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Zone Zapper

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Zone Zapper is a solar-powered, portable, bug zapper that provides your family with a chemical-free bug protection. It’s like an invisible mosquito net that can keep your whole family safe.

The Claim

The Zone Zapper charges during the day and automatically turns on at dusk, delivering up to 8 hours of continuous chemical-free bug-zapping power. It is completely cordless and requires no batteries. Take Zone Zapper with you anywhere you go to make your zone bug-free. Stake it in the ground or hang it by its convenient hook. As the sun goes down, Zone Zapper turns to provide you with an effective and safe bug protection.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Zone Zapper is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Zone Zapper by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $34.97.
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Zone Zapper is an original solar powered bug zapper that can be taken just about anywhere. Because of the way this unique product works, it’s almost like a mosquito net that protects the whole family. Gone are the days when mosquitos and other bugs created havoc and made pleasurable activities less pleasurable, now Zone Zapper can make a real difference.

Does It Really Work?

When it was put to the test, it was found that Zone Zapper really does work, and it works well. All kinds of bugs are attracted to the solar powered zapper, which means you can have protection from bugs without the use of chemicals and harsh sprays. Many bugs are attracted to bright lights, but they don’t always work too well as lights tend to be turned off from time to time. This product is different as it stays on for up to eight hours, and can be charged during the day.

What Can It Be Used For?

Zone Zapper can be used in a wide variety of ways, ensuring everyone has protection from bugs wherever they go. Take it with you when you:

  1. Have family picnics 
  2. Go on fishing trips
  3. Fancy reading in the garden
  4. Would like to sit on the deck and be undisturbed
  5. And so many other places, you may wonder how you ever managed without it

Positive Aspects

There are many positive aspects to using Zone Zapper:

  • You no longer have to worry about being bitten by bugs Your children will be protected quickly and easily
  • You can your whole family can get on and enjoy whatever you’re doing
  • Zone Zapper is portable, which means it can be taken just about anywhere This product can be placed in the ground, or hung on it’s very convenient hook
  • The whole family can now enjoy up to eight hours of protection from all kinds of bugs
  • The Zone Zapper can be used time and time again as it’s rechargeable thanks to the solar powered technology it uses
  • This product is cordless and no batteries are required, which makes it even more of a pleasure to use

Negative Aspects

The negative aspects of Zone Zapper are as follows: You may become used to the positive effects of Zone Zapper that you could find yourself alarmed at how many bugs are around if one of these products aren’t nearby.

The Final Assessment

Zone Zapper has proven to be a highly effective method of removing nuisance bugs without the use of sprays, chemicals and other methods of prevention. This means families and friends can get together and not be disturbed by a wide range of bugs in the area. No matter where it’s placed, Zone Zapper has proven to get rid of those pesky mosquitos and other bugs that sometimes just spoil the party. If you have a problem with bugs, find the solution with Zone Zapper, and start to enjoy those long summer days without having to constantly bat away those bugs.


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