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Alaska Brite Alaska Brite or Alternatives
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Alaska Brite is a dark gray toque with a built-in LED bulb that's meant to be used as a hands-free, headlamp-style flashlight. The knit toque has been deemed suitable for men, women, and children, and it's indicated that one size will stretch to fit virtually any person. When you operate its headlamp, you'll be able to choose between three light settings, and no matter where you use it, this toque has been designed to keep you warm and safe from obstacles.

Alaska Brite Alaska Brite or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Alaska Brite is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Toque on Head

    To get started with your Alaska Brite toque, place it on your head as you would any other knit had that's been made for winter wear. Make sure the hexagon-shaped logo is at the front instead of the back, as your LED headlamp will be hidden inside it.

  2. Turn on Light

    Next, push down on the hexagon-shaped logo in order to turn your toque's headlamp on at the lowest setting. After you do so, it should light up with bright white light. To transition to the medium or the high setting, for even more light, push down on the hexagon either once or twice more.

  3. Enjoy Warmth and Illumination

    Once you've got your headlamp turned on and operating at a setting you like, you can go about your nightly business. This could include doing chores in the yard, walking or jogging, taking out the trash, or something else entirely. As you engage in nearly any activity in the dusk or in the dark, you'll be able to feel the warmth of your toque, regardless of how cold it is. Meanwhile, its headlamp's brightness will enable you to clearly see any objects that you're holding in your hands, and keep you safe from nearby obstacles at the same time.

  4. Turn Off Light and Remove

    When you're done wearing your toque for a while, press down on the headlamp to turn it off. This can be done while you're wearing the toque, or after you've taken it off—the second option may work better if you don't want to turn off the light until you're indoors. Store your toque in a cool, dry place (where its fabric can dry, if necessary) until you decide you want to use it again.


  • Dark Gray

    Each Alaska Bright toque comes in a shade of gray that's so dark it's almost black. This tends to be both a gender-neutral and age-neutral shade, so any individual will be unlikely to feel silly or self-conscious while wearing it. Furthermore, each toque has a small mountain-themed design on the front, which may appeal to people who enjoy skiing or other outdoor sports in the winter.

  • One Size Fits All

    This unisex toque has been designed to fit practically anyone's head, due to the fact that its knit fabric is flexible instead of being rigid like denim. For that reason, you may want to share this toque with other members of your household, especially if you're often outdoors at different times. Even if you're going to be the only one wearing it, its flexibility means that it'll likely fit over any hairstyle or hair accessories that you choose to wear.

  • LED Bulb

    The bulb in the headlamp of each Alaska Brite toque will be an LED bulb, which means it should last for longer than other bulbs of the same size. In fact, lights of this type can last for up to 100,000 hours of use without burning out. When you turn your bulb on, you'll be able to choose a low, medium, or high illumination setting. For sitting on your deck at dusk, a low setting may be best, while you might prefer the medium setting for walking and the highest setting for performing a complex car repair at night.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    On a related note, each LED headlamp contains a rechargeable battery that could last for years. If you notice that your light has burned out, all you'll need to do is pull it out from under the hexagon-shaped logo on the front of your hat. Once you've done so, you'll notice that it's USB-compatible. Simply pull off the cover and plug its USB tab into any ordinary USB port, and you'll be able to recharge the light's battery. If you recharge it fully, a single charge will power up the light for hours.

Positive Points

  • Machine Washable

    You'll be able to safely wash this toque in your washing machine, if that's your preference, although you can hand-wash it with soap and water, too. With either method, just be sure that you remove the LED headlamp from the hat before you wash it, or else you might ruin it by submerging it in water. While the light can handle some water from rain or snow, it should never be fully dunked in liquid. To determine if you can tumble-dry it, check its fabric care instructions.

  • Aids With Safety

    If you like to walk or jog at night, wearing an Alaska Brite toque will help keep you safe from any obstacles in your path, especially if you're traveling across rough terrain. With its headlamp on, you'll be able to clearly see things such as stray water bottles or sticks that you might trip over, and quickly spot other people or animals before bumping into them. The same thing goes when you're wandering up your driveway with your briefcase or shopping bags at night—even if there are toys or lawn tools in your path, you'll be able to avoid them.

  • Can be Used Indoors

    While this hat has been created mainly for outdoor use, it may also come in handy indoors when you need to do repair work in dark spaces. If you have to crawl under your stairs or in the cupboard beneath your sink to fix something, you might want to plop it on your head in order to give yourself some extra light. That way, you won't have to carry another flashlight, and you'll be able to keep both hands free.

Negative Points

  • May be Too Hot in Summer

    If your region becomes incredibly hot in the summer, taking advantage of this hat's light may not be an option, as the hat might feel too warm against your head. In that case, unless you want to put up with sweating and general discomfort in order to use its headlamp, you'll need to find another form of illumination to use on the warmest days. You could remove the headlamp from this knit hat, and try to attach it to a more lightweight one, but it may not stay in place as securely when attached to another hat.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Alaska Brite online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Alaska Brite online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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