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Alien Scope Alien Scope or Alternatives
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Alien Scope is a compact black telescopic device that's been made for use on its own or while attached to a smartphone so that you can capture video footage. Each one includes a mounting attachment to help you attach it to a smartphone of any size, and each also has a tripod mount that may be compatible with your own tripod. It's specified that your Alien Scope will enable you to view objects at a size up to 10 times larger than they really are, even at a distance.

Alien Scope Alien Scope or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Alien Scope is $29.99 plus $6.95 shipping for a total price of $36.94.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Remove Silicone Cap

    Prior to using your Alien Scope tool, you'll have to remove the silicone cap from its lens. This cap has been included to help protect the lens from damage whenever it's not in use.

  2. Adjust Eyepiece

    Next, hold your tool up to one eye and gently twist the eyepiece to the left to pull it out a bit. To slide it in further again, twist it to the right. The eyepiece is adjustable, so you can pull it out or push it back in as far as it will go, depending on how comfortable you feel with it resting in certain positions.

  3. Adjust Focus Dial (optional)

    After you adjust your eyepiece so that it's resting comfortably against the area around your eye without bothering your eye itself, you can adjust your device's fine focus dial. This will allow you to zoom in or out while you're looking at certain objects. If the default view from your device's lens satisfies you, though, you may not find this adjustment to be necessary.

  4. Mount to Smartphone (optional)

    Once you've tried your device for a minute or two and are used to looking at objects through its lens, you'll be able to pull out the included mount and attach it to your smartphone. To do so, adjust the mounting device's bracket to suit the width of your phone, attach it to the phone and then tighten the bracket by twisting the button on the back to the right. Following that, slide your telescopic device into the mount and use your phone to take photos or videos of what you see.

  5. Replace Silicone Cap

    When you're done using your Alien Scope, regardless of whether you keep it attached to your smartphone or not, remember to put the silicone cap back on its lens for protection.


  • Compact

    At about the same size as a standard flashlight, Alien Scope is a compact tool that won't take up a great deal of room in your home, garage, or vehicle. Most users (including kids) will also be able to comfortably walk around with the device in one hand while awaiting the opportunity to use it.

  • Rubberized

    The entire body of each telescopic device is rubberized, which makes it comfortable to hold and will protect it from indoor or outdoor damage. Even if you drop your device on the floor or on the ground, you should be able to pick it up again and use it normally without worrying about it malfunctioning. It'll likely be able to withstand being stepped on or sat on unintentionally, too.

  • Waterproof

    This type of device should also survive a short drop into a body or container of water since it's made to be waterproof. As a result, you won't have to refrain from using it near rivers, lakes, or pools. Plus, the lens of each one is fog-proof, so you'll never have to deal with fog blocking your view of objects through its lens. With a different telescopic device, you might frequently have to wipe its lens with a dry cloth, but that shouldn't be so when you use this one.

  • Has Tripod Mount

    While you won't receive a tripod with any Alien Scope that you decide to obtain, each one has a circular slot that you can use to mount the device to a tripod you already have. If you attach the telescopic device to your smartphone and then mount it to a tripod via this slot, you may be able to create professional-looking videos.

  • Works With Various Phones

    When it comes to mounting this type of device to a smartphone, you won't have to have a smartphone of a particular brand or style. Its mounting bracket will attach properly to the vast majority of smartphones and may even attach to some small tablets. The only phones you could have trouble attaching it to are old-style flip phones.

Positive Points

  • Useful at Sporting Events

    It's probable that you'll find your Alien Scope to be useful at sporting events that you attend, especially if you have to sit far away from the action. By using the device on its own, you'll be able to see action as far as 200 yards away more clearly. Moreover, if you take the extra step of attaching the device to your smartphone, you'll be able to take clear pictures and videos of the action to look at (and possibly upload online) later. The same goes for any live event that you might be watching, such as an outdoor concert.

  • Ideal for Nature Enthusiasts

    Nature enthusiasts will enjoy being able to zoom in on certain birds, animals, insects, plants, and other living things in their environment with this telescopic device. You'll likely notice that the nature photos you take with your phone, after attaching it to this lensed device, are more attractive than they would be otherwise. Using your Alien Scope while out in nature will also help keep you safe from potentially dangerous obstacles, such as predatory animals. If you're wandering around at night, in particular, glancing up ahead with its lens will help keep you protected.

  • No Batteries Required

    To operate your Alien Scope independently of your smartphone, you'll never have to keep any batteries on hand, charge an inner battery, or seek out an available electrical outlet. Instead, this device will function completely with manual power. To pair the device with your smartphone effectively, that phone will have to be charged, but you'll probably already have it charged for calls or texts anyway.

Negative Points

  • Not Double-lensed

    People who like to look at objects through a set of binoculars with two lenses may be disappointed that their Alien Scope has only one lens. If you want to look at a particular object out of both eyes, you'll have to shift the device from the left eye to the right eye, instead of zooming in with both sides simultaneously.

  • No Carrying Strap

    Along the same lines, most pairs of traditional double-lensed binoculars have a strap that will go around your neck so you can wear them like a necklace when they're not in use. On the other hand, the single-lensed Alien Scope doesn't have any kind of strap that can be attached to the body at all.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Alien Scope online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Alien Scope online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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