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7x Smart Dryer 7x Smart Dryer or Alternatives
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The 7x Smart Dryer is an innovative, hands-free blowdryer. You can set the dryer down to do something else, and it automatically turns off. When you're ready again, you pick it up, and it turns back on. This item includes some other features that aren't found in every dryer, like an ionic generator with 7x the ions. It leads to shiny, radiant, non-frizzy hair. The 'Infinity Dial' allows you to dial up the speed of the airflow, so you can dry your hair faster.

7x Smart Dryer 7x Smart Dryer or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of 7x Smart Dryer is $119.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Hands-Free Auto Pause Mode

    This dryer has a unique feature. You can place it down and go do another task in your home, and it turns off on its own. When you're ready to come back and start drying your hair again, you simply pick it up, and it turns back on. This feature has been especially helpful for mothers who are often interrupted by their children.

  • Tru Heat Technology

    The dryer automatically adjusts the heat as you adjust the airflow. This makes it easier for you to style your hair faster, and the way you want to without constantly having to adjust the heat dial.

  • Infinity Airflow Dial

    The Infinity Dial allows you to adjust the airflow as you're drying your hair. You can dial up the flow to dry your hair more quickly or dial it down for better control over styling.

  • Ionic Generator

    There's an ionic generator that is supposed to have 7x the ions compared to the average blowdryer. This can lead to shinier, frizz-free hair.

  • Nozzle and Magnetic Attachment

    There's a nozzle provided, which you place on the end of the dryer so you can focus in on a specific area of hair. In this case the nozzle in magnetic, which saves a lot of trouble. As all women know, these nozzles tend to fall off rather easily. This renders them quite ineffective and useless. With 7x Smart Dryer, the problem is solved.

  • 4 Heat Setting and Cool Shot

    There are 4 different heat settings available which are progressively hotter. There's also a 'cool shot'. If you press this button, the heat automatically turns to cold air.


  • Attractive-Looking

    This product is slim and sleek and the black/white contrast looks great. It's a very attractive-looking blowdryer, and it will look good sitting on your bathroom counter. The black and white will go with any bathroom decor.

  • For All Hair Types

    For once, a blowdryer is suitable for every hair type, including frizzy and curly hair. The various heat, temperature, and airflow settings make it possible for people with every type of hair to happily use the product.

  • Cool Shot

    There's a button which turns the hot air to cool. The big advantage of this button is that, unlike many other dryers, you don't have to hold it down to keep the flow cool. You just press it once and the air stays cool until you press it again.

  • Blue Led Lights

    When the dryer is on, there are blue LED lights in the back that turn on and stay on. Then when the dryer turns off, the lights turn off. This is just a good visual reminder that allows you to make sure the dryer has turned off. Besides, it looks really attractive so it's a nice feature.

  • 9-inch Power Cord

    There's a 9-inch power cord for this item, which allows you to move around quite a bit while you're drying your hair. Too often with a dryer, you can get stuck with a very short cord. This is a nice feature for someone who likes to multitask when they're getting ready.

  • Payments

    The company is allowing you to pay for the item in 3 consecutive monthly payments if that makes it easier for you to purchase the dryer.


  • Too Expensive

    This is quite expensive for a hairdryer, despite the extra features included. An average hairdryer is about half the price of this, although, granted, there are also dryers on the market which are much more expensive than this one.

  • Most Dryers Are Light

    One of the big selling points the company presents is that the dryer is lighter than a cell phone. Most dryers aren't very heavy. This product may be minimally lighter than other brands, or lighter than a cell phone, but that's not a huge selling point because it's not an issue.

  • Not a Smart Dryer

    To say that this is a 'smart dryer' pretty much amounts to false advertising. When you hear the term 'smart' attached to a device these days you assume being able to go onto the Internet - for example, for a hair blowing tutorial. You may also imagine that perhaps the dryer answers to voice commands - 'turn on / off' or 'speed 1' for example. The product does nothing of the kind. There's nothing 'smart' about this item. This kind of advertising is intended to draw people in with false implied promises.

  • Not an Infinity Dial

    The 'Infinity Dial' is another marketing game. Why is it called an infinity dial, when it can't go up / down indefinitely? Where is the infinity part? This is just a way to dress up a regular, ordinary dial on a dryer to adjust the airflow. It exists in every dryer in the world. On some level, this is an insult to the consumer's intelligence.

  • Dangerous for Kids

    Much as it's handy to be able to just set down the dryer and have it turn off, it's important to remember that it's still plugged into the electrical socket at that point. That means that while a mother is busy, a kid can easily come into the bathroom and start playing with the cord or pulling on it. If they pull it out of the wall, they may also begin playing with the uncovered electrical socket and get hurt.

Does It Really Work?

According to some online video reviews, yes, it does seem to work. Demos are available where you can watch women styling their hair with the 7x Smart Dryer, and you can see how shiny and radiant their hair looks. There are women with different types of hair giving testimonials about the product. All in all, customers have been very pleased with the results they got using the 7x Smart Dryer.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are similar dryers on the market for less money, and some of them have added features too. On the other hand, there are also some wildly expensive brands which make similar claims to this product. Looking at the wide range of prices for this type of product, the cost of the 7x Smart Dryer begins to seem more average.

Wise Advice

Do not buy 7x Smart Dryer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy 7x Smart Dryer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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7x Smart Dryer Infomercial
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