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ALine Insoles ALine Insoles or Alternatives
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ALine Insoles are gray, red, and white insoles for men, women, and youth that have been made for use in a wide variety of shoes, such as athletic sneakers or work boots. The insoles have been designed to suspend your feet and ankles in an ideal position, and once that is accomplished, your overall posture throughout your entire body may improve. Each insole comes equipped with a shock-absorbing gel pad in the heel, along with dynamic ribbing and multiple suspension zones to further support the foot.

ALine Insoles ALine Insoles or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of ALine Insoles is $59.99 plus $14.99 shipping for a total price of $74.98.

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How It Works

Other insoles will provide comfort to the foot, but these insoles function with the goal of enabling users to perform activities powerfully, too, by allowing the foot to move freely. Each insole contains three parts that work together to provide support and cushioning as the foot moves and flexes with each step or jump. These include a shock-absorbing gel pad in the heel (which helps reduce stress on tendons, joints, and ligaments), dynamic ribbing to protect the plantar fascia, and suspension zones. The suspension zones will lift the foot into an ideal position throughout various physical activities.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Remove Stock Insoles

    Once you've selected a pair of shoes to put your ALine Insoles in, you'll need to remove the original insoles from those shoes. In general, with few exceptions, if a pair of your shoes, boots or even slippers have removable insoles, they'll also accommodate these new ones.

  2. Fit ALines In Shoes

    Next, pick up your ALines and slide them into your shoes as you would any pair of insoles. Remember to line the toe pieces of the new insoles up with the toes of your shoes and the heels of the insoles up with the shoes' heels. In most cases, unless you've obtained the insoles in the wrong size, they'll slide comfortably into your footwear.

  3. Trim New Insoles (optional)

    In the event that your ALines don't fit properly into your shoes, because they're a bit too big, you'll be able to trim them with a pair of scissors. To do so, place them on top of the original insoles and determine how much you'll need to cut them in order to make them the same size as those ones. Use the cutting lines included at the top of the ALines as a trimming guide instead of cutting the bottom of each one, so you don't ruin the gel pad in either of your insoles.

  4. Wear Shoes Comfortably

    If you've just trimmed your insoles, slide the newly trimmed insoles into your shoes. Otherwise, they should already be inside from the previous step, and either way, you'll be able to wear them as you normally would. You'll likely notice that while you're partaking in physical activities, including athletic or occupational pursuits, you feel an enhanced level of comfort and support within your feet and ankles. You may even have more energy for your activities than you typically do.


  • Red, Gray, And White

    Each set of these insoles comes in a color combination of red, gray, and translucent white, which gives them a distinct appearance in comparison to other insoles. Therefore, if you move your insoles between different pairs of shoes, slippers, or boots regularly, you should still be able to quickly identify which pair contains your ALines. That means you'll be unlikely to accidentally end up wearing shoes with a weaker pair of insoles when you've got some strenuous physical activity to do.

  • Fit In Various Shoes

    Some insoles will only fit into the pair of shoes they originally came with, or will only fit into shoes of a certain type, such as round-toed athletic shoes. On the other hand, ALine Insoles are compatible with the vast majority of shoes, so if you only have one set of insoles, you may want to move it between pairs as you see fit. Similarly, if you want to lend your insoles to a friend or family member with feet of a similar size, they'll likely fit just as nicely into that person's shoes.

  • Non-Slip Design

    No matter what footwear you use these insoles in, they shouldn't slip or slide around since the bottom of each one is made of non-slip material. As a result, you won't have to worry about stumbling while climbing a ladder for work or missing the big goal in your soccer game because your insole has slipped and distracted you.

  • Six Sizes Available

    These insoles come in six different sizes for men and six for women. To see what size you should order, you can consult the chart on the website to match your regular shoe size (North American or Euro) with the appropriate ALines size. Two of the adult sizes, the extra-small and the small, are also suitable for youth. Once you've obtained a pair of insoles in the correct size, you can bring them along each time you're looking for a new pair of shoes to see how they fit inside various pairs.

Positive Points

  • Quick Cleaning Process

    When your insoles become too dirty for your liking, you'll be able to clean them quickly with a mild type of soap and some lukewarm water. To preserve the effectiveness of your insoles' materials, be sure to rinse all the soap off and then dry the insoles with a cloth before leaving them to air-dry for about 12 hours.

  • May Improve Overall Posture

    When your feet or your ankles are in a less-than-ideal position, especially if you're participating in strenuous physical activities, you may start to feel pain in those areas. This pain may, in turn, gradually radiate throughout the rest of the body, including the knees, the hips, the lower back, and the shoulders. You probably won't have to deal with this issue if you use ALine Insoles, though, as it'll help align your whole body in an ideal position by first helping align your ankles and feet properly.

  • Work On Various Surfaces

    ALine Insoles aren't just designed for use during outdoor hikes or court sessions at a gym. They've been deemed to work just as effectively on various types of indoor and outdoor surfaces, regardless of whether you're stepping, jumping, climbing, or running on them.

Negative Points

  • Could Wear Out Fairly Fast

    If you were to use these insoles for intense physical activities every day, or almost every day, it's specified that they may wear out and need to be replaced within six months. Those users who don't use them as frequently and participate in lower-intensity activities can expect to get about a year's use out of each pair of insoles. This may come as bad news to some users who've been hoping to get a quality pair of insoles that'll last at least a few years.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ALine Insoles online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ALine Insoles online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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