pet up to a few times a day. If you're an incredibly busy person, inside the house or out, relieving yourself of this responsibility may free up more time and mental energy for you.

  • Transparent Dome

    On a related note, each water fountain's dome is also transparent, which means you'll be able to see how much water is left inside at any given time. When the dome gets down to about a quarter full, you may want to refill it, especially if you plan on leaving a cat alone in the house in the near future. By doing that, you'll ensure that they won't run out of water.

  • BPA-Free Plastic

    Every entire Aqua Bubble, including the base and the dome, is free of the chemical compound known as BPA, which is potentially harmful to humans and animals but is still found in some plastic products. All parts of this type of water fountain are also non-toxic and odorless, so you can rest assured that you're not exposing your cat(s) to toxicity or any unpleasant odors by having them use one.

  • Non-Slip Feet

    Sometimes, a cat will push their water bowl around with their paws or nose, and you might come into the room the bowl is in and find that it's been spilled. This is unlikely to happen when your cat uses an Aqua Bubble, though, since each one has four non-slip feet. These feet will cause the fountain to stay securely in place, even if your cat happens to bump it by accident or while they're in a playful mood.

Positive Points

  • Bacteria Resistant

    Water that sits stagnantly in a traditional pet bowl can become filled with bacteria over time, especially if you forget to dump it and refill it frequently. On the other hand, water from an Aqua Bubble won't be so prone to accumulating bacteria, since it'll be steadily flowing out of the dome and into the tray, instead of sitting stagnantly. Therefore, if your cat or cats drink from one of these fountains instead of a traditional bowl, they'll be less likely to expose themselves to germs.

  • Encourages Drinking

    By constantly dispensing more water from its dome into its tray as the amount in the tray goes down, each Aqua Bubble will encourage a cat to drink regularly. Some cats don't realize that they should be drinking water on a regular basis, so this serves as a good reminder, especially for busy owners. If your cat drinks water at least a few times a day, their urinary tract will likely be healthier than it otherwise would, and they should also be able to maintain better health in general.

  • No Batteries Required

    This drinking fountain for cats will never require batteries (or electricity) in order to work properly. It's manually powered, so you won't have to be concerned about positioning it near an electrical outlet or keeping a set of batteries on hand to run it.

  • Suitable for Multiple Cats

    The tray of each Aqua Bubble is large enough that at least two cats should be able to drink from it at once, as long as the cats get along fairly well. With a fountain like this to drink from, you'll probably no longer have to fill at least two water bowls each day or deal with fights over who's going to drink from a single one. Although this device has been designed for cats, you might also opt to let a small dog drink from its tray.


  • For Water Only

    An Aqua Bubble should be filled with water only, as opposed to being filled with any other cat-friendly substances, such as milk, wet food, or dry kibble. Milk is a bit thicker than water, so the fountain may not dispense it properly, and you'd have to wash the dome once the milk inside became old and sour. Filling one of these fountains with kibble or wet food would be an even worse choice than filling it with milk, as these foods could literally get stuck inside the fountain.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aqua Bubble online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Aqua Bubble online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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