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Air Space Laptop Desk Air Space Laptop Desk or Alternatives
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The Air Space Laptop Desk is a small desk that's been designed to hold laptops and tablets of various sizes in a wide variety of positions. It's demonstrated that with this desk's help, users will be able to use their laptop or tablet while standing up, or while sitting on a bed, couch, floor, or car seat. Furthermore, it's specified that each of these desks will fold up flat for storage purposes and that each one is equipped with a built-in cooling fan.

Air Space Laptop Desk Air Space Laptop Desk or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Air Space Laptop Desk is $39.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Desk on Flat Surface

    To start using your Air Space Laptop Desk, place its legs on another flat surface, such as your floor or a larger desk or table in your home or office. Even though a bed or couch typically isn't 100 percent flat, you can also place your desk's legs on one of these.

  2. Adjust Legs

    Next, sit or stand in front of your desk in your desired position and see how far away its flat surface is from you. If you'd like it to be closer to you, gently pull on the tops of the desk's legs a bit to elongate them. You can always reverse this process, if necessary, by gently pushing down on the tops of the legs.

  3. Add Laptop and Adjust

    Once you've adjusted your desk's legs, add your laptop (or tablet) to the desk's flat, rectangular surface. You can tip this flat surface so it's resting at a different angle, if you'd like, in order to give yourself a slightly different view of your computer. Some users might prefer to have their laptop resting in a completely flat position on the desk, while others may want it to be dramatically angled towards their body.

  4. Pull Out Lip (optional)

    If you're concerned that your laptop may slide off your desk's surface, you'll be able to pull out the expandable lip that you'll find on the bottom edge of that surface. This will help block a laptop or tablet's path if it starts sliding off the desk in your direction.

  5. Use Laptop or Tablet

    After you've dealt with your desk's legs, main surface, and expandable lip, you'll be able to use your laptop or tablet to type or surf the internet as you normally would. Depending on the size of your tablet or laptop, you may even have room for other items, such as some pens or your glasses, next to the digital device. Plus, if you ever want to adjust any part of your desk, you should be able to do so in seconds.


  • Sturdy

    Though the Air Space Laptop Desk can accommodate the smallest tablets out there, it's sturdy enough to hold most large, bulky laptops. Some parts of this desk are made of plastic, but the legs contain some metal, which should add to their durability.

  • Whisper Quiet Fan

    Most people have likely found that if you literally leave your laptop on your lap for too long, it may overheat, interfering with your comfort and its own ability to function. Fortunately, each Air Space Laptop Desk contains a cooling fan that will help keep any digital device cool as you use it. The fan has been designed to be whisper quiet, so you won't need to worry about it disturbing you or others around you.

  • Folds Flat

    When you're not using this laptop desk, you'll be able to fold it up flat so that it's no bigger than a standard laptop itself. While you probably will be able to carry your desk around without folding it up, the ability to fold it flat will enhance its level of portability. It's a good idea to fold it up every time you take it somewhere in your car, in order to save yourself some space. In a folded state, you may even be able to fit the desk into a small suitcase!

  • Black and Silver

    Each of these desks is mainly black, with some silver accents. Therefore, this type of desk will look good in almost any room, but it'll likely look especially attractive in business offices since black is commonly associated with professionalism.

Positive Points

  • May Help Relieve Back Pain

    If you sit on a chair and use a laptop for hours, or you bend over one that's sitting on your lap while you're in bed, you may experience back pain and stiffness. However, if you've got an Air Space Laptop Desk, you'll be able to shift to standing if sitting gets too painful. You'll also be able to position your laptop over your lap in an ideal manner, so you won't slouch or otherwise use ache-inducing posture as you type. As a result, your back may feel perfectly fine after a few hours of work.

  • Can be Used in the Car

    Similarly, if you're a passenger in a car, you may want to bring this desk along so you can use your laptop without placing it directly in your lap. The desk is small enough that you should be able to set it up over your own lap without disturbing the space of other passengers. If you want to allow other passengers to see the desk, though, so you can all watch a movie on the same laptop, you'll be able to position it so that everyone has a view.

  • Will Hold Other Items

    While this desk has been primarily designed to hold laptops and tablets, it'll also hold other small items that you may want to have in front of you. These items may include books, pieces of paperwork, or even snacks that you want to eat in front of the television. If you're using this desk for other objects besides digital devices, though, just try not to exceed the typical weight of a bulky laptop by adding too many things to its surface.

Negative Points

  • Won't Hold Desktop Computers

    If you'd like to use your Air Space Laptop Desk to hold a desktop computer, you'll probably be out of luck. Unless the computer is lighter than a laptop, which is uncommon when it comes to desktop computers, the PC will probably overload the desk and may even cause it to break. Moreover, there may not be any room for the keyboard, and a desktop computer may not balance well if it were to be positioned at a dramatic angle.


  • Not a Step-stool or Seat

    Along the same lines, you should never use your Air Space Laptop Desk as a step-stool or a seat, no matter how light you are. Even if your toddler wants to sit or stand on it, they're probably heavier than even the bulkiest laptop you can get these days, so it's best that they stay off the desk.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Air Space Laptop Desk online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Air Space Laptop Desk online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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