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Air Track Tumbling Mat Air Track Tumbling Mat or Alternatives
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The Air Track Tumbling Mat is an inflatable home gymnastics mat that comes in a choice of four different lengths, and in numerous colors. It's aimed at young gymnasts who need a comfortable way to practice when they're at home. Practicing at school or at a gym involves waiting to use equipment, and in the end, it's not enough time to practice. The mat is particularly useful for practicing tumbling, gymnastics, and cheerleading. It comes with an air pump that you can use to fill up the mat easily, and it only takes about five minutes or less.

Air Track Tumbling Mat Air Track Tumbling Mat or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Air Track Tumbling Mat is $389.98 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $399.93.

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  • Inflated and Bouncy

    This is an inflatable mat which you fill up using an air pump. Customers report that it's extremely bouncy, which is very comfortable to practice on - especially since people usually practice gymnastics on a harder surface. Customers are largely young girls who practice gymnastics as an after-school activity, although older gymnasts and cheerleaders also find it helpful.

  • Four Different Lengths

    The tumbling mat is available in four different possible lengths: 9.84 feet, 13.12 feet, 16.4 feet, and 19.68 feet. This allows customers to choose based on the type of practice they have to do.

  • Available in Numerous Colors

    The product is available in a selection of colors. A list of available colors is not included on the website, and they point out that the color selection and availability changes.

  • High-Quality Material

    The mat is made of extremely durable, high-quality, double-wall material, and 0.9mm thickness durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin.

  • Air Pump and Other Additions

    The mat comes with an air pump, which allows you to quickly and easily fill up the mat in less than five minutes. It takes no effort, and you operate the pump with your foot. Customers report that there was also a patch kit included in their shipment, in case of air leaks in the mat.

  • Comes With Carrying Bag

    The product includes a carrying bag with handles. You can either carry it, or you can put it on your back. This is an easy way to transport the entire kit, which otherwise would be awkward to carry.


  • Very Durable

    The Air Track Tumbling Mat is so durable that you can lay it down anywhere - grass, floor, wooden deck, etc. This mat is waterproof, so you don't have to worry if the ground is a little wet. You can even take it into the pool. It will last for years no matter how hard you practice.

  • Can Take it Anywhere

    You can take the mat with you, especially with the bag that's included - you can take it on your back. Bring it with you on an outing if you like. It's light enough that you could even bring it along on a trip.

  • Allows for Safe Practice

    This product allows for safe practice in gymnastics or cheerleading at or near home. The cushioned, bouncy material is very comfortable to practice on and should be quite motivating for the gymnast.

  • Easy, User-Friendly Set Up

    Unlike many other products, the setup for this one is basic and very easy to understand. You really don't even need instructions. There's a valve in the mat where you insert the air pump, which is included with the entire kit. The air pump is mostly put together already, save a few small parts - and it's very clear where they go.

  • Perfect Your Skills

    A budding gymnast who has to use the facilities at school or at a gym to practice is somewhat limited in the amount of time they can get with the equipment. This is a product that you can use anywhere, for example, your own backyard. That means no waiting in line for equipment and no time schedule. The gymnast can practice as much as she wants and really get a chance to perfect her skills without being scrutinized.

  • Doesn't Slip on Floors

    You can place this on any floor, even hardwood, and it won't slip. This is based on actual customer reviews where numerous people confirmed this fact. It's a very beneficial safety feature.


  • Air Escapes After Filling Up

    After you use the pump to fill the mat with air, you have to remove it quickly and close the valve or air starts to leak out. It's not a huge point; it's just something you have to practice so you don't lose too much air and have to redo the pumping.

  • Should Be Wider

    A couple of customers mentioned that they wished the mat was a little bit wider. However, this was by no means a common complaint. It may be a good idea for the company to offer one mat that's a little wider, for beginners. This would be much safer for people who don't have a lot of experience.

  • Color Selection Changes

    The mat is available in a selection of colors, but the selection itself changes and the manufacturer doesn't share one set list of colors that are available. They mention that the color availability varies.

  • Hard to Move When Inflated

    When the mat is inflated, it can be a little bit heavy for one person to move if they are on their own. It's possible, it would just be heavy. It would be better to ask someone to help you if you're in that situation.

  • Manufacturing Errors

    There were a couple of customers who pointed out in reviews that they had some kind of manufacturing error, like a faulty air valve. This is a small point because it wasn't a huge number of reports and the customer service department rectified the issues.

  • No Instructions

    There are no instructions included with this product. However, most customers have reported that the set up was simple and they didn't need instructions. There are people who panic if they don't get written instructions, so it may be worthwhile for the company to include a few for their sake.

Does It Really Work?

In short, yes, it absolutely does work. Customers were overwhelmingly very happy with this product. Many of the reviewers were parents whose daughter was in gymnastics or cheerleading and was the recipient of the mat. They all reported that their daughter was very happy with this product, and it was exactly what she needed to push her practicing forward. Customers were impressed with the durability of the mat and the fact that they could lay it down anywhere and it wouldn't get damaged - even in water.

Save Time

Certainly, the tumbling mat is a huge time saver. There's no more waiting in line to use the equipment at school because you or your child will have the equipment. All the extra time she saves can go into extra practice in a comfortable place.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Air Track Tumbling Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Air Track Tumbling Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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