Battle For The White House Chess Set

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Battle For The White House Chess Set Battle For The White House Chess Set or Alternatives
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The Battle For The White House Chess Set is similar to a traditional chess set, but instead of having light and dark pieces battling each other, this one pits Democrats and Republicans against each other. These chess sets contain all the standard pieces, such as kings, queens, bishops, rooks, and pawns, but each one has been designed to look like a Democratic or Republican political leader or symbol. There are 32 pieces in total in each set, and each one includes a representation of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Battle For The White House Chess Set Battle For The White House Chess Set or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Battle For The White House Chess Set is $59.98 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

When you look at your chessboard and the pieces that have come with it, you'll notice that there are a wide variety of pieces that have been made to represent certain popular political figures. On the Republican side, you'll need to set up Trump as the King and Pence as the Queen, while Biden will be the King and Kamala the Queen on the Democratic side. The Knights will be represented by Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Kevin McCarthy, while the pawns will include four justices: Brett Kavanagh, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayer, and John Roberts. Finally, the rooks have been designed to closely resemble George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, and Biden, and the pawns look like elephants (Republican) or donkeys (Democrat). When you're setting up your board, keep in mind that the Democrat pieces all have blue bases, while Republican pieces have red ones.


  • Painstakingly Designed

    The artists that have made the pieces in these chess sets have been so meticulous that each piece contains intricate, lifelike detail in regard to each figure's facial features, hair, and clothing. Even if you're not very familiar with all of the political figures in each set, you'll likely be able to tell which one is which quite quickly, due to this level of detail.

  • All Branches Represented

    Within each chess set, all three branches of the United States government, including the executive (the president and vice-president), legislative (Congress), and judicial (the courts) are represented. If you're trying to teach someone about the different branches of government and the most important people involved in each one, you may find this to be a great benefit.

  • Limited Edition

    The Battle For The White House Chess Set is a limited-edition item that won't be reproduced after 2020. Actually, the dies used to cut the metal that's then been used to make the pieces will be destroyed after the presidential election, so no pieces will ever be made with them again.

  • Certificate of Authenticity

    To indicate that you're the owner of a limited-edition chess set, a certificate of authenticity will come with each set. You can proudly display this certificate on your wall in order to impress others, and it may also come in handy if you ever want to sell the set as a collector's item.

Positive Points

  • Compact Size

    Even though all the pieces have been so intricately designed, they're not much larger than standard chess pieces, and the board they come with is about the same size as a standard board. Consequently, this chess game won't take up any more room on a table or desk (or in a storage closet, when you're not using it) than a standard game would.

  • Fun for Various Age Groups

    If someone is old enough to understand a traditional game of chess, they'll be able to play chess with this political gameboard. Many adults of various genders enjoy chess, and there's a chance that kids may be more interested in this chess game than a traditional one, due to the use of recognizable political figures as pieces. If a child you're playing with doesn't know much about politics, and you do, you can even teach them more about the figures as you play.

  • Can Double as Decoration

    When you're not playing with your chess game, you could opt to store it away, but you could also use it as a decorative piece in your living room or office. If you leave it sitting out, any guests that come in may be impressed by the aesthetic appearance of the pieces, and they might even become more interested in American politics as a result.

Negative Points

  • Could Start Political Fights

    If you decide to play a game of chess with people who support Democrats and others who support Republicans, it'll probably go fine if the players agree to disagree. However, if players become aggressive or outspoken about their political beliefs, the game could be interrupted by heated arguments. At worst, insults about certain political figures or certain players themselves could end up being hurled across the table.

  • No International Figures

    This game may not appeal to people from other countries, unless they have a special interest in American politics, since no representations of international figures are included among the pieces. For a more international appeal, it would be nice if a second set featuring American leaders playing against international leaders could also be created.

  • Two Biden Pieces

    Even if you don't mind that the pieces only represent American leaders, one flaw in the way that they've been designed is that each set includes two Biden pieces. First, there's the King piece, which represents Biden as a presidential candidate, and then he's included again as a rook since he was Obama's vice-president. Ideally, the manufacturing company would have chosen another political figure to be a rook after finding out that Biden won the presidential nomination.

Critical Advice

If you want to preserve the value of the certificate of authenticity that you'll receive with your chess set, don't make any permanent changes to it. To display it, you may want to temporarily add it to a frame or a plastic sleeve, but you shouldn't have it laminated. If you do, it may be considered altered and your chess set may no longer have the value (as a collector's item) that it otherwise would.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Display Pieces Alone

    Those users who don't want to leave their entire chessboard out when they're not playing a game could instead display just the silver political pieces on their own. They'll likely look attractive when lined up on a mantel or a windowsill, and at first glance, people may not be able to tell that they're pieces from a chess game. Plus, you don't have to display them all—just your favorites or the ones from the party you support.

  2. Play on Election Night

    To add some excitement to the night that the presidential election results come in, you may want to set up one or more of these boards and play political chess with your family and friends. Traditionally, chess is played by two people, but you could change things up and form teams on each side of a single board if you'd like to. The same thing could be done on presidential debate nights.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Battle For The White House Chess Set online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Battle For The White House Chess Set online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 21 Feb 2021 Cory Power - (Sturgeon Bay, WI)

Can't Order Dem Pieces!

The main set comes with empty podiums for the democrat kings/queen, yet you're not able to order the Biden/Haris pieces - every attempt to do so results in the attached message, no matter what method you use to pay.
In short, don't buy this set, you can't complete it!

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Battle For The White House Chess Set Infomercial
Battle For The White House Chess Set Infomercial
Battle For The White House Chess Set Infomercial

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