Copper Chef Everyday Pan
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Copper Chef Everyday Pan

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Copper Chef Everyday Pan

The Copper Chef Everyday Pan is a square pan that measures 7 inches on all sides. It's also two times as deep as a frying pan, so you'll be able to fit more food in it than one of those. You'll be able to use this pan to bake, boil, sear, simmer, steam and fry a variety of foods, including macaroni, rice, vegetables and even popcorn or pie. The pan has a ceramic non-stick coating, so even stubborn foods like burnt cheese won't stick to it.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Chef Everyday Pan is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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Copper Chef Everyday Pan Commercial

How It Works

As you use this pan to cook something in your oven or on any stovetop ( electric, gas, ceramic or induction) , the pan's stainless steel induction plate will heat the food quickly and evenly. Therefore, when you go to consume the food later, there'll be no hot spots or cold spots to ruin the taste of your dish.


  • Square With High Sides

    This pan's square shape, along with its high sides, will enable you to fit more food within it than you'd be able to fit into a round or oval-shaped pan with lower sides. While you may not be able to fit enough food in it for a large family to consume, it'll certainly cook enough for a single person, a couple or group of three.

  • Two Handles

    Each Copper Chef Everyday Pan has two heavy-duty handles that won't break easily, regardless of how full your pan is when you use the handles to carry it. You should always use the handles to transport it from your stove to your counter, and your counter to your table, instead of running the risk of having it slip out of your hands.

  • Non-stick Coating

    The inside of these pans have a Cerami-Tech non-stick coating, so you won't need to spray yours with a cooking spray, or struggle to scrub off stubborn food that's clinging on after you're done the cooking.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    The Copper Chef Everyday Pan is dishwasher safe, including on the bottom rack, so you won't have to wash the pan out by hand after a cooking session. Due to the pan's non-stick nature, you likely won't even need to rinse it off before transferring it to your dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

  • Pfoa, Ptfe Free

    This pan is free of the potentially harmful chemical compounds known as PFOA and PTFE, which are sometimes found in cookware products. That means it won't be necessary to worry about toxicity while you're eating food that you've cooked in one of these pans.

Positive Points

  • For All Stovetops, Oven

    While some pans only work on certain types of stovetops and aren't safe to put in the oven at all, that's not the case with this particular one. It'll work on gas, electric, induction or ceramic stovetops, and is heat-resistant up to 850 degrees, so it's safe to put in the oven ( as long as the oven's not hotter than that! ). Its versatility will come in handy if you have to cook outside the home, such as at work or at a friend's house, and there's a different type of stove at your new location.

  • Cooks Virtually Anything

    Some pans or other types of cookware will only cook certain types of food, such as vegetables or meat, effectively. However, you'll be able to use your Copper Chef Everyday Pan to cook almost any dish for any meal, including dessert. If you don't have a popcorn maker, you'll even be able to use it to evenly cook popcorn on your stovetop.

  • Good for Singles, Couples

    Single people and couples may find that larger pans, such as ones measuring nine or 11 inches on each side, are too big for the amount of food they need to prepare. For those users, the smaller Copper Chef Everyday Pan will likely be the ideal size. Due to its size, it'll also heat up more quickly and take less time to rinse out—if you even need to—than pots and pans that are larger. Its size and ability to get a cooking job done fast actually makes it the perfect pan for a busy student living in a college dorm.

  • Recipe Book Included

    If you've obtained one of these pans, but have no idea what to cook with it first or want to cook something moderately complex, you can consult the included recipe guide for ideas and instructions.

Negative Points

  • No Lid With Standard Version

    No lid comes with the standard version of this pan. In order to obtain a lid, you'll need to get the deluxe accessory kit, which includes the lid, a fry basket, and a strainer. If you probably won't use the fry basket or strainer very often, you may find it annoying that you can't just get the lid separately.

  • Not for Use in Microwave

    Given the fact that it's safe for use on all stovetops and in the oven, one might expect that this pan is safe to use in the microwave too, but unfortunately, it is not.

Save Money

Without the Copper Chef Everyday Pan, you may end up getting many different pans to cook different food items, but since this one cooks such a wide variety of things, you probably won't have to. As long as you're willing to keep cleaning your pan, you'll be able to make eggs for breakfast, noodles for lunch, and meatloaf for dinner ( among other things) with just the one piece of cookware.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Everyday Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Everyday Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Posted: 30 Dec 2018

Burn my Arms on Handles 7 Times.

The handles are sooooooooo long. Burned my arms several times. Should have had helper handles on the smaller/shallow fry pan. Big mistake. Can't use should have sent it back to QVC.

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Richard Woodall - (Catoosa, OK)
Posted: 09 Feb 2018

No Product Available

I ordered the Copper Chef 7" Everyday Pan with Accessories on January 4th after viewing a commercial on TV. When I didn't receive a notice from PayPal about the transaction, I called the company the next day. They told me my order was on backorder and wouldn't be fulfilled until February. I never received any communication from them since. Today, Feb. 9th, I called and was told my order was cancelled on Jan. 17th due to product availability. It's a shame someone can advertise on TV and not deliver and not care enough about their customer to send an email or call and let them know.

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Posted: 21 Mar 2018

You are right! I called twice and the back order business ruined everything. I was looking forward to the cute little vessel. I contact them occasionally and receive indignant or unfamiliarity of the hey: everyday pan as seen on tv! I won’t waste any more time with them. It isn’t on their site anymore.

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