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Add Height is a breakthrough in insole technology that allows the wearer to instantly gain two inches of height. The insoles can be placed in any pair of shoes to add to your height. It is essentially the same effect as wearing high heels or platform shoes, but using the insole technology makes it more discrete and more comfortable on your feet. Add Height is said to boost your confidence by adding to your height, and it should be comfortable enough that it appears to be natural.

Add Height Add Height or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Add Height is $39.90 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Add Height at the discounted price of only $7.95 for a total price of $55.80.

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  • Memory Foam

    The memory foam in the insole makes it adapt to your feet in order to provide the most support and comfortable feel possible.

  • Silicone Gel

    The insoles are reinforced with silicone gel. This makes the insole firm while still allowing for enough movement to prevent awkward walking motions. It also helps with shock absorption, which can prevent injuries and other feet problems.

  • Polyvinyl Foundation

    The lowest layer of the insole, the polyvinyl foundation, functions to give optimal motion control. This is also another great addition in supporting the heel.

  • 30 Day Refund Policy

    There is a 30 day refund policy if there is anything wrong with the product. Users can send the product and receive all of their money back ( if the insole is deficient of course ).


  • Boosts Confidence

    Being taller could give you a boost of self confidence, or can at least make you seem more confident.

  • Stable

    The silicone gel, memory foam, and shape of the insole make them very stable, which ensures that your heels and toes are properly supported throughout the day.

  • Comfortable

    Add Height is designed with maximum comfort in mind. The insoles use memory foam to adjust to your feet and natural walking movement. Many reviews say you will hardly notice it is there.

  • One Size Fits All

    There is no specific sizes that are required to use Add Height. It can be used in almost any shoe and in almost any size. This means you won't have to worry about finding the right size online.

  • Helps Posture

    Add Height not only helps with looks and aesthetics. It can even improve your posture too. The way the insole is angled will force you to stand up straighter. This will help strengthen your back and realign your spine to have better standing posture. Better posture has a lot of benefits including more self confidence, a stronger back, and a much lower chance of slipped disks and other back injuries.

  • Snug Fit

    The insole of Add Height fits tightly against the side of your shoe, which ensures that it does not move around when you walk. This prevents a really awkward feeling and prevents slipping and falling.

  • Natural Look

    The insoles is hidden and discrete, which means people you meet will not know that you are even wearing it. It is also comfortable enough that you can walk in them naturally, preventing the appearance of enhancements in your shoes.

Negative Aspects

  • Deception

    Adding height so easily may seem like a great idea, but use caution. If you convince someone that you are 2 inches taller than you are, then you might find yourself having to keep up the charade for too long. Plus there is a great chance that people close to you will eventually see you without shoes on and notice the height difference. Using Add Height to appear taller and more confident in public is great, but don't use it to try and deceive those close to you.

  • Getting Used to it

    Adding insoles to your shoes can be a strange experience at first. Just the fact that you will feel taller can be very offputting and make you uncomfortable. You also might walk somewhat weirdly while trying to get used to the insoles. All of these effects are temporary and should go away with time once you get used to the insoles.

Does It Really Work?

All of the reviews for Add Height insoles have been overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the comfort that the insoles provide, so much so that many use them simply to make their favorite shoes more comfortable ( the added height is just a bonus ). Many also say the insoles greatly improved their or their loved one's self confidence. Most customers say that the insoles are very durable and can be used for months and months at a time. There are also some customers that say it greatly reduces instances of sore feet, ankle problems, and other feet issues. Overall the product seems to be satisfying most of its customers.

Easy to Use

  1. Slip Right in

    Add Height is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is take the two insoles and slip them right into the shoes you are using. The insoles will fit snugly against the shoe and you can put on the shoes and be on your way. Simply take the insoles out if you need to move them to another pair of shoes. This means you can change shoes very quickly and still use the insoles.


  • Pink Kiss Shoe Lifts

    Pink Kiss Shoe Lifts are an insole that ranges in size from 225-270mm. The insole adds from 1.2 to 2.4 inches of height to whoever wears it. Breathable fabric and an air cushion make them comfortable to wear. The air cushion also prevents the buildup of moisture which can prevent things like Athlete's foot.

  • Mnx15 Elevator Insole

    This insole made in Korea also seeks to mimic an elevator shoe by adding height to any pair of shoes. Made from synthetic fabric, these insoles are breathable and prevent smelly feet by airing out bad odors. The insoles have to be custom ordered to fit your foot size.

  • Wsws 3-layer Insole

    This insole comes with three separate layers that can be removed and added at any time. The producers recommend first time users to only use the first layer to get used to the insole. It functions very similar to the Add Height insole although it may not provide quite as much support.

How it's Different from Competitors

Add Height insoles have some very distinct advantages over their competitors. Their three layer technology is relatively advanced in providing support and stability. Its use of memory foam leads to maximum comfort which is often a primary complaint with height adding insoles. These insoles also are some of the only ones to have a one size fits all approach, which makes them much simpler to order. They also tend to add more overall height than most of their competitors, all while remaining as discrete and natural looking as possible.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Add Height online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Add Height online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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