35 Below Thermal Socks

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35 Below Thermal Socks 35 Below Thermal Socks or Alternatives
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35 Below Thermal Socks are winter socks for men and women that have been created with the aim of keeping each user's feet warm and dry while they're indoors or out. These black socks with gray inserts made of aluminized threads may also fit children. In each set of socks, you'll receive two pairs of the same size that have been designed to extend about halfway up the calf. These socks are specified as being safe to put through your washing machine or your dryer.

35 Below Thermal Socks 35 Below Thermal Socks or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of 35 Below Thermal Socks is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

The body of each of these socks is mainly made from breathable fabric that promotes air circulation, thereby helping your feet stay dry, regardless of whether you're indoors or outdoors. This fabric is thick enough to keep your feet warm, but thin enough that you won't have trouble getting these socks into your winter boots. The inside of each sock is especially soft and has been woven with thermal looping technology, which promotes a constant airflow through each loop. That's not all, though—aerospace fabric technology has also been added to each sock, in the form of aluminized threads. These silvery-gray threads have been woven into each sock's fabric, with the purpose of reflecting and distributing your natural body heat to help keep you warm.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pull the Socks On 

    To wear your 35 Below Thermal Socks, simply pull them on as you would an ordinary pair of socks.

  2. Add Shoes or Boots (optional)

    Next, you can add the shoes or boots of your choice on top of the socks. If you're going to be staying indoors, unless you want to wear indoor shoes or slippers, you can just wear the socks on their own. These socks will fit into the vast majority of boots and shoes, with dressy high heels possibly being a rare exception.

  3. Continue With Daily Activities

    Once you've selected your footwear (or lack thereof), you can continue with your daily activities. This might mean staying inside and doing chores or relaxing, or going outside to shovel your driveway or participate in winter sports. These socks are also suitable for virtually any workplace, as long as they'll fit into the shoes you'd like to wear there.


  • Black and Gray

    35 Below Thermal Socks are mainly black, with a patch of gray on the bottom (due to the aluminized threads). As a result, people of all ages and genders will likely enjoy wearing them without feeling self-conscious about the color or design. Another advantage of black socks is that they don't show dirt as clearly as white ones do.

  • Five Sizes Available

    These particular socks come in five different sizes: two for women and two for men. They should fit women who wear a shoe size between five and 12, and men who wear sizes six to 14. While they probably won't fit very small children, such as toddlers, the smallest adult size will likely accommodate most school-aged children. There's nothing wrong with selecting a size that doesn't correspond to your gender if you think it'll fit you better than those that do.

  • Sets of Two

    All of these socks come in sets of two, so if you want to wear them on a daily basis, you won't have to wash the same pair each and every single day. If all you need is one pair, you may want to share the other pair with a friend or family member who wears a similar shoe size.

  • Machine Washable

    It's safe to put these socks in your washing machine or dryer without worrying about them getting damaged. If you have those appliances, that means you won't have to take the time to hand-wash the socks or wait for them to dry on a rack. You certainly won't ever need to take these socks to a dry cleaner's.

  • Designed for Durability

    Although there are no absolute guarantees, these socks (including their material and configuration) have been fashioned to last for at least a few years. Even if you wear them every day, you may not have to get any new socks that are specifically for winter use during that period of time.

Positive Points

  • Can Drive up Foot Temperature

    Depending on your body and what you're doing, these socks are capable of making your feet up to 24 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than they would be with other socks in the same situation. However, this temperature increase likely won't cause you to sweat more profusely, due to the effective circulation of air throughout each sock's material.

  • Make Physical Work More Fun

    Physical work, such as shoveling, snow-blowing or clearing snow off your deck can seem super-unpleasant when you have sweaty yet cold feet. Fortunately, some of this unpleasantness will go away once you start wearing 35 Below Thermal Socks since they'll make your feet warmer and drier instead. Therefore, you may be able to work outdoors for longer without getting fatigued or irritated. The same goes for other physical activities—if you often skip walking or jogging in the winter, these socks may make that sort of outdoor exercise tolerable again.

  • Ideal for School Children

    If your kids' feet are large enough to fit into these socks, they're an ideal thing for a child to wear to elementary school. Most elementary schools offer outdoor recess periods, and kids are often forced to spend up to an hour outdoors playing, regardless of what the weather's like. If they choose to wear 35 Below Thermal Socks instead of an alternative pair, though, they'll be more likely to have fun during their entire recess and less likely to come in with numb toes.

Negative Points

  • No Ankle-length Version

    Some people love socks that come halfway up the calf, as these ones do, but others can't stand them and prefer their socks to stop right at the ankle. For people with that preference, it would be helpful if ankle-length 35 Below Thermal Socks could be added to the lineup of options. Otherwise, people who don't like the style of sock offered may pass them by for that reason, and miss out on the warmth and comfort they could offer.

Save Time

If you wear a different pair of socks outdoors, you might have to spend up to a half-hour warming your feet by using a hot pad or sitting next to a heater after coming indoors. On the other hand, if you choose to wear a pair of 35 Below Thermal Socks instead, your feet won't get as cold as they otherwise would while you're outside. You may be able to come indoors and move right along to other activities without that extra foot-warming period.

Wise Advice

Do not buy 35 Below Thermal Socks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy 35 Below Thermal Socks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 27 Dec 2019 david blair - (Pocatello, ID)

Need my Socks

Paid for my socks but never received then.

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35 Below Thermal Socks Infomercial
35 Below Thermal Socks Infomercial

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