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Angel Shave Club Angel Shave Club or Alternatives
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Angel Shave Club is a company that was founded by a woman by the name of Iskra Tsenkova who felt that many shaving companies focused on the needs of men and somewhat ignored women. She also noticed that women's razors cost more than men's, and she wanted to equalize the prices. With this product, you purchase a customized package and you get the handle. Then the company sends you the number of blades you require on a regular basis. The organization also sells two skin products which can be used along with shaving - shaving cream and body polish.

Angel Shave Club Angel Shave Club or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Angel Shave Club is $12.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $22.90.

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  • Club for Women

    Angel Shave Club is branded as exclusively for women and women's shaving needs. The owner of the company is a woman who felt that most shaving clubs and companies were either for men or pay attention to men's needs first and foremost. In addition, she felt that women pay more than men for razors and she wanted to offer an alternative.

  • Customized Shaving Kits

    The club offers each woman a customized shaving package. When you sign up, they send you a free handle in the color of your choice, and then a certain number of blades every month based on how frequently you shave. You can also purchase another handle for travel at a very reasonable price.

  • Three Handle Colors

    The handles are offered in three lovely colors that include LaLa Pink, Rose Bud, and California Kiss Blue. Women purchasing a package have their choice of color for their handle.

  • Shaving Products

    Along with the saving kits, there are also two shaving products available for purchase. You can get a luxurious-looking sugar and fig whipped shaving souffle, which is a fancy name for shaving cream. In addition, there's a coffee sugar body polish called Morning Ritual.

  • Pink Tax Rebate

    The company states that they want to try to give something back to women for paying too much for women's razors for so long. If you invite some of your friends to the Angel Shaving Club, you'll get some money back. The way it works is, you get your own unique referral code that you can give to people or share on social media. When people click on your code as the referral and sign up, you'll get points that can be redeemed for shaving supplies.

  • Woman Owner, Not Corporation

    This company is not a huge money-grabbing corporation whose motives are probably not very altruistic. In this case, the organization was founded by a woman who wanted to start a shaving club specifically for women because she felt it was lacking in the market.


  • Tries to Empower Women

    This is a company that was founded on the idea of empowering women, by a woman. Traditionally, women have really overpaid for razors that are basically the same as the ones that men use. With her company, the founder is trying to equalize the price of razors.

  • Free Handle on Sign-Up

    When you first sign up for the Angel Shave Club, you get your first handle free in the color of your choice. That's a nice little money-saving bonus.

  • Cruelty-Free Brand

    The company does not test on animals. PETA has certified this and you can find and confirm that information on their website. This is an important policy in the organization.

  • Reasonable Prices

    True to her word, the founder has priced the products very reasonably and they are quite affordable. This is important because of the difference in the price of men's and women's razors. Part of the goal of this company is to give women their own shaving club where the items are priced like men's shaving products. In this, she has certainly succeeded.

  • Social-Justice Oriented

    This is not a company whose sole focus is money. It's a capitalist venture, but it's an organization which also has a social justice value system behind it. The owner saw an inequality between men and women and her company is trying to correct that. She wants to empower women.

  • Always Stocked With Razors

    One of the great things about the club is that your bathroom cabinet will always be fully stocked with razors. This is a very convenient service.


  • Club is a Gimmick

    The reason the founder set this up as a shaving 'club' is because there are similar clubs for men. However, the whole idea that you belong to a club for shaving is a marketing gimmick. You're purchasing razors and blades on the Internet and having them sent to your house. Yes, the company has other customers that you will never meet. Does this make you all part of a club? It's patronizing, frankly.

  • Not So Feminist

    The whole idea is supposed to be a feminist company that empowers women. In terms of the prices of the items and having a shaving company for women only, it does. However, can we consider a company that is telling women they need to shave feminist? It's not that shaving is bad and in the western world, the majority of women probably do shave. Still, the idea of women having to shave everywhere is socially constructed, so it does contradict the idea of a feminist company.

  • Sex Stereotyped Logo

    The logo is pink and the site is very pink - and it also calls women's razors "pink razors". For a so-called feminist company, they sure are sex-stereotyping. I'm not sure why we're linking women with pink on this site, but it doesn't fit the company philosophy. In addition, it really brings to mind breast cancer. Mentally linking your product with cancer just seems like a bad idea all things considered.

  • Incompatible With Other Brands

    The handles and blades are completely unique and cannot be used with any other brands. Of course from a sales point of view, this makes perfect sense. However, it's less convenient for the customer should they want to mix and match with other razors.

  • Razors Are Still Same as Men's

    The razors and blades themselves are not designed uniquely for women's needs - or at least this is not mentioned. They still appear to be basically the same as men's razors.

  • Only 30-Day Guarantee

    The guarantee is really short and doesn't leave a lot of time to try out the product.

What's the Point?

The idea of a company that sends you a handle and then sends you blades every month seems like overkill. It makes an easy task like grabbing some razors or blades at the drug store into something complicated. The fact that you have to belong to a club in order to buy your shaving supplies is fairly ludicrous, and also makes the whole task into a bigger deal than it is. Do we now need to have a separate service for every product we buy? Should we get a customized shampoo and toothpaste delivery too?

Wise Advice

Do not buy Angel Shave Club online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Angel Shave Club online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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