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Zoomies is the compact, hands-free high power binoculars that allow you to view things from a long distance. It has an instant 300 percent magnification and is the perfect alternative for bulky binoculars. It is portable and lightweight as well.

The Claim

Have you tried watching a football game, soccer game or any other event from a distance? Sometimes binoculars are too expensive and super bulky and heavy as well. The new Zoomies is the perfect alternative to bulky binoculars. It is a compact hands-free high power binoculars that zooms up everything upclose! With this product you can read well, do your hobbies, sew and you can even watch tv as if you were watching it on the bigscreen. It utilizes the same vision magnification of expensive binoculars. It is foldable and super lightweight that you’ll forget you even have them on. The Zoomies also has a sunshade to eliminate glare. Now you can view mother nature up close and you can even watch a game from afar with Zoomies!

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The cost of Zoomies is $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Zoomies by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $25.9.
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What is Zoomies?

When going to a sporting event or to a live concert several people find it to be disinteresting because they cant really see the details. Most of the details are left to their imagination from how the crowd reacts. On the other hand several people carry around binoculars that can be very annoying to carry around and heavy as well. Zoomies are a revolutionary spectacle like binoculars that works wonderfully to aid people see far away objects.

How Does It Work?

Zoomies are binoculars that are in the shape of spectacles that just need to be worn on. The adjustable focus on the side also aids people to adjust the amount of magnification that is required. There are different kinds of times a pair of binoculars are used. Zoomies are great for such occasions and replace any binoculars because of its handy nature.


The incredible features of Zoomies are as follows:

· 300% zoom lens

· Adjustable Focus

· Perfect fit for any age

· Handy

· Hands-free

· Versatile Uses

The uses of Zoomies are more extensive than a regular pair of binoculars. Zoomies can also be used when doing detailing work like find stitching, fine craft modeling or even to read.


There are several old people who find it difficult to read fine print or even indulge in any craft because of the strain it puts on their eyes. This can be avoided by using Zoomies to help them see well. The best advantage of using Zoomies is that it does not have to be held like a pair of binoculars would all the time. It just needs to be worn and adjusted to the required focus.


Zoomies are used extensively for sports events and for watching live concerts. People who indulge in crafts also use Zoomies to be able to work with ease and finish their project in lesser time. Avid bird watchers are able to watch their birds without having to hold a heavy pair of binoculars all the time.

Easy To Use

Zoomies are very easy to use and only needs to be worn like a pair of spectacles and adjusted to desired focus. There is also a shade option with can be turned on if there is too much of sunlight. The shade option cuts out any glare.

Positive Aspects

Binoculars are wonderful instruments however they have several disadvantages. Zoomies are perfected binoculars minus the disadvantages. Zoomies are great for any kind of outdoor and indoor use and does not cause any strain on the hands, as it does not require the person to hold it all the time.

Indoors, when stitching or reading fine print, the minimal focus can be set on Zoomies so that it makes content the right size.

Save Money

Binoculars can cost over $200 and is very difficult to carry around as well. V on the other hand costs only a fraction of the cost and works even better with more handy features that no other binoculars would be able to provide. The Zoomies can also be worn around the neck with the help of lanyards that keeps it in place. All of these amazing features for as little as $10.

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