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Active Bright Active Bright or Alternatives
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Active Bright has activated coconut charcoal which allegedly traps toxins and chemicals that would otherwise stick to your teeth. With this natural system you can keep your mouth cleaner without the additives like SLS that traditional toothpaste has. Never again face issues of orange juice tasting terrible after brushing your teeth. Avoid extra fluoride or peroxide based teeth whitening strips or trays. Stick with what is natural and used around the world to safely whiten teeth.

Active Bright Active Bright or Alternatives
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The cost of Active Bright is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Healthy and Safe

    It is healthy, natural, and safe to use on adults 18 and older.

  • Mint

    There is an added mint flavor to give you fresh breath the same way traditional toothpastes do.

  • Removes Hard Stains

    Removes all types of stains including coffee, tea, tobacco, grape juice, wine, and more.

  • Perfect for Sensitive Gums

    Organic, activated charcoal powder means you get the benefit of toxin and chemical removal without the negative side effects of peroxide. Many people who have sensitive gums or teeth are unable to do peroxide trips, gels, or whitening trays. So they need something else, and in this case, that something else is charcoal.


  • See Results Fast

    See results when you use this system, allegedly after the first day of use. Day one of brushing your teeth with this toothpaste should remove plaque and build up on your teeth with ease.

  • Traps Plaque

    Charcoal is a unique substance to use because it traps bacteria and toxins in the mouth and on the teeth. When brushing, the brush removes these elements traps them in the charcoal after which it transports them off your teeth.

  • Whitens Teeth

    Activated charcoal can be used to whiten teeth. It changes the pH balance in the mouth too which helps to prevent gum diseases, bad breath, and cavities. You can use activated charcoal to whiten teeth by absorbing microscopic toxins and plaque that stain your teeth. Cost effective, it is a natural solution for teeth cleaning and oral hygiene.


  • Gritty

    Since it is a powder, it can leave behind gritty bits in the mouth if you do not rinse properly. You need to make sure you rinse adequately to remove any bits of charcoal that might be hiding in the back parts of your mouth. If you swallow some of it, you do not have to worry, but it will have a gritty taste.

Save Money

Theoretically using this system saves you the cost of expensive dental work because it helps keep your mouth cleaner and healthier. Most people care about the whitening aspect of this system, but truth be told the activated charcoal brings with it other oral benefits. Keeping the mouth clean with this natural toothpaste will help you to reduce expensive dentist visits.

Does It Really Work?

The results shown are almost realistic. Compared to most brightening systems like this, especially those with charcoal in them, the results shown are not what most people get. However, in this case, they have a nice guide that shows about where your teeth will end up on the brightness scale when you use it. Such a system is based on how yellow or stained your teeth are now. Teeth which have more stains and more yellow on them now will not move as far toward white as those which have few stains.

How it's Different from Competitors

Almost all the charcoal infused tooth powders on the market today are the same, except for the flavors they add. Which, in this case, is mint.

The activated coconut charcoal works by trapping chemicals inside of the tiny pores. Millions of tiny pores exist within the charcoal, the same way you see chunks of charcoal have larger pores. Inside of these the toxins in your mouth will be caught. While the tooth whitening system is charcoal in its color, this design adds a special minty flavor so that it tastes similar to the traditional toothpastes on the market today. Trying it will help you to reveal the vibrant white underneath.

Activated charcoal is actually a natural treatment used often to trap any toxins or chemicals in your body so that they can be flushed out. One of the issues people run into when trying to remove toxins from the body is that without a method for passing them through the kidneys, the body often reabsorbs them instead. Toxins need a route they can take to get out of the body. For this reason, activated charcoal is made from natural sources like coconut shells and provides a safe way to remove toxins. All over the world in fact it is used to reduce bloating and gas, even in nature. Other uses include lowering cholesterol, treatment bile, and curing hangovers. Research shows that using activated charcoal can soak up toxins which bind to the surface, then remove them.


  • Stains

    Charcoal can and will stain fabrics and grout so you should protect your floors, cloths, or counters when you are brushing your teeth with this.

  • Veneers

    If you have porcelain veneers, caps, or crowns, activated charcoal could stain them. For this reason, you should probably check with your dentist to see if it is acceptable to use. Additionally, your teeth could become sensitive, so you should quit using if this happens.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Best Results

    For best results, brush your teeth two to three times per week using the activated charcoal mixture, and try something else in between. Though, according to the company, you can use it every day. Since it is natural, unlike peroxide containing whitening systems, you can use it every day without harming your teeth, gums, or experiencing sensitivity.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Dip

    Dip your toothbrush in water so that it is slightly wet.

  2. Apply

    Apply your wet toothbrush into the activated charcoal system.

  3. Brush

    Brush your teeth the same way you normally would, paying attention to those areas of the mouth which are stained the most.

  4. Sip

    Sip water and rinse your mouth out as many times as it takes to spit clear water.


  • Charcoal Tooth Powder

    There are other charcoal tooth powders on the market, some of which are infused with coconut shells too. Others have different mints added to them to improve taste. However, in many cases, they are a small container fitting in the palm of your hand with a black powder. You dip your brush into them and use them the same way you use this system. With the same active ingredients, the work differently based on how much of that active ingredient is to be found. Otherwise, they contain the same main products inside of their mixture which do the same things.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Active Bright online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Active Bright online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 08 Jan 2018 Sherry - (Newark, DE)

I have veneers is safe? I heard on the advertisement it was. But I read this article it said it's not safe.

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