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Ab Dominator Ab Dominator or Alternatives
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Ab Dominator is a physical unit that has a rolling ball inside so that when you place your hands on it, you have to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself. Doing so prevents you from rolling around, except where needed as part of the assigned workout routines. This activates your entire body, giving a better workout. For beginners or advanced, there are workouts included with videos you can follow along to as you work.

Ab Dominator Ab Dominator or Alternatives
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The cost of Ab Dominator is $49.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Ab Dominator, formerly called the Ab Monster, is created by a man who wanted to find a way to rebuild the core. For a long time this man served in the military and was involved in competitive athletics. However, he had to undergo four knee surgeries and a lower back surgery in the span of two years. Accustomed to being in shape, rehab left the man unable to do the workouts that he had always done in order to stay fit, especially those that targeted the core. Going to gyms was inefficient as they seemed to have wheels and ab dollies which were great but required a lot of effort. Ab dollies had swinging wheels which challenged directional changes. Wheels let you really only go forward and backward which limited the muscles you could target.

Inspiration came when he was looking at an old mouse inside of which was the roller ball. The mouse moved in any direction using that ball, so that Ab Dominator was built on that idea. Unrestricted and multi-directional movements provide comprehensive core workouts for elite athletes, gym members, physical trainers, or people who just want to get into shape.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are many units on the market today which are designed to "target" the abs. However, one of the key issues is that they fail to really target the inner core, the most important part for real health. People instead focus on that frontal six pack that is visible on the outside, not the stabilizing core muscles needed for better posture, gait, back support, and overall health. Moreover, the machines that claim to target the obliques and not just the frontal six pack are not really doing anyone any favors since they too are failing to get deep inside and target beyond.

This unit is different because it helps you really get that tight core with your internal stabilizing muscles first. What's more, the exercises used to give you better strength are actually a combination of yoga poses and strengthening exercises. Which means you are targeting your entire body when you do them. Sure, going into the push up position then swinging from one side to the other targets your core, but at the same time you are improving your back muscles, your arms, shoulders, chest, butt, legs. You need to activate your entire body to hold some of the poses required for these exercises which is what really sets this unit apart.


  • Purchases

    The company does a lot of charity work too. For every unit purchased, one dollar is donated to the organization called A World Fit for Kids. This group responds to the needs of the community by providing personal empowerment programming and healthy behaviors in low income areas located in Los Angeles.

    Reducing obesity, increasing graduation, and making kids ready for work is done with physical fitness and sports. Physical activity and education on nutrition is integrated into schools so that kids are able to make better decisions. Overall, they end up with higher scores for their standardized tests and attend school more often. Free to those who participate, this program has helped students and families all over.

  • Donations

    Those who do not want to limit their donations to the one dollar per unit sold can do more. They have a challenge issued to their users to donate to a program called A World Fit for Kids. This company stresses that children are more important than ethnic diversity, political orientation, or background. The kids should be cared for no matter what. So, the company is starting to implement a success story for each quarter to show how well the efforts are helping.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Start Position

    Their start or rest position is similar to being on hands and knees in a neutral spine position, with your hands inside the unit. Once that it done, you take your initial roll out in front of you with ankles lifted off the ground.

  2. Extension

    Send your body backward as you do this, bringing the entire core back to where your knees are above your ankles. For a strong upper body, roll the core out and complete a full extension. With the full extension, your ankles are still off the ground while your arms are completely extended in front of you. Core should be stretched and holding the position.

  3. Obliques

    Upon completion, bring it all back in the start or rest position and repeat the process of rolling out, lifting ankles, then shifting backward so that your butt is over the ankles. Only, you want to add the oblique crunches to the left and right with your thighs tight.

  4. Push Ups

    Finally, go into a push up position. Beginners want to lift the ankles but keep the knees on the floor while doing the standard push up. Slide one arm out to the side, and bend into the regular push up, then switch arms. Advanced training means you are in a standard push up, with your hands resting on the device, sliding one arm out to the side then repeating. Naturally, with your knees lifted off the ground this becomes more complicated.

Positive Points

  • Nutrition

    Included on the site are two nutritional programs that help you to improve your diet while you are exercising. One of them is more customizable than the other. From a fitness specialist and nutritionist comes plans you can customize for your goals. This organization knows that each body is different and therefore not every diet plan is going to work for each person. Cookie cutter plans do not get the best results. There are two nutritional plans available, as mentioned, and you have to pay extra for them.

    However, in so doing you reap the benefits of weekly ideas, modifications to the daily eating habits, and plans based on your evaluation. You get recipes that are easy and make the change to healthy diet simpler.

    There are suggestions not only for the foods you should eat, but the portion sizes and the time of day you want to eat them.

    Communication is key here so you get regular communication with the people in charge to see how well the dietary changes are working and if changes need to be made. Get supplements and guidance on which things to integrate for better gains too.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ab Dominator online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ab Dominator online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 16 Feb 2018 Mark Switzle - (Grove City, PA)

Not for the Everyday Person

To difficult to use. Unless you look like those models in the video don't plan on using this product.

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