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Acuband is an adjustable headband you wrap around your head to provide neck support and instant relief from headache pain. A relatively inexpensive alternative to medication, it utilizes acupressure and adjustable straps to put pressure on two points running along the back of your neck giving you pain relief within two minutes of wearing it. No longer will you suffer from pain while at work or home and you can avoid those harmful pills in your medicine cabinet.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of AcuBand is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second AcuBand at the discounted price of only $7.99 for a total price of $35.97.

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  • Relieves Pain

    Wearing this band helps to relieve pain. Putting pressure on to headache causing pressure points gives you fast comfort.

  • Easy to Adjust

    This band is easy to adjust such that you can put it on any sized head including that of children.

  • Clinically Tested

    There was a study conducted according to the international Council for harmonization which verified the effectiveness of wearing the band and the quickness with which patients received relief.

  • Supports Muscles

    The design allegedly supports your neck muscles particularly at a point where most headaches are caused.

  • Works Anywhere

    Users can put the headband on when they are playing the piano, at work, running around at home, or anywhere else. Any time that you need support you can simply strap it on to your head.


  • Good for Pregnancy

    Women who are pregnant or nursing are limited in terms of what things they can do to help pain, especially headaches. They are often not able to take medications that provide headache or migraine relief. For this reason the new acupressure system is an ideal solution.

  • Faster Than Pills

    If you try to take medication it generally requires up to 20 minutes before it starts to work. The tests conducted by the company for this system stated that people sought relief, 86% of people, within the first two minutes. As such, many consumers might enjoy much faster relief compared to taking medication.

  • Safe Alternative to Medication

    There are many reasons why people might need a safe alternative to over-the-counter or prescription medications for headache relief. Individuals who have to work with heavy machinery might not be able to take certain medications while they are working but they can wear this device. Other cases of necessity include individuals who might be allergic to or unable to take medication because of something else they are taking. Moreover, there are no real negative side effects to using the Acu band whereas there are side effects using medication.


  • No Information

    While this company states that they had conducted clinical trials to test the efficacy and efficiency of the bands, there is no actual information about the study on the website. It simply says that a study was conducted in accordance with good clinic practice guidelines set up by an international council that is not legitimately an authority on any medical testing.

    This is not to say that the clinical trial in question did not take place or that it was unethical or somehow incomplete. However, it is to say that with very little information. Also, no actual methodology provided or links provided, it is difficult to say whether the 86% success rate within two minutes is a legitimate claim or not.

    For example, if there were only 10 people in the trial and eight of them received pain relief, it is not necessarily valuable information. Especially if all 10 people suffered from only mild headaches. Alternatively if all 10 people were male or all 10 people were 20. The only way to evaluate the clinical trial is to be able to read the information about its but none was provided.

How It Works

Acupressure is actually an ancient Chinese healing method which uses techniques that are similar to acupuncture. In modern America Acupressure can also be referred to as pressure acupuncture. It has been shown to provide relief for those people who suffer from migraines. Today Acupressure focuses on specific energy channels within the body and applies pressure using a device to these points to try and unblock the different channels. Those who practice traditional Chinese medicine believe that acupressure can relieve migraine symptoms with limited research by Western doctors which indicates that acupressure improves circulation, reduces tension, relieves stress, and releases endorphins. Several acupressure points are thought to help relieve headaches.


  • Pregnancy Warning

    Acupressure treatments should sometimes be avoided if you are more than three months pregnant as certain studies show they will occasionally induce premature labor.

  • Heart Conditions

    Those people with heart conditions should speak to a doctor before they receive acupressure treatment for their headaches.

  • Skin Condition

    You should avoid applying pressure using this acupressure band two areas of the skin if you have a bruise, a cut, and abrasion, breakouts on your skin, warts, moles, or varicose veins.

  • Treat it Like Medication

    Acupressure, much the same as acupuncture, needs to be treated with the same respect as standard medications. Just because you are not taking a pill prescribed by Dr. Does not mean you should not exercise caution when wearing this band. If you find that the band is placing too much pressure on your head, it is best to loosen it and see if that helps. Should it worsen your conditions or you start receiving bruises on your head from wearing it, stop using it.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wrap

    Wrap the band around your head.

  2. Adjust

    Adjust the straps and tighten as necessary. The dual acupressure pads and the dual adjustment straps can give you a firmer acupressure on two headaches trigger points located at the back of your head.

  3. Enjoy

    Enjoyed the headache pain relief you receive. This new acupressure system will relieve your headaches without any medications most of the time rather instantly.

Save Money

This unit saves you money that would otherwise be spent on medications. Whether you are purchasing over-the-counter medications or prescription medications for migraine that headaches, the cost can add up. While the initial investment in this device is more expensive than a bottle of pills, the long-term savings are worth the investment. Another way that you save money is the fact that you can share this unit among the family. If you and your spouse or you and your children all suffer from headaches at various times, anyone can use it. Over-the-counter medications might not be available to women who are pregnant, children, or people of a certain age. Prescription medications cannot legally be shared with anyone other than the person whose name is on the prescription. Something like this however can be shared with anyone and everyone who needs assistance.

Wise Advice

Do not buy AcuBand online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy AcuBand online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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