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Abloom Smart Lipstick

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Abloom Smart Lipstick is purportedly a smart style lipstick which changes color based on you. However, it is really a colorless red dye that turns pink when exposed to moisture. So you still get a color changing lip stick that will appear different shades on different people based on skin pigmentation. Such variety means you get to enjoy a lot of long lasting color with a single flower filled lipstick. No matter your skin type, you can use Abloom.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Abloom Smart Lipstick is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.

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  • All in One

    This all in one design is perfect for dull, thin, or dehydrated lips. It goes on clear and then reacts to you for an all in one unique shade.

  • Real Flowers and Gold

    Contained in this lipstick are real flowers and real bits of gold.

  • Naturally Hydrates

    When you apply Abloom it naturally hydrates your lips so you get fuller, smoother lips each time you apply it.

  • Long Lasting

    The color will not just rub off, so it remains long lasting no matter how long you are out and about.

  • Fast Acting

    A single application results in beautiful, juicy, plump lips all in a matter of seconds.

  • All Skin Tones

    The fact that it naturally reacts to any skin color means it goes with your skin tone regardless. So anyone can use it.

  • Unique Case

    The case comes with a push button that pops out the lipstick and a built in side mirror so you can apply your lipstick on the go.

Does It Really Work?

Abloom Smart Lipstick really works, but might not give you the striking color you demand. The thing is, this special lipstick will turn different shades for different people, so almost literally no two people will get the same results from the use of this product. Moreover, you might get different colors based on your day and your level of pH balance.

Understand that color changing lipsticks are not actually a new concept. Tangee has been offering color adjusting lipstick since the 1920's while Avon sold special color magic lipsticks back in the 1970's. In all of these lipsticks, the thing that makes them work is CI 45410, otherwise referred to as Red 27. Red 27 is clear when you dissolve it into a lipstick tube, but then it reacts with the moisture in your lips and the pH level, which adjusts color. Said dye is colorless, but when it is exposed to any level of moisture it turns bright pink. So, regardless of your chemistry, it actually won't exactly turn into a custom shade, so much as the brightness of the pink is contingent upon how moist your lips are.

Easy to Use

  1. Apply

    There is nothing to be done but apply the color to your lips. Roll it on the way you would any other lipstick and enjoy the custom color you receive.

  2. Re-apply

    Given that Abloom Smart Lipstick also hydrates, you can reapply throughout the day as needed.


  • Use it All Day

    One of the biggest benefits to this type of lipstick over others is that you can apply it once, and it should not easily rub off. This means you can wear it all day without issue, without having to reapply it. Moreover, the more moist your lips are--or the more hydrated you are--the pinker it will be in color. This gives you a modicum of control over the brightness of the color.


  • Cannot Choose

    The issue here is that you cannot choose the color you want. There are many colors out there with traditional lipstick, so, for example, when preparing for a date you can pick something that matches. However, with this, you do not get the level of control and cannot decide which color you want. Instead, you get whatever color the pH balance in your body provides.

  • Skin Pigmentation

    Understand that color changing lipsticks, any of them, might appear different shades on different customers in large part because of skin pigmentation and natural lip pigmentation. So, there is nothing you can really do to control this or change it.

How it's Different from Competitors

There isn't much difference between this lipstick and the competing lipsticks other than price point. From what information is available, this one has "real flowers" but it doesn't say exactly which flower, and otherwise it seems to react the same way that the original custom color lipsticks did.


  • Kailijumei Flower Jelly

    Kailijumei flower jelly lipsticks quickly became a popular lipstick several months ago when instagram got a hold of them. These lipsticks are color changing, each with a beautiful flower inside. While almost all they offer are similar, the way it works is on par with Abloom or Winky Lux. This brand, being one of the most modern brands, is incredibly expensive--nearly double that of competing brands. However, it is a clear gel that you apply, which turns colors based on your skin.

  • Winky Lux

    Winky Lux is an alternative that is cheaper and offers a wider line of flower lip balms. Instead each tube you get a "fairy picked" chrysanthemum. It goes on clear, but then reacts to the pH level in your skin to produce different shades of pink. This is the cheapest option on the market and for all intents and purposes, is exactly the same as Abloom.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Abloom Smart Lipstick online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Abloom Smart Lipstick online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Lana huckeba - (Fairborn, OH)
Posted: 08 Sep 2017
I have a Question

A Bloom Lipstick

I ordered 2 of these in early August. They have NOT arrived. When can I expect them or my money back?

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