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Ainope Tire Inflator Ainope Tire Inflator or Alternatives
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The Ainope Air Compressor Pump with LED display is a 250psi digital tire inflator. It is portable, lightweight, versatile, fast inflating, comes with 3 nozzles to use with inflatables other than vehicle tires. This air pump inflates from 0 to 35 PSI in only 3 minutes! Our tests have shown that once it reaches over 35 psi, it slows down (as do all air pumps) however is still quite fast in that it increases 1 psi (from 44-45psi) in only 30 seconds. The Ainope Tire Pump has a digital Auto Shut Off feature which you can pre-set your desired pressures to and have the pump turn off once your pre-set max psi is reached.

Ainope Tire Inflator Ainope Tire Inflator or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

How to use

  1. Start Engine
    - Start the car engine prior to turning on the pump. This will enhance the product's performance and extend the vehicle battery's life. This device runs on power generated by your vehicle’s car battery. To avoid draining the vehicle battery, you will want to keep your vehicle running while the pump is being used. This will also ensure that the maximum amount of power makes its way to the air compressor.
  2. Plug-In Power Adapter
    - Plug the power cord into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter power port.  [ do not use any other auxiliary vehicle power ports while the pump is working ] By following this rule you will ensure that the maximum amount of power is being provided to your pump. This will also help to prevent power overload and blown fuses.
  3. Connect to Valve
    - If inflating a vehicle tire, screw the connector on the end of the pump’s air tube to a tire’s air valve. If attempting to inflate another item that doesn't possess a screw-type inflation port, you will need to connect one of the three provided air inflation adapters to the end of your pump's air tube.
  4. Set Unit of Measure
    - Once the machine is plugged in, the digital display will turn on. Immediately it will tell you the amount of air pressure currently in your tire (or other inflatable devices). You must then use the digital display to set the unit of measure. Press the “R” button to select the tire pressure unit of measure. You will notice that there are four units of measure which the device can show: “APA”, “DAR”, “PSI”, and “KGS”. In North America the most commonly used unit of measure for air pressure is PSI.
  5. Set Air Pressure
    - To set the desired pressure you wish your tire/inflatable device to be filled to, press the “+” button to increase the tire pressure or press the “-“ button to reduce the desired tire pressure. After you finish setting the desired air pressure you will need to wait three seconds for the machine to save the data. Note that the pump will not remove air from your tire or inflatable device. Thus if you set the pressure lower than the current air pressure in the tire/inflatable, the pump will not turn on when the button is pressed.
  6. Start Inflating
    - Press the bottom on the top-rear of the unit which displays a power symbol. This will start the pump. Once you start inflating the tire/inflatable the digital meter will show the current air pressure in your tire/inflatable and the amount of air pressure will continue to increase as long as the unit is on and inflating. Once the set pressure is reached, the air pump will automatically stop running. This does not mean that the machine is off. Use the power button on the top-rear of the unit to shut the pump off so that it is ready for the next time it is used. Then, unscrew the inflation tube connector from your tire/inflatable valve.
  7. You're Done!
    - This completes the inflation process.

Product features

  • Universal
    - This device will work on all residential vehicle models with a DC 12 cigarette lighter port. It is not recommended for use on vehicles with extra-large or super duty tires.
  • Multi-Use
    - This pump is also suitable for use on motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable balls, inflatable toys, and other inflatable items.
  • LED Light
    - Thanks to the bright LED light located on the front of this device, it can be used as a flashlight. While the device is quite large and is not intended to be carried around as a flashlight, it can be quite useful in an emergency situation to see items within the immediate surroundings of your vehicle.
  • Red & Blue Emergency Lights
    - The emergency lights on the front of the unit can be set to flash red and blue. This will draw the attention of oncoming vehicles if you are stranded on the roadside and need help. Red and blue flashing lights are not permitted within vehicles in North America. This means if a police officer were to see the red and blue flashing lights when driving by, he or she would certainly stop, first to inform you that red and blue flashing lights are not permitted in vehicles, but then once you indicate you are need of help, the police officer would surely help you.

Negative Points

  • Instruction Manual
    - The instruction booklet appears to have been written by someone not fluent in the English language. Luckily the air pump is easy to use without having to refer to the instructions.
  • Air Hose Length
    - The inflation hose is short. If your tire is rotated in a position that results in your tire valve being close to the ground then the hose will easily reach the tire valve. If the tire is rotated in a position that causes the tire valve to be on the top side of the tire, then the inflation hose will not reach the valve unless you elevate the machine, either by holding it or placing it on a raised surface.

Customer Support

If you require customer support you can email the pump support team at the following address:

The company claims that its customer support team will respond back to you within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

The Aninope LED display automatic inflation pump looks great. This device would make for a great gift and is a novelty. It is lightweight and has features that most air pumps don’t have, such as the auto-shutoff, and LED display. The pump would be best suited for someone who owns a car as opposed to a large truck due to the length of the power cord.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ainope Tire Inflator online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ainope Tire Inflator online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Ainope Tire Inflator Infomercial
Ainope Tire Inflator Infomercial

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