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Ab Slim Flex Duoflex

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For those who are longing for stronger ab muscles, this is a new machine that lets you do ab workouts at home without hurting yourself and in less time. It offers dual motion resistance. You can enjoy back and neck support while you work your core, which is so often where most of the strain comes from. The machine is lightweight. Designs to protect you and prevent injury. Use of it burns off belly fat exclusively. What’s more, it is fast and effective.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Ab Slim Flex Duoflex is $139.00 plus $29.95 shipping, for a total price of $168.95.

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  • Works the Oblique

    This machine will work the oblique muscles too, which many neglect or forget about when focusing on only the frontal six pack muscles.

  • Double Intensity

    Doubles the intensity of traditional exercises for abs and core.

Positive Points

  • At Home Workouts

    Ab Slim Flex works as an at-home exercise device which capitalizes upon duo-flex technology. Duo flex simply means it uses resistance bands with the swiveling seat in order to tighten and tone the body. It is a sit up machine that targets a wider range of abdominal muscles, particularly the obliques. As your back applies pressure to the curved region on the way down, the power bands are stretched which creates resistance. On the way back up the bands release their energy.

  • All Fitness Levels

    Perfect for all levels of fitness, the three bands let you use this if you are just getting back into the world of fitness. You can use it while you recover from injuries, or you can use it when you are at your fittest and looking for extra exercises.

  • Compact

    The size is compact which means once you are done using it, the machine can be easily stored in a closet or under the stairs. If you have a home gym, this machine will fit nicely into the existing gym space.

  • High Quality Machine

    The best benefits associated with using this machine is that it is sturdy and gives a sturdy workout. So, it won’t fall apart or stop working after a few days. It is meant for long term use. The quality of it replaces many other machines and workouts designed to target the abs.

Negative Points

  • Expensive

    It is rather expensive.

  • Available in One Place

    There is only one place to purchase it.

  • Results May Vary

    Results may vary. This is important to understand because many customers assume that the machine will not work, because they have an incorrect idea of how it works.

    The models on the site have visible six pack abdominals which are not impossible to achieve with this unit, but do require specific dietary changes. Understanding how this works means differentiating between muscle building and fat loss. Use of this machine will certainly build muscle, making your core stronger and improve your entire body. However, losing fat is a slower process, one that might require more workouts beyond this machine and different diet depending on the customer.

    You can use this machine and make great muscular gains, but if you are still thirty pounds overweight those gains will not be as visible as someone who is not overweight. Nonetheless you will feel healthier and be thinner, but the six pack itself is only visible when you consume a specific diet.

Does It Really Work?

If you start yourself on a reduced caloric diet, then you can certainly get away with just a few minutes per day of exercise on this machine and reap the benefits. This means a diet which does away with high rates of simple sugars and focuses on fat burning foods. Naturally, someone who continues to eat high fatty foods and processed sugars will not get the same results using this machine only ten minutes per day. Keeping expectations realistic based on your lifestyle is key.

This is not say that the machine does not work, because it most certainly does. The machine will help you burn calories faster than traditional sit ups and will give extra protection for your body. However, it will not give you cut six pack abs in the front if you still eat the same things and do not engage in any other exercise beyond the ten minutes on this machine.

How it's Different from Competitors

Having strong abs has been the focal point of many exercises for both men and women. Not only is it associated with being sexy, but it is the main indicator of being fit and healthy according to popular culture. Building these muscles, however, are perhaps the most difficult to achieve because it is the last place that fat is burned off the body. What’s more, it is primarily about diet if you want to show off the six pack abs. That said, the Ab Slim Flex trainer builds these muscles exclusively, rather than targeting other areas in tandem.

This device offers a new way of doing ab workouts. It trains the abdominals and the lower back exclusively. Compared to many gym based exercises, this one is much safer. Modern ab workouts often hurt the back, specifically the lower back and can cause serious injuries. However, this machine is made to target these muscles so that they remain strong and are not injured, but supported during the exercises. Safe and reliable, you can get abs without hurting yourself.

Better ab Workouts

  • Three Levels of Workouts

    There are three resistant bands offered which provide different levels of tension so that users can create easier or more challenging workouts based on their needs. The different levels of difficulty keep the core engaged throughout the entire workout, to different degrees, but engaged nonetheless. When the core is continually engaged without breaking, it means that you do more work in a shorter amount of time. Results from this type of workout are better and do not take hours. For this reason, you can get away with just fifteen minutes per day or every other day if you choose.

  • Targets Full Core

    Traditional ab workouts only target the frontal six pack abs and neglect the oblique muscles. These play a big role in core strength and in accentuating the six packs, if you have them. So for this reason, the oblique muscles are targeted with the rotating seat built into this design. This works all of the abdominals and back that are crucial to the core.

  • Protects the Back

    Protecting the back is imperative when cultivating a strong core, because the back is part of that core. The seat built into this device keeps the spine in a secure and stable position while you work. Extra support is given in addition to the back and neck. This strengthens the back and supports your core.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ab Slim Flex Duoflex online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ab Slim Flex Duoflex online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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